Matching With Others Based On Your Horoscope


A Brief History on Horoscope Matching

Horoscope matching involves using a natal or birth chart to determine whether two people are meant to be together. While all branches of astrology practice this, it is used most commonly in Vedic astrology as the Kundali method of determining compatibility and in Chinese astrology.

Matching With Others Based On Your Horoscope

Kundali is a system used in Vedic astrology to determine horoscope matching between two people using a point system of 36 points determined by 8 different relationship qualities. Most of the emphasis is placed on the qualities that focus on fertility, friendship, and emotional compatibility as older generations felt that these qualities in a marriage were more important than simple romantic love and physical compatibility. However, it is a good idea to make sure that you have a general compatibility across all the areas. You can read more about the other areas by clicking here.

Start With Matching Your Horoscope Using Kundali Qualities

The qualities focused on in Kundali are:

Nadi is worth 8 points: Nadi points are determined based on your naksahtra or star sign (what in Western astrology is the signs of the Zodiac). The signs are grouped into three groups and the best matches are outside your group. Points given are either the full 8 or 0.

Bhakoot is worth 7 points: Bhakoot determines your emotional compatibility based on your ascendant or the sign on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. You can get either seven points or zero points.

Gan is worth 6 points: Gan represents our human nature divided into three parts. The best match is someone who has the same gang as you, while the worst match is someone who is opposite you. You can get either six points, five points or zero points in this category.

Maitri is worth 5 points: Maitri is based on planetary compatibility with the moon sign or rash and indicates an ability for the couple to develop a friendship based on mutual interests or likes and dislikes. You can receive either five points or zero points.

Yoni is worth 4 points: Yoni is the area that looks at physical compatibility such as attractiveness to one another and the ability to satisfy one another physically. It also covers health and well-being. You can get any number of points up to four in Yoni.

Tara is worth 3 points: Tara looks at your longevity as a couple, including death, not just death of the relationship in the esoteric sense, but the physical sense. You can get up to 3 points in Tara.

Vaasya is worth 2 points: Vaasya looks at mutual affection and romantic love between the couple.

Varna is worth 1 point: Varna looks at occupational issues and work compatibility. This is the area that could indicate problems with home life and career as well as pointing out differences in personality and how each person will approach work issues.

Totaling Your Horoscope Points To See If It’s A Match

Your horoscope matching can have a total of up to 36 points. Any group of number over 20 points is considered to be a compatible couple, and if you manage to get together more than 28 points you can generally be assured that your relationship is fairly solid and will last for a long time. To learn more about horoscope matching for marriage, check out our page on gun milan – the Indian term for name matching using natal charts to predict the outcome of a man and a woman in marriage.


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