Tarot Card Readings


Tarot card readings are a great way to get the past, present and future all laid out in front of you. Remember though that no matter what the cards show, our future is not set in stone. We are free beings and have the ability to change our future. The cards merely show a prediction of what will happen if we take no steps to change it. Whether in person, on the phone or online, a tarot card reading should follow the same basic routine and knowing that routine, as well as what you should expect before hand is smart.

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot Card Reading Sessions

So what happens during typical tarot card readings? To begin with, the person doing your reading will cleanse the room of disrupting energy either before or after you arrive or call. For your part, you’ll want to clear your mind of negativity and go into the reading with as neutral and open a mind as possible. The reader will use a deck of cards, most likely the Rider-waite deck, the Thoth deck or the Tarot of Marseilles deck and a variety of different layouts to answer your questions. In general a reading can take anywhere between ten minutes and two hours depending on how many questions you have, what sorts of layouts are used, your dealt tarot spread, and how in-depth you would like your answers.

The reader should begin by asking you, the querent, for permission to read the cards and many will also follow up with a reminder that what the cards show isn’t set in stone. Your future is always fluid. Others may also remind you that even though some cards may seem negative, there are no cards signifying physical death (including the death card) and there aren’t really negative cards either, even if the reading isn’t as pleasant as you would have liked. The cards help you find areas of your life where change may be necessary in order to be happier and healthier. Sometimes this means ending relationships which can be painful, but is necessary for your growth. A good reader will help you to understand what the cards are saying, but be wary of a reader that only gives you positive readings. No ones life is perfect, and so no ones reading will be all sunshine with no rain.

What Tarot Cards Say About You

To begin a tarot card reading, the reader will ask for your name and your question. They shouldn’t need more information than this. Your name allows them to reach out and access your Akashic records which provide the information they need. Some readers may also include astrological readings in their tarot readings and in this case they will also ask for your birth date but be wary of any reader who asks for more information than these things. They may be a fake! Be prepared to ask questions, to ask the reader to explain the cards, to ask about everything! Put your reader to the test, they should be expecting this themselves and be prepared to answer your questions. Remember, you’re paying for their services and you have the right to understand every little detail and facet of your reading!

Depending on the length of reading, you may go up to a year before needing another one. Your tarot card reading should cover at least a month! Look for readers that use reverse tarot as well so that you are sure you’re getting a full reading. Lastly, enjoy your reading! Remember that the reader may offer guidance but you are not obligated to follow their suggestions! Tarot card readings should be fun and insightful, so relax and enjoy!


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