Signs that you could be Psychic


Am I Psychic Or Could I Just Be Crazy?

It’s of no real surprise that a lot of people may think they could be psychic or have some kind of psychic abilities which is why it’s important to know the signs to look for and how to enhance their psychic and intuitive abilities. Everyone has some level of intuitiveness and so everyone has the ability to be some level of psychic. Most people begin to realize their psychic potential through an awakening of some kind. The most common kinds of awakenings are accidents and near-death experiences, losing a loved one, having a child, or receiving healing such as energy healing. All of these experiences bring us in closer contact with the spirit world and help us to unlock your psychic potential.  Do you think you could be psychic?  Check out more articles here.

Unlocking your psychic abilities through traumatic experiences

If you are wondering, ‘Am I a psychic?’, then you may want to consider any experiences like these you may have had. Don’t worry if you haven’t had any though, awakenings can happen through smaller, less exciting events as well. Anything that changes your perspective and makes you more open to the spiritual world surrounding us helps to awaken your psychic powers.

Signs of a Psychic Awakening

There are a number of signs to a psychic awakening that can easily answer the “Am I a psychic” question. When your third eye begins to develop you will probably begin to feel tingling sensations or pressure between your eyebrows where the third chakra resides. This is a sign that your chakra is opening and you are beginning to pick up energy signals. In addition, you may begin to feel a stronger connection to the spirit world, able to sense the presence of spirits and loved ones who have passed on around you. Remember, it’s common for mediumship to develop at the same time as psychic ability development. The two often work hand in hand.

Part of developing your psychic skills is developing your empathy and you may find you have a desire to be away from negativity, picking up the emotions of others. This often leads to a new feeling of exhaustion around other people. You may also develop a desire to learn about and become more spiritual, as well as a craving for healthier, more wholesome foods. Your body and mind will want to nourish themselves in order to keep you as healthy as possible for your new role as an intuitive psychic and possibly a medium. You’ll find you no longer crave foods, people, and situations that could cause you to do harm to your body or cause you to struggle in a psychic sense. You will also begin to notice heightened senses. You may see or hear things that aren’t there. This is because your whole body is beginning to waken and all your ‘clair’ abilities are being developed.

You may notice, as your psychic skills awaken, that you begin to have vivid and frequent dreams. This is because the mind is more vulnerable while we are sleeping. We cannot consciously talk ourselves out of believing in the spirit world or use our ‘common sense’ to blind ourselves to psychic happenings. But don’t worry, vivid dreams are just a sign of awakening. They are not, necessarily, premonitions. Consider keeping a dream journal near your bed so you can write them down and explore then when awake.


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