Spiritual Guru Sri Sri Ravishankar Escapes Deathly Bullet


Indian Spiritual Guru and founder of art of living, Sri Sri Ravishankar escaped a near death when his convoy was hit by a bullet from an unidentified stranger. Sri Sri was returning after delivering a discourse at a satsang. Sri Sri Ravishankar born on may 13th 1956, his numbers are 4 and 3, with 3 being life path. His inclination towards higher knowledge is indicated by presence of number 3 in his life path. It also signifies that he is a great orator and learner.

But his cult status was achieved when he changed his name to Pandit Ravishankar to Sri Sri Ravishankar. Sri Sri (fondly called) was born ravishankar ratnam (46). With name number as 46, he was an exceptional student and a learner who can grasp things at a very fast pace. The chaldean numerology for number 46 mentions the same. His power of knowledge acquired through vedas, bhagwat gita, and through his guru mahesh yogi paved the path for his popularity at later age.

Sri Sri was not widely known when he addressed local gatherings with his name Pandit Ravishankar (52), but he changed his name to Sri Sri Ravishankar (41). His popularity and personal status soar skyhigh after his name change, he created mass movement “Art of Living” (which also comes 41 in numerology), he was widely recognized by masses all over the world. True to the traits of number 41, the power of mass following for his spiritual discourses was the fruit for his name change.The day he was tried to assasinate was 30th may, which is his lifepath number in numerology. It should be a destined karma that he escapes a grave danger and lives a second life !


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