There is a spiritual realm around you with divine beings always helping you. You are familiar already with how your sun sign and birth chart is your personality and provides an accurate portrait of you as an individual. But those only help you understand your personality traits, they can only explain to a certain extent why you act the way you do. You are more complex than that and that’s where angelology or study of angels comes in.

Archangels and guardian angels have been an element recently added to astrological profiles by astrologers. There are some definite differences between guardian angels and archangels, the most notable of which is that a guardian angel has only one person to take care of, you. Archangels are here to take care of and serve everyone. One major difference between Angels and Archangels is that Angels are for personal help, Archangels generally associate with assistance across the board. Angelology roots in Arahamic religion; human beings similar to them are found in many ancient traditions and religions. Unanimously, all agree that Archangels are very powerful beings that have been ruling over the world from many centuries. Angels and Archangels are regarded as protectors of humanity but archangels hold higher ranks as they mostly appear in human forms. Another difference is that while a guardian angel is present wherever you are, archangels can be present in more than 1 place at 1 time. Our guardian angel is therefore with us all the time, while we can ask for assistance from archangels and they will come to help us. Because of this, you can trust that archangels and your personal guardian angel can be with you collectively in any time frame. Asking for this help is easy, you just have to give them permission to step in when a situation becomes too much.

As stated, Archangels are angels of high rank. In fact, Archangel means Chief Angel. Archangels are the chief messengers or higher messenger who is above an angel. They bring an understanding along with much love, acceptance, and deep compassion. They work for the highest spirit (God), which is why most Archangels’ names end with ‘el,’ since that means of God. As chief messengers of one universal source, Archangels help every one of all different beliefs and paths. They provide the highest good, and will layout options for us to choose. Archangels always make sure they obey the universal law of freewill. They want to empower you and then will leave the choice up to you. Archangels are never forceful or pushy, but they always encourage and support us.

Archangels help you by opening the door to your divine spiritual nature and by offering you solutions to aid your progress in your life journey. They are all around you and waiting to help in any life situation, but you have to give them permission to intervene. If you feel the need for guidance or assistance with a problem, ask for help in any way that you feel comfy, and then be ready to receive it. The answers you seek can come through dreams, your own thoughts, messages from other people, or serendipitous signs that randomly show up in your life when you least expect it. When you are aware of your present moment, it will be easier to notice signs from angels and figure out how those signs apply to life. You also need to keep in mind that everything happens for your benefit in life. For this reason, every experience is not wasted because each experience is to help you grow. You were born into this world with your own special talents to contribute to humankind and make the world a better place. It is what you’re adding to world that matters. With the help of angels, watch for the divine signs and listen to the whispers of your heart for guidance. Even when you feel unsure of your path, trust that you’re safe. Trust that you’re always protected. Most of all, trust that the Universe already knows the way.

This is all about the larger role in God’s interaction with mankind. The Archangels, or Chief Angel’s, are Leaders among angels and play pivotal roles in the management of the universe. They are responsible for any aspect of existence, such as communication, healing, time, death and more. They are the most fundamental aspects of the universe and represent sentient energy that guides the flow of all life. You could think of archangels as being elements of a ticking clock. Without them, the clock doesn’t tick. Think of God as the clockmaker, humanity is checking time, and also reliant on the moving clock’s hands. The zodiac then represents life paths. They are one of many many aspects that indicate personality, life path, and destiny of an individual. Zodiac’s are the general personality of person, strengths, and weaknesses. The strengths are the gifts that we’re born with to help us best serve humanity. Our weaknesses reveal a deeper aspect of connection these signs have to Archangels. Weaknesses can be seen as flaws but really, weaknesses are indicators of obstacles and challenges we must overcome in life in order to progress along our spiritual path. This is when Archangels becomes most noticeable.

As mentioned above, the body of a normal human being runs according to his/her zodiac signs. These zodiacs play a very important role in shaping the life of an individual. In fact, personality, traits, gestures, our past, present and even future are all ruled by our zodiac signs. Which in turn, are ruled over by Angels and archangels. There is a spiritual connection between star signs and archangels that together shape the future of an individual. Angels of the zodiac can help us to understand our astrological birth sign and how it relates to our life path and soul purpose. They help us choose what is right for us and how our overall personality is going to be. The month you were born is associated with an arch angel.

