Church of All Worlds


The Church of All Worlds is a fairly recent church having only been developed in the late 20th century after the founders read the science fiction novel Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A Heinlein. The Church of All Worlds, which goes by the acronym CAW, is focused on bringing about the reawakening of the Earth Mother Goddess Gaia or Gaea and reuniting her with her children by creating tribal communities that are focused on responsible stewardship of the earth and evolving their consciousness together.

Church of All Worlds

The Church of All Worlds beliefs are very simple: they don’t have any. It’s just that simple. Their only stated belief is that they have a lack of belief. There is no such thing as sin unless you engage in hypocrisy and no such thing as a crime against other members of the church unless you interfere with another person in a way that causes them harm.

CAW also established the Ecosophical Research Association which was devoted to researching arcane lore and legends such as mermaids and unicorns. In fact, one of their first projects was creating unicorns out of goats as the earliest representations of unicorns seemed to them more goat-like than horse-like. Taking young kids, they surgically manipulated their horn buds so they would grow into a single horn instead of pairs. They also tried to draw upon and reactivate the Oracle at Delphi utilizing the relatively new online world in virtual communities that performed rituals simultaneously across different time zones.

Those who are a part of CAW have cast off the traditional Judeo-Christian philosophies of life and live together in communes where they engage in acts of self-divinity, polyamory and harmonious relationship with the world around us. They feel that humans are essentially the ‘nerve endings’ of the planetary being that is Earth and that just as in the human body, everything is connected.

Currently The Church of All Worlds has experienced its ‘3rd Phoenix Resurrection’ and the founder, Oberon Zell-Ravenheart has expanded its mission and purpose to include a school of wizardry. During this third resurrection they gave the church a complete and honest evaluation, trying to discover what may be hindering others from joining them and overhauled everything using their decades of experienced triumphs and mistakes to make sure that this time it is fully successful and doesn’t fall prey to the negativity of those who would try to crush them and keep them from their spiritual goals.

The headquarters of the church have moved around – first to the Pacific Northwest, then Northern California before moving out to the Midwest and settling in Ohio for a time. You can now find the headquarters back in California. If you are interested in meeting individuals from the CAW community you may find Oberon and his partner Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart at a Starwood Festival or WinterStar Symposium: there has been a Church of All Worlds presence at these festivals for more than 25 years and it would give those interested in meeting or joining a great opportunity to speak with the founders.


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