Numerology of Superheroes and Villains


Picking a name for your super hero or villain isn’t easy. You want a name that strikes fear into the heart of your enemies, and explains who you are and what your super powers do. But more than that, you want a name with power behind it. Numerology is the key to finding the right name for your super hero or super villain.  Let’s go over the numerology of heroes and villains and their personalities!

Numerology of Superheroes

Real Name: Bruce Wayne
Numerology Name Number: 6
The keywords for the hero name of Batman are responsibility, family, and community, appropriate for the hero that dedicated himself to cleaning up his city and fighting crime because he lost his family at a young age. The six carriers many positive traits, but also bears the burden of often taking on more responsibility than a six knows how to handle which can easily lead to weakness!

Real Name: James Howlett
Numerology Name Number: 6
Another six, the name Wolverine carries with it some heavy burdens, some James Howlett, or Logan, doesn’t necessarily seem prepared to uphold at first glance. It takes some looking deeper within to see the protector, teacher and nurturer that is hiding beneath Wolverine’s tough exterior.

Real Name: Peter Parker
Numerology Name Number: 9
The hero name spider man carries some heavy burdens. It’s a nine which means it comes with a call to selfless humanitarianism, and a duty to uphold the universal spiritual laws. This is not a name that karma will deal with lightly. But Peter Parker, despite his youth, rises to the challenge more often than not. He still has some room to grow, and the nine does bring with it the negatives of lethargy and disconnection.

Captain America
Real Name: Steve Rogers
Numerology Name Number: 6
Steve Rogers takes the responsibilities of being Captain America very seriously and he should. This hero name conjures up ideals of home, family, and reliability. But he has to be wary of falling prey to being hypocritical. It’s all too easy to let Captain America become the vessel of fascism rather than freedom.

Real Name: Matthew Murdock
Numerology Name Number: 8
Daredevil’s hero name comes with power and success, but also sacrifice as he knows full well from losing his father. When taking on the persona of Daredevil, Murdock will have to be careful not to give in to the single-minded stubbornness that comes from the eight. Having flexibility will help him be more successful in the long run.

Numerology of Villains

Real Name: Unknown
Numerology Name Number: 5
No one knows the Joker’s real name, but he has fully thrown himself into the negativities of the number five. Rash, anti-routine, restless… he pairs these with the positives of the five, pioneering and innovation, solely for the purpose of causing as much pain, grief and sorrow as he possibly can. His reasons may be his own, but he is determined to use his powers as a five to destroy the world just to see it burn.

Real Name: Victor Creed
Numerology Name Number: 6
Sabertooth is something of a six gone bad, but only because he ended up with the wrong group of people. All the positive traits of a six, commitment to family, responsibility and protecting are turned to a group of people that would rather remake the world in their own image, than try to get along with others.

Green Goblin
Real Name: Norman Osborne
Numerology Name Number: 9
The Green Goblin is Spiderman’s karmic opposite. Everything that is good about Spiderman, the Green Goblin has the ability to achieve as well, and yet chooses to do the opposite. After all, what sort of villain do you have to be to force someone to choose between saving a bus load of innocent people or the love of their life?

Red Skull
Real Name: Johann Shmidt
Numerology Name Number: 3
The number three is the perfect number for Red Skull. Creativity, perfection, inspiration are all part of the number and he has certainly embraced these positives while keeping them tightly beneath the negative of indifferent superiority. He knows he is better than everyone. Why should he be forced to live by their rules?

King Pin
Real Name: Wilson Fisk
Numerology Name Number: 8
Much like the Green Goblin, King Pin shares his number with his hero antithesis. Both King Pin and Daredevil are eight’s. But King Pin focuses his energy on gaining authority and power. He’s ambitious and domineering. A dangerous man to cross paths with.


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