Chaldean System of Numerology: 6 Differences


The two main systems of numerology are Pythagorean and Chaldean and while both have certainly been around for a long time, they each have a slightly different focus and approach. You can use either method: Pythagorean is certainly easier for numerology beginners and will definitely give you a good started point. Many consider Chaldean numerology to be the most accurate.

Chaldean System of Numerology: 6 Differences
  1. Chaldean Numerology Relies Heavily on Astrology
    Chaldean numerology is old. It’s been around since Babylonian times and that means it’s focus is less on the math and a bit more on the mystic. For example, each of the numbers is related to one of the heavenly bodies.
  2. Chaldean Numerology Avoids the Number 9
    The ancient Chaldeans viewed the number 9 as a sacred number and so in the letters-to-numbers chart the number nine is excluded. In the Pythagorean letters-to-numbers chart the letters I and R fall under the number 9. In the Chaldean chart they are found under the numbers 1 and 2 respectively.
  3. Chaldean Letters-to-Numbers Charts aren’t Basic
    The letters to numbers chart used in Pythagorean numerology just lays out the letters in sequence from 1 to 9, wrapping back around to 1 each time it comes to the end. It’s a simple, easy to remember method that you can literally perform anywhere with a piece of paper and a pencil. Chaldean numerology is not so simple. The ancient Chaldeans used sounds and tones to match the vibrations of the numbers and the letters. This created a letters to numbers chart that has to be memorized or looked up in order to make sure that each letter gets the correct value.
  4. Chaldean Numerology doesn’t have all those fancy numbers
    Where Pythagorean numerology has the Life Path, Soul, Karmic Debt and a variety of other numbers that it divines from your name and date of birth, Chaldean numerology has only a handful. The first comes from your first name and expresses who you are in public. The second comes from your middle name and expresses who you are in your soul and the parts of yourself you keep private. The third comes from your last name and expresses your familial influence. Lastly there is the “Higher Self” number derived from your birthday.
  5. There is no Advanced Pythagorean Numerology
    But there is advanced Chaldean numerology for those looking for a more in-depth but more difficult to understand look at who they are. Pythagorean numerology looks only at the single digit numbers and then the Master numbers but in advanced Chaldean you can have double digit numbers up to 52 that are evolutions of the first basic numbers.
  6. Chaldean Numerology isn’t for the Faint-Hearted
    Many people comment after hearing a breakdown of the Chaldean numbers that they’re awfully negative. By comparison to the Pythagorean numbers, Chaldean numerology definitely seems negative but that’s partially because you’re not supposed to just judge yourself by one number! It’s not just about your first name but your first name, then your middle, then your last and finally your date of birth!


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