Each Archangel has an area of focus. Gabriel is associated with communications so it makes sense that it helps with those who struggle to be understood. We just have to remember that Archangels are not personally involved with our lives. They will appear when needed or offer help when called upon, but roles are often assigned to other angels by Archangels. People can pray and reach out for help. Secondary archangels offer guidance. If it’s a life lesson – they will help you learn about a specific aspect of life or they can provide wisdom in a certain area. This differs from learning in that it is about a shift in perception. The color ray represents an abstract aspect of  being, it shines its light or energy upon you through life in order to provide you with a deeper connection to an aspect of spirituality.

There is a significant and indestructible connection between archangels, angels and zodiac. They exist to guide us on divine level of soul, just as astrology does. When you are to be reincarnated you choose the star sign that relates to you. The sign is chosen to ensure the best opportunity to learn lessons of life regarding that sign. You are led and guided when choosing your sign. Within the angels of the zodiac you will be able to better understand your astrological sign and how it directly relates to your soul and path of your life. The 12 sun signs and their association with archangels can be an easy guide to help you call upon the archangel associated with your birthday. Each has a trait or talent, so they can help with specific requests. The well known are Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel. Call on Michael if you need protection.  Raphael to heal health issues for yourself or others. Gabriel if you need help communicating an important message to world. Each has a specific role and trait that are matched with each astrological sign and its important to understand that you can call upon any archangel at any time for help in any situation.


Calling Archangels

While you can call on any archangel at any time, some people find it easier to request help and grant permission when they can connect with an archangel that is relatable. Because of this, the archangels have been connected to the different signs of the zodiac so that you can choose which archangel you would like to speak with and request help from.

FIFTEEN ARCHANGELS and their Zodiac associations

ARIEL (Aries). Lioness of God, Angelic ambassador of divine magic and manifestation. Birthdates: March 21st – April 20th

Ariel is the healing angel of nature who helps with feminine strengths. Her duties are to help us connect with nature on all plains and can help us with our earthly desires, even helping our garden to flourish. This is the angel of earth and water, a charming water spirit. This angel works mostly with animals as their guardian and healer. Call upon her when you want to communicate with animals or with nature. This energy is powerful, yet gentle. Her words are very direct and authoritative. This Archangel inspires growth and encourages people to live to their full potential. Ariel’s role is to help you connect with all forms of nature, whether physically or metaphysically. Ariel associates with fairies and other nature spirits. Ariel helps manifest earthly desires like environmental career or create beautiful garden. It will help you think more about others by putting your own interest aside. Thanks to Ariel, those under her influence are always full of ideas and creativity. Ariel is oneness with nature, helping people live green lives. Ariel keeps nature in balance and harmony, protecting the magic of woods. She brings awareness and change of mind to environment. She wants to help you reduce your carbon footprint and pay the bills. She helps find environmental causes suitable to circumstances and passions in order to increase the flow of good in life. She can help with finishing projects and healing. Ariel can help you experience the world with childlike wonder and enchantment, presence associated with glee.

Call upon when: Need help find own courage and confidence
Tarot: Strength
Influence on Aries: She can hasten fulfillment of wishes and helps Aries to always think of their loved ones. She pushes you to really connect with the things in life that matter the most to you; the more prominent her influence is in your life the more inspired you will become. Think of Ariel/Aries combination as the Erin Brockovich of angels.

