George W Bush Numerology Analysis


George  Walker Bush is the 43rd president of the USA, and he needs no introduction. It would be interesting to know what the stars speak about the man who was widely loved by some and condemned by many. First, lets analyze his birth date. He was born on July 6th 1946. Which makes him a 6 born with life path 6. This is quite a powerful combination. Adding to that, when we count his name, the numerological value for his name is 60 (George Walker Bush). Which makes a trio of number 6. His birth date, lifepath and name comes to 6. Which simply can be denoted as 666.  What does George W Bush Numerology tell us about his dark life from numerology and politics?

George W Bush Numerology Analysis

666 – The Mark of the Beast

No this 666 can be interpreted as a Satan in a religious point of view, but not necessarily it has to be. 666 here denotes power and destruction. It can also be positive power if a person diverts his mind in fine arts. But in this case, its a clear misuse of power for selfish reasons. Bush is certainly a very powerful man even without presidential status,  though he may look pleasing, in depth he is full of want of power, money, and fame. Power corrupts and Bush is a classic example for this. A person with 666 can be a danger to society.

With such great energies in them, there is a clear temptation to misuse it. 99 percent they misuse it instead of using it in constructive way. A woman with 666 ( Numerologically 6 born with 6 life path and name as 6,24,33,42,51,60 etc..) will most likely to be a nymphomaniac or a immoral woman who cannot control her sexual energies. For a man, the sex energy transforms into a violent destructive energies like anger, ill  power, and rage. With three 6’s, bush’s lifestyle as a teen would be that of a notorious, short tempered, emotional, sex driven, dominating, alchoholic, and that of  wild nature. Selfish tendency is high, and he must be a very good actor who can really act great in real life too.


  1. my first name totals 31 and my surname and first name are the same for now.i cant change my name right now,still living under my parents.does nicknames matter in numerology?wat do u advise ido

  2. my first name totals 23 and surname 25…my birth date is 17 and life path no is 1….wud it be better for me to change my name to no that totals 5….or wud it be fine if i use my first name only…

  3. What about Bush’s Soul Urge? Did you choose not to calculate it? It can influence his outcome by 10%.
    Ps. For people with questions about names and changing them and your calculations: Typicaly you MUST use the name you were given at your time of birth (the name written on your birth certificate) nicknames can be interesting to do but they usually have nothing to do with your numbers. The only way you may have differnt numbers is if you legally change your name in the county of your birth, or if you have been adopted in which case you use the name given to you by the people who live with you.

    • @SP..that’s correct.and if u also get married i guess that would legally change ur name…in our country it’s diffcult to change name.u have to go to a long process and it costs too much.


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