Archangel Uriel


Uriel, or Ouriel, the archangel is the archangel of wisdom, inspiration and motivation. With a name that means ‘Light of God’, Uriel helps us live faithful lives by shining the light of God’s wisdom into our life so we can make the best decisions and keep our motivation. He is best known in Russian Orthodox traditions and esoteric medieval European literature. In the Book of Enoch Uriel is one of the three angels called to testify before God on behalf of mankind and guides Enoch during the Book of Watchers.

Archangel Uriel

Trying to understand the purpose of our life and sticking to the challenges of faithful living can be hard; Uriel is here to help us with it. Uriel can help us focus on the presence of the Creator, help us have gratitude and appreciation for our lives, even the difficulties and challenges. Uriel can help us develop our psychic senses and skills in intuition, giving us dreams, visions and a sudden lurch of perceptive insight. The more you work on developing these skills, the more he will assist you in developing them. More than that, Uriel is on hand for those moments where being ‘quick on your feet’ is crucial. If you’re trying to solve a complex problem or need help navigating your way through a important conversation you can ask Uriel for help.

It’s not just inspirations to think and feel that the Archangel Uriel gives us, but the inspiration to live a better life. Uriel helps us leave abusive situations of all types, helps us discover our worth and develop our self-confidence so we can leave these situations that push us away from our divine purpose. He helps to empower us, to learn our own value and believe that our value is true.

How often do we depict an idea as a light bulb going off over our head? Or say that something hit us ‘like a bolt of lightning’? That is the inspiration of Uriel; the sign of the archangel is often a physical manifestation of electricity such as a light bulb suddenly blowing out, a sudden strike of lightning and even thunderstorms. But don’t think that his influence is limited to the big ideas; Uriel will provide support for any situation even the plain, boring and every day.

Asking for Help from Archangel Uriel

If you need help from the Archangel Uriel, you just need to take a moment to pray and ask for it. Remember, archangels cannot interfere in our lives without our permission. You see his presence as a red light, but more likely you will begin to feel the urge to serve others. Service to others helps us to see beyond our own circumstances and focus on being thankful for what our situation in life is. When you work in service to others you will also find that Uriel gives you skills and empowerment to do so successfully; since this is such an important part of our development, our humanity, and our own personal value he will do all he can to help us be successful in our philanthropic endeavors.



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