AZRAEL (Capricorn). Whom God helps, Helps souls cross over at moment of death and consoles survivors. December 23rd – January 20th

Azrael is the Angel of Death, but in a good way. Azrael comforts families and friends whose loved ones have passed. Azrael helps those passing find the light, while offering a lot of compassion and wisdom. This Angel reminds us there is much to live for even after death. Azrael’s energy is calm, comforting, patient, and understanding with soft spoken words. This angel’s job is bring both the spirit and living relative to bridge closure.  This Angel of Death is the end to all things. Through this angel we see the different stages of life and you get an insight into all the events that you will face in your entire lifetime. Azrael takes your soul away from material world; it is all about the transition from physical and spiritual. To overcome a loss, Azrael is the one to call to unblock those things that are forcing us backward in life. This angel consoles and heals through spiritual means and provides a connection with passed away loved ones. While Azrael is the Angel of Death, it is in a beautiful way. There is such a strong tie to home and family. This angel has a supportive role in building with transformational change and transition among the sweetest of all. It is all about crossing over when it is time to go, whether that’s life’s transitions or when someone passes away. Azrael will be with you during changes in career, relationships, and all stages. Azrael can help us move through grief quicker. Azrael helps the souls reach the waiting arms of Jeremiel while giving comfort to those left behind.

Call upon when: Need help after you’ve lost a loved on
Tarot: Death
Influence on Capricorn:  Becomes the defender of justice, order, and faith. Azrael helps Capricorns, who are under his protection, to live right no matter how crooked the world around them is.

CHAMUEL (Taurus). He who sees God, guides us on the right path to obtain peace and love. April 21st – May 21st

Chamuel embodies God’s love and compassion for people and the world in general. This angel helps us attract more positivity in our environment. He is a bringer of inner peace and helps during troubling times. He will help us raise our intuition and vibrations, so we can receive and channel messages from God or higher spirits. This angel’s energy is tender and sympathetic. He protects us from people who wish to do us harm; he removes them from our mental, emotional or even physical space. Chamuel will help guide us when our quest is for universal peace in relationships. He brings peace to our inner soul solving all troubles.  This also means he can help find lost or misplaced items. Chamuel always wants peace on Earth. He is invested in maintaining a peaceful environment and wants everything to run according to decisions. That being said, he works out of sight and can really help when you feel weighed down. Chamuel helps us see divine force and have faith that the will of God is with us. He will guide us on the right path to obtain peace and love. He can help us grow in ways that are impossible without his presence. He can bring harmony to the home and help settle the soul into a peaceful future. Chamuel can aid in relationship repair as well. He will remind us the answer we seek is within us and that love doesn’t come from material items. If you ask Chamuel to lead you, make sure to pay attention to and follow the signs he sends you. He will lead you on your own personal treasure hunt. Lasting peace is Chamuel’s priority so he will answer maintenance calls. He also sees everything and everywhere.

Call upon when: Looking for new relationships, romantic or not. Chamuel’s highest duty is to help us find the right people in our life journey.
Tarot: Lovers
Influence on Taurus: helpful in finding lost things and bringing universal peace to all areas.
Day: Tuesday
Color: Pink
Activity: peace, tranquility
Stone: Pink quartz
Sign: Scorpio, Element: Water, Planet: Pluto
Sign: Capricorn, Element: Earth, Planet: Mars

GABRIEL (Cancer). Strength of God, If you feel you have a message you need to bring then Gabriel is there to help you. June 22nd – July 23rd.

Gabriel serves as the communicator for God in multiple ways. This includes writing, art, music, verbal expression, emotional expression, and just communication of any kind. This angel’s ultimate gift is to pass messages from God. His energy is elegant and uplifting. He uses positive, encouraging, and intelligent words. Gabriel communicates with an intent for change and growth. He is obedient to God, passing only the messages one needs to progress in life. You can call upon him when you need help understanding, accepting, and passing messages – especially from human realm to spiritual. He is the one you can turn to when you have to deliver an important message to the world and need help with choosing the right words. Gabriel is also the protector of the inner child within you and is considered to be of assistance in all stages of parenting. He often has a hidden message for you; this could be from God, who wants you to realize your strength and make self stronger. Gabriel represents the feminine forces of creation like motherhood and childhood. He can help guide those who are lost back onto the path. Gabriel cuddles people into a feeling of safety. He ensures positivity and learning in dreams and opens mind to vision. He is family oriented and helps with parenting. There is also a tendency to be very emotional and sensitive, so it is important to learn to break free from emotional bonds and show yourself to others. He represents forces of creation, birth, and motherhood. Gabriel helps with conception, adoption, and early childhood. He can also influence someone to become a chatterbox by helping with communications, networking, and promotional work. He can also provide inspiration and motivation for creative projects. He can help overcome procrastination. Call on Gabriel to invoke a loving mother to be on your case to get it done. He can help those in arts and advocacy.

