Page of Cups


The Page of Cups is a bearer of good tidings! He stands on the ocean shore with the sea behind him dressed in a blue floral tunic, a beret on his head, and a long flowing scarf. In his hand he holds a cup and from the cup springs a fish facing the young page as though giving him a message from the deeps. The water of the ocean represents creativity and emotion, all the things of intuition and feeling. The fish, surprising the Page with his presence in the cup, is a reminder that inspiration, like lightning, strikes suddenly and will only come to those who are open to new and wonderful ideas.

Page of Cups

Upright, the Page of Cups tarot card meaning is one of joyous news, of youthfulness and naivete, of listening to your inner voice and achieving emotional maturity. You may be surrounded by those getting married or become engaged, there may be births and pregnancies and moments for celebration all around you. It can also be a sign of someone entering your life such as a child or even a person who is young at heart and idealistic.

When you get an upright Page of Cups in a romance reading this is a great omen but also a reminder to make sure you’re being romantic towards your partner. Remember, relationships require two people and you want to be sure you’re not neglecting your partner. It can also be a sign that this is the time to reach out to your crush and let them know, without a doubt, that you are interested! If you’ve been looking to the cards for career advice then this is a sign that good news is on the way or it’s an encouragement to get out there and manifest positive change by taking action. When the Page of Cups is here you can be certain that with hard work and dedication you can make change happen for you.

Page of Cups Reversed Meanings

A reversed Page of Cups is a warning of coming bad news; it is most associated with the broken and negative. It can be a bad omen, it can be a warning of danger, or even a call to stop ignoring your spiritual self and instead to listen to your intuition. In relationships it’s a sign that things may be coming to an end, or it’s a warning that your partner’s patience with your selfishness and neediness is wearing thin and it’s time to think about them for a change. It can also be a sign that you are about to make a foolish mistake for negative reasons such as revenge or jealousy.

Reversed, the Page of Cups warns that things may become touchy at work, that karma is making the rounds and you’ll want to make sure you’ve been behaving well and playing nice with co-workers. Your health, or that of someone you love could be in trouble – is someone you know struggling with addition? Reach out to your loved ones and let them know you’re there to support them! This card, when dealt upside down, is also a reminder not to allow the spiritual realm to take over your life! Live in the here and now, not the other side of the veil.


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