Is My House Haunted?


If you have ever asked the question, “Is my house haunted?”, then knowing the signs of a haunted house is very important. Not all hauntings are bad or malevolent, but anytime the question of is my house haunted wanders your through your mind it is inevitably because of something spooky or unsettling that has happened in your home. Any type of property can be haunted, even a new property, but older properties tend to feel more haunted than newer ones because they have so much history. Every time a person enters and exits a room they leave a little bit of their energy there. Extreme emotions, fights or scenes of love, leave even more energy and a home or building will hold onto it and store it. However, there are some definite signs that can help you figure out if your home is haunted.

Are you being watched?

If you feel as though you are constantly being watched, as though there is a presence close behind you, if you feel the touch of hands but no one is present or the hair on your neck stands up as though you are suddenly afraid or hyper-aware your home may be haunted. If you walk into a room and suddenly feel a chill, or if there are areas of a home or building that you are naturally wary of or that give off negative energy or bad feelings your home may be haunted. There may also be physical signs that your home is haunted such as lights that turn on and off, or light bulbs that blow up for no reason. You may see shadows out of the corner of your eye or find your pets acting as though someone is around when no one else is home. You might hear voices, hear or see items drop or fall, see twinkling lights or moving shapes.

Is it a haunted house?

If you are wondering, ‘is my house haunted’, then you will want to keep a journal listing all the different experiences that make you think your home is haunted. Note not just where in the house it happened, and what happened, but what day of the week, what time of day and any other information that may be relevant like season or weather. If you become convinced that your home is haunted you can take one of two courses of action: either leave them alone or get them to leave. If your haunt is not bothering you then it may be your decision to leave them be. However, if the presence frightens you, you may want to get in touch with a medium or work on cleansing your home on your own. Either method can be effective it’s just a matter of how you wish to tackle the issue.

There are many different types of ‘ghosts’ and learning about each one, the signs they may be present, and what that means for you will help to demystify how to handle if your house is haunted, and give you the confidence or courage needed to make the best decision for you, your home, and your household haunt.


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