Tarot: Magician and Judgment
Influence on: This is especially an impact to Moms and for parents fertility. Gabriel can also help with being a parent with all that parenting entails and trusting inner strength. Cancer truly brings forth Cancer’s sense of power.
Day: Wednesday
Color: White
Activity: Psychic powers and divine connection with inner being and God
Stone: Pearl
Element: Water
Planet: Moon

HANIEL. Grace of God.

Haniel empowers spiritual practitioners with gift of heightened intuition, receptivity, and self. There is an awareness in divination. Haniel is known for guiding those who seek to develop psychic abilities, spiritual talents, and even healing arts. Haniel’s energy is graceful, soothing, and patient. She speaks with such high thought and understanding, that it is hard to miss words of wisdom and knowledge.

  • Call upon when: Need help learning divination or if you need help expanding your intuition and psychic abilities.
  • Tarot: High Priestess and Moon

JEREMIAL (Scorpio). Mercy of God, This archangel is tasked with guiding the souls of the recently departed and helping those still on earth to create a better future for themselves.October 24th – November 22nd

Jeremial is the Angel of hope and helps people pass over to spiritual realm. He helps souls review life on earth and helps people from mistakes. Jeremial boosts prophetic dreams and visions, helping people see what they cannot see in waking life. Jeremial’s energy is one of compassion and mercy for obvious reasons. Jeremial doesn’t pass judgment, yet will be brutally honest in any decision made. He helps you see the light of situation. Jeremial’s mission is to guide souls who have recently passed and review their lives to show the lessons they’ve learned on earth. This angel can also help those still living to review their present life in order to create a better future life plan. Jeremiel is the angel of emotional issues; he can help overcome past thoughts and seek mercy from God. In this case, best thing is to dig into your past life, review what you have done wrong, learn new lessons and pray for forgiveness. You need to realize God has better plans for you. Jeremiel can be associated with death but can also aid in dream interpretation. This angel is a knower of past lives and ancient earth magic. He heals through helping; primarily helping you remember all so you have the picture to this point. Jeremiel helps us look clearly at our lives and make better choices. Jeremiel is the angel of hope and can help mentor/teacher. He is highly intuitive but takes things too serious. Jeremiel is the self help angel that you call when unhappy. Jeremiel is the personal psychologist in the spirit world, he can help get to the root cause of an issue so you can make changes. Jeremiel will help replace old, negative mental pallers with new positive ones. He will review with everyone the spiritual growth lessons, including how much did you love. He wants you to be honest with how you spent life so far. He can help you reconfigure things so you can live more consistently from a more heart centered place. He can help you envision from perspective of higher self, with the most favorable light possible. Jeremiel will guide you to make the changes necessary to move towards the positive. He will inspire you to complete loving acts of devotion and service. When you need an infusion of enthusiasm and renewed devotion contact Jeremiel. If you fear death then ask Jeremiel for help.

Call upon when: You need help to understand where you went wrong or what you can do to resolve a situation.
Tarot: Hanged man and Devil
Influence on Scorpio: Helps Scorpio see both sides of the same coin when it comes to life’s mysteries and learn how not to judge people. Jeremiel will help Scorpio wait for the normal course of things and in time, how to enjoy life as it is given to them. Jeremiel makes sure we are always looking closely at our lives and connections within them.

JOPHIEL (Libra). Beauty of God, If you struggle with positivity and self-care as Jophiel for help as she will help you create a place that is perfect for your soul and well-being.  September 24th – October 23rd

Jophiel helps us when we feel most insecure. He provides and instills beauty in our souls, never focusing on physical beauty. He inspires people to search deeply in themselves, helping us gain the confidence we need to feel and express beauty from the heart. He can help us see beauty in others and in our environment, which helps us to appreciate and be grateful for what we have. Jophiel’s energy is warm, inviting, and elegant. When he speaks he does so softly and only says short phrases to build your self esteem. He is always reminding people who they are inside and what they can become in a positive way. His mission is to beautify your life. This archangel beautifies and uplifts your thoughts and feelings, guiding you in self care. Sometimes referred to as the feng shui angel, Jophiel inspires you to create relaxing and harmonious environments (home and office). Whenever you feel bombarded by cluttered thoughts and emotions, ask for help to bring clarity. Jophiel’s mission is to beautify life by uplifting thoughts and realizing beauty within. He can develop spiritually, with self motivation and excellent speaking skills. This archangel creates relaxing and calm atmospheres so that you can see everything in a beautiful manner. He will bring light and positivity to any situation, especially when we lose sight of natural beauty. He can’t stand disorder so he helps with uplifting thoughts to realize the beauty within. Jophiel influences the emotional and physical Feng Shui to help you develop a mindset that can empower you rather than one that holds you back. In this way it helps you see the beauty in ourselves, along with every man and woman. He helps quickly shift from negative to a positive mindset. Jophiel heals misunderstandings with other people. Unfortunately there is also a tendency to cover up feelings and be too hard on themselves. Jophiel presides over all that is beauteous, fair, and sublime. This archangel will help you beautify your life, inside and out. Jophiel can help you develop your look, feel confident, experience self love (distinct from vanity) and celebrate a unique expression of beauty. This angel can be called on to see yourself through their eyes. They can help heal any body dysmorphia and negative beliefs you may have about yourself. Jophiel comes on strong, like a coach and pushes you to spruce up your act. This archangel guides artists, designers, and anyone who makes the world more beautiful. Jophiel’s duty is to bring beauty to life.

Call upon when: want to develop soul in a positive way
Tarot: temperance and stars
Influence on Libra : Since Libra can’t stand disorder, finding harmony in both the external environment and within is vital for success.
Day: Monday
Color: Yellow, Gold
Activity: Wealth, spiritual & material
Stone: Topaz
Planet: Jupiter

METATRON (Virgo). Highest of Angels, He is here to guide those new to spirituality. August 24th – September 23rd

Metatron is one of two twins who were once human but ascended into Angels. Often connected with the book of life, Metatron is recording everything that happens on earth. He helps with those who are stressed or who need focus, motivation, discipline, and organization in lives. He is known to help those who are starting a new project and need help with management. Metatron’s energy is more human than any other angel. Because he was once human, he is more understanding of how humans work with one another. He offers more human advice, often being direct and analytical. Metatron is associated with the Merkabah, also known as Metatron’s cube. Metatron uses this sacred energy tool for healing and cleaning low charges. He is a helper of sensitive children and those new to spirituality. When you want to understand the mysteries of the Universe, you call on him. Metatron is related to the limitations of your life, boundaries that are stopping you from going far away. He cleans low energies and motivates you to speed up and realize spiritual gifts that God has blessed you with. This angel offers insights into many forgotten practices that still provide incredibly useful functions. He aids in the process of healing by cleansing and purifying the soul, mind, and body. He awakens the spirit, with the power to be born again with a refreshed outlook. Metraton likes being of service to others. He has a special interest in highly sensitive young people who are misunderstood. At the same time, there is a tendency to be judgmental and critical of others. This angel is connected to practicality, working and serving others. He is an archangel of presence that can move beyond the so called limits of human condition. This includes helping you literally speed up time or slow it down. He will help you develop gifts and guide those with ADD/ADHD and OCD. They also have a built in bullshit detectors.

Call upon when: Need help with goals, or need help managing personal work life
Tarot: Fool
Influence on Virgo: Metatron brings balance and guidance for difficult situations or an increase in self confidence on a critical day. Virgo is the sign that worries the most but Metratron will allow you to align with path you need to in life

MICHAEL. He who is like God, a guiding voice or a sense of encouragement in a frightening situation.

He is called upon frequently, especially when it comes to spiritual protection and cleansings. He is everyone’s favorite bodyguard and possesses great strength, power, and courage. He helps with life’s purpose and he can even elevate our psychic vibrations and inner powers. He can help us with cleaning out any negative energies or removing earth bounds from personal space (work and home). His energy is masculine and grand. You will find that he takes up a lot of space in a room when he’s around, shielding people with powerful light. He doesn’t seem to talk too much, but when he does he’s very short and direct.

Call upon: for protection when feeling scared, sense any dark energies and would like him to clear your personal space or property
Tarot: Emperor and World
Day: Sunday
Color:  Blue
Activity: Protection
Stone: Blue pencil
Element: Fire

RAGUEL (Sagittarius). Friend of God who brings peace and prosperity. November 23rd – December 22nd.

As an Angel of Justice, he helps us with truth and honesty in ourselves and in others. He is the mediator in challenging situations, especially if we have problems with another person. He helps us restore balance and peace in our direct environment and he can also help resolve issues that cause us stress. This archangel is also known to help in legal matters. His energy embodies logic and un-biasedness. He sees situations as they stand and offers realistic and achievable solutions. You can call on him when you need resolution in life, especially when intensity between you and another person or situation is high. This archangel’s role is to create peace and harmony by healing arguments or misunderstandings. He represents relationships, groups, and special order. They create a peaceful and friendly environment among family members, friends, etc. This is why they are the friend of God. Raguel can give you the best solution for all your life problems. He brings prosperity, harmony, and helps get rid of discrimination and harassment. He is also a chief, having an authority over others, while still creating that harmony. He can restore peace in some of the best possible ways. He can ask for mercy for others, help balance the karma slate, and give rise to higher intellect and knowledge. It is all about the power of communication skills. Raguel can dissolve disparities and conflict with others. Orderliness, fairness, harmony, and justice are all possible through Raguel. The key to happiness for a Sagittarius is when they take the ultimate challenge of being sensitive to others. This is how you get balanced and immediate gratification through challenges. Raguel oversees relationships, groups, and social order. They can help you find wonderful friends who support interests and goals. They help heal, improve, and deepen existing relationships with family and romantic/platonic loves. They are the divine peace keeper, call on him to de-escalate tension or manage crisis. They develop diplomacy and bring to resolution any misunderstanding or argument. When you are seeking fair outcomes, call on him to overcome coercion, discrimination, and harassment. They restore balance of power, further individual and collective freedom, rights and equity. Call on this archangel if your highly sensitive. Raguel’s duties are to mend the bridges burned between families and friends. He is here to bring peace and harmony and to mediate arguments to help everyone come to a positive outcome.

Call upon when: Mediating fights and finding solutions to disagreements by enhancing cooperation in groups or families
Tarot: Justice and tower
Influence on Sagittarius:  As the butterfly of the zodiac, when your social life needs revival or boost, invoke Raguel to help reunite with someone from the past or let go of painful memories so you can establish new healthier relationships.

RAPHAEL. God heals.

Raphael helps with inner and outer healing (mental). He can help with emotional, physical, spiritual well being to promote better health and spirituality. You will find that he heals a lot of past hurt. He is often known to assist those who heal others, especially doctors, nurses, and even spiritual practitioners. This archangel helps all creatures of God, not just humans. His energy is loving and kind, his words are gentle and compassionate. Raphael speaks with the intent to comfort and heal past and present wounds.

Call upon when: need to heal emotionally, mentally, even physically, as long as he doesn’t replace professional help (he helps humans who can heal physical wounds).
Tarot: Empress
Day:  Thursday
Color:  Green
Activity: Health, abundance, and protection
Stone: Green aventurine
Planet: Mercury

RAZIEL (LEO). Secrets of God. July 24th – August 23rd.

Raziel always knows the answer. He has heightened faith and belief in God and spirits. Raziel is the most knowledgeable of all angels. He possesses a deeper understanding of life in general and encourages us to strengthen our bonds to the spiritual realm, especially in god and Archangels. He is a gatekeeper of divine mysteries and supreme knowledge of the soul. He helps bring knowledge to all beings and guides each soul’s destiny through each lifetime. Raziel’s energy is mature and wise, with direct, intelligent, and patient words. His energy is felt when your soul or higher self guides your daily living. He has a lot of knowledge to share, so best to pay attention when he’s around, especially because that is usually when we have a lot of life questions. If you have reoccurring dreams, thoughts, images, or ideas that you can’t decipher then ask for help. There are secrets and hidden messages for humanity within them. Raziel has supreme knowledge, and helps us know our physical ability and guide us towards the path of success. He helps make you stronger to tackle difficult situations in life. This archangel provides answers to what is stopping you from moving forward and help satisfy mortal curiosities. Raziel brings the power of divine love, giving Leos a lot of spiritual gifts and helping them to become more generous and comfort fellowmen. He helps on our spiritual journey, to reveal God’s knowledge to us by being a code breaker for puzzles and symbols. This allows us to unlock the power of synchronicity. This archangel eases the past and all the negative, unhealthy habits that no longer serve us. Helping us with forgiveness and healing the past. He also teaches us the life lesson of not trying to run everyone else’s life. He oversees life’s mysteries and can help understand it all. You ask Raziel when you want to increase innate ability to psychically know. This archangel helps remove blocks to our gifts so that we can unblock abilities. He can increase the power of ceremonies and rituals, which helps to access wisdom and release blocks from previous incarnations. He is the guidance for the metaphysical. When you work developing your higher self and achieving a better destiny for your soul, then you can reach out to the gatekeeper of divine knowledge.

Call upon when: need to restore faith in God or yourself
Tarot: Hierophant and Hermit
Influence on Leo: tempers energy and ego, teaches them how to moderate their will and obey rules; pushes to overcome your sensitive side and open up

SANDALPHON (Pisces). Represents our connection to both earth and heaven. February 20th – March 20th

Sandalphon is the Highest of the Angels and a twin. He is 1 of 2 twins that were once human, but ascended into Angels. He is the twin of Metatron and known for delivering prayers to god and the spiritual realm. He is connected to the tree of life and often referred to as the tall Angel. Since he was once human, he understands the power of prayer, what it means to pray, and what it means to receive answers from those prayers. As the energy link between man and spirit, his energy is swift and powerful. He is more observant and listens vs talking. His intent is to deliver messages realm to realm. This archangel’s presence ensures that our messages will be heard and responded to. His mission is to deliver our prayers and messages to God. He also helps musicians and composers. Which also means you need to pay attention to any words or songs that play in your mind, because they could be messages or answers to your prayers. His messages in music lift spirits and remember who you truly are. He acts as a brother whose mission is to deliver our prayers and messages to God. He connects with our intuition and determines what we are thinking and then delivers our prayers to God who has power to fulfill our wishes. When we feel the lyrics, or hear and play music, there could be a hidden message. He has a special connection with God and can help you receive answers creatively. This archangel has the powerful ability to lift and maintain your mood and frequency. As the guardian of Pisces, this is the most creative and artistic of the Zodiac signs. As the archangel of compassion, he provides mutual help and protection. They will help you to really progress in the ways you need to and promote blessings in your life. That being said, based on this influence they really need to be surrounded by spiritual people as they are easily influenced and absorb energy like a sponge. They are ruled by emotion and not logic, and need to learn that everyone has their own contribution to make in this life and not to take on another’s. Sandalphon provides a protective shield around you and helps develop your skill for music to reach the world. As the angel of prayer, while it is usually an instant answer, sometimes that answers differs from expectations or we don’t notice or don’t like the answer. It required intuition and human action, but ask for clarification if unsure.

Call upon when: need help with prayers and pleas reaching the ears of God. Most of the answers will come in the form of lyrics.
Tarot: Wheel
Influence on Pisces: learn how to help fellowmen when in need and to support them, especially during hardships when true faith is put to trial,

URIEL (Aquarius). The light of god. January 21st – February 19th

This archangel helps us achieve our highest self (mentally, emotionally, and spiritually). He is God’s light, so the priority is to understand by placing a spotlight over our minor strengths and weaknesses. He is known for helping spiritual practitioners receive messages from other spiritual guides. This archangel helps people channel a higher wisdom, giving us knowledge to evolve and expand more positively. Uriel’s energy is bright and powerful, for obvious reasons. He speaks with intent to empower and enlighten you. He is without a doubt one of the Archangels you call when you need to elevate your soul and spirituality. Uriel can help you achieve your higher calling in any form. He is considered the intellectual angel that is usually manifested in our being. This is mainly in the form of ideas, epiphanies, and creative insights when you need a solution. The real path of success helps create such things that are quite unique and special. Uriel is a divine problem solver who helps you to get out of any difficult situation by using its intelligence and will power. This archangel is also the angel of forgiveness and its motive is to make you realize the reality of God who is the lone creator of the universe. Uriel navigates lost souls back towards the correct path by lighting the way with divine enlightenment. In a way, this archangel helps teachers who follow the fate of mortals and guide them from afar towards their true mission in life. With Uriel’s guidance, the passing of time and wisdom achieved through spiritual evolution allows many intense conscious shifts and really helps promote growth. This archangel inspires creation, imagination, and crystal clear ideas. It frees the misdirection leading to life inequality. Uriel is all about bringing personal insight, big ideas, knowledge, and saving the planet. He illuminates the minds with information, ideas, epiphanies, and insights. This archangel is a rebel with many causes. This archangel is capable of helping humanity, as long sa own ideas don’t become more important than the cause itself. This is because true spirituality means being a part of humanity, not above it. As the archangel of light, intelligence, and understanding you can really work with him for those eureka moments. This means he can really help with conversations and understanding subjects, exams, and academics.

Call upon when: need to think outside the box and/or make a fast decision, especially in sticky situation because he can help illuminate and resolve dilemmas.
Tarot: Sun
Influence on Aquarius: helps Aquarius learn how to appreciate every life experience
Day: Friday
Color: Gold and orange
Activity: Self confidence, protection
Stone: Coralina

ZADKIEL (Gemini). Righteousness of God and true forgiveness. May 22nd – June 21st

Zadkiel helps us with forgiveness. He encourages us to have love for our selves and to love others as God loves us. He reminds us of past and present, helping us to understand and accept milestones in our life journey, even if it hurts. Zadkiel reminds us of past and present, helping us to understand and accept milestones in our life journey, even if it hurts. This archangel gives us strength to confront our wounds and also reminds us to be grateful and appreciate the love we have in our lives. His energy is gentle, subtle, and inspirational. His words are always calm and sympathetic. Zadkiel encourages us to be accepting of others and gain understanding of different perspectives. This helps us to always forgive. This archangel helps our compassion, and therefore forgiveness, as it is an act of reaching out to yourself and others to help reduce feelings of discomfort. He can help you go past your troubling memories and alleviate painful emotions. If you feel like you can’t forgive someone, then ask for help. He remembers all things including the origin of the world, which makes you realize your inner soul and reduces feelings of discomfort. Zadkiel can help you get over haunting past memories, painful emotions, and brings prosperity to your life. He can help you reduce feelings of discomfort and balances out the head over the heart by providing a lot of release and growth as a person. He can help heal and forgive a soul who has taken the wrong path. With this archangel though, you need strength to wait and have patience without jumping to conclusions. Zadkiel can help increase self esteem as he helps recall your natural strengths and abilities. If you struggle with true forgiveness, really letting go of the wrongs done to you by others, then you will want to appeal to the archangel Zadkiel. Known as the Righteousness of God, he will help you move past painful memories and really forgive those who have wronged you.

Call upon when: need help with forgiveness, whether its forgiving yourself, asking forgiveness from god, or forgiving someone else
Tarot: Chariot
Influence on Gemini: helps to remember life’s purpose and reason for living, selectively remember only love, so can forgive better, thus helping to heal painful memories and undo associated negative patterns.
Day: Saturday
Color: Violet
Activity: Transmutation, transform
Stone: Amethyst