Understanding A Taurus In Relationships With A Love Horoscope


A Taurus love horoscope should cover the positive and negative qualities of the sign and how they work together. This is what makes the Taurus what they are and how one can work in a relationship with a Taurus. This sign is known for being steady, patient and enduring. They are an Earth sign that is solid and trustworthy. However, they are also resistant to change, a bit indulgent, they can be stubborn, narrow-minded and obsessed with routines. The Taurus will always get where it wants to go simply because it is hard to stop them once they make their mind up. A Taurus love horoscope will point out that most importantly, you cannot rush a Taurus into anything new. They must be allowed to grow into change at their own pace.

Breaking Down Your Taurus Dating Horoscope

This is the most dependable sign in the zodiac. They are successful in no small part because they persevere after the other signs have given up. They are hardworking and possess no small measure of stubbornness. This Earth sign also loves all the pleasures and sensualities life has to offer. They love to indulge all their senses. They also help others learn and develop a sense of self-worth. Their energy is soft and relaxing. This isn’t a sign that’s in a rush to run off and adventure or be the center of attention. They are slow to move, slow to change, and offer a feeling of security to others that is also important to them. This is a sign that is slow to anger and rarely shows temper; unless someone goes out of their way to provoke a Taurus it is highly likely you will never see that side of them.

In relationships, a Taurus love horoscope will show that this is a sign that needs security and stability. They’re not looking for quick, fast affairs, but for long-lasting and devoted love that they can slowly work their way into. Additionally, once a Taurus makes up their mind, nothing can change it. Once they decide they love you, nothing anyone says will change that. You can rest assured that a Taurus’ love is steadfast and unchanging. These bulls are sensible and down to earth, loving the rigor of a long-term relationship. Many women view Taurus men as the ideal because they tend to have all the traits that women look for when they are getting ready to settle down unlike some of the other signs as we explain over at astronlogia.com/horoscopes/love-horoscope-compatibility/.

Be Patient In Love With a Taurus

Taurus are fixed signs that are known for their stubborn nature. Two of them together can be tough. Earth and Water nourish each other, so they make the best matches. Taurus is best with other Earth elements because Water can lead practical Taurus into emotional overload. Taurus with Air or Fire will always be competing to unravel confusion in mixed communication styles.

When you’re looking to build a relationship with a Taurus remember not to rush them. They want everything to be built on a firm foundation and they need time to grow into any change in their life. Once they commit to being in a relationship with you, they will work hard to make it work. Once they settle on a relationship they will do everything they can to make it last. Make sure to communicate with them so they understand your needs as they may become possessive and demanding in their attempts to build the perfect life.

Great: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Favorable: Leo, Libra

Challenging: Aries, Sagittarius, Libra, Aquarius



Overall: This is a Cardinal Fire and Fixed Earth pairing. This is one of the few pairings that depends on the commitment of players. Aries is ruled by Mars the Warrior and Taurus is ruled by Venus the Lover. The lover and fighter need a balance in order to make it work. Aries will always be Taurus’ hero, which Taurus likes a lot. Aries will want to dive into the relationship, but that won’t go well with Taurus. If Aries dials down the speed and ramps up the charm, Taurus can tryout their spontaneous side more. This can be a match made in heaven.

Positive: Aries as a Cardinal wants to be the boss all the time. As Cardinal Fire sign then, Aries’ passion is unprecedented. Taurus being ruled by Venus means they are patient, gentle, and sexy as all get out. There is no shortage of sparks. Taurus wants someone who goes after what they want and will love this quality the most in Aries. Not to mention the unrelenting Aires passion! Taurus gives security and the long term vision that Aries wants in work and play. Aries doesn’t like the guessing game so they love Taurus.  Aries is ruled by the masculine, Taurus by feminine, so this pairing could really be great if they let it.

Challenges: The biggest challenge this union faces is Aries’ take charge attitude and Taurus’ stubborn will. If Taurus wants what Aries doesn’t, no good sparks will fly.  Taurus as a fixed sign is possessive and independent. Warrior Aries doesn’t like this at all. Both will need to bend. Taurus will have to flex and Aries must use their energy to show they are not a wanderer. Aries has to be okay not always getting their way.

Make it Work: They are very compatible if they both put the work in. On one side there is impulsive Aries, on the other is deliberate and considerate Taurus. Both need to learn each other’s ways to reach a mutually satisfying relationship. The more committed these two are to learning more about each other and how to work, the greater the chance at finding the balance they can have. It can be slow to get Taurus, but patience results in a great payoff.


Overall:  This relationship is founded in sensuality and stability. This is a fixed Earth partnership, so they are long term thinkers and grounded for the long haul. Everything they love and need are met by the match. They are real with each other and enjoy pampering, or spoiling to no end. Both are dignified and charming. They are ruled by Venus, which is love and beauty, so they will have many happy anniversaries.

Positive: Both of these partners will embrace the bull traits. This means they are loyal with a high amount of will power and exceptionally committed to the long term outcome for the union. There will be lot of love, harmony, and beauty. There is no rush into this love match, they will take their time to sensually know and love each other. They are fixed, so they are loyal but also stubborn. They have a wonderful chance of lasting. It will be hard to find a more devoted match. Romance, love, charm, and sensuality will make it easy to override any wrinkles in this love match.

Challenges: As they are both bulls, this works for and against them. They are loyal and committed, but also stubborn and jealous. Once they want someone, they will not want anyone else. They are possessive. They stand by their opinion no matter what evidence is presented to the contrary. It will be good when confirming their love, not so good for fights. If left unchecked, it will be a battle of the wills.

Make it Work: They have an exceptional chance to stand the long haul because they will always be fixed on each other. Even at their angriest, the loyalty they feel to each other will almost always preside. If they focus on these qualities during the heated moments that are inevitable, then they can grow through them stronger. Taurus is easy to please when it comes to romance and charm. They know each other well. They need to remember all the great things they fell in love with: commitment, loyalty, and charm. Additionally, an odd gift of pretty things will help keep things happy and complete.


Overall: This is not necessarily the most compatible match on paper but both have the wills that can work well in pairing. Taurus is a fixed Earth, Gemini is a mutable air. Many times both parties will wonder what the other one is thinking. At the same time, with effort, this relationship will grow into something truly unique and beautiful. A Taurus and Gemini match has a lot to offer if committed to outcome.

Positive: Taurus brings a lot to the table that Gemini likes. Gemini mutable air is ruled by Mercury. This means they are never short of conversation. Taurus loves Gemini’s quick wit and sarcastic energy. Gemini isn’t disappointed by the Taurus sensual energy. Taurus is seeking a dependable and secure partnership. Gemini can offer it but requires their needs met as well. Gemini intelligence will often save the day in this case, because Gemini will be on to what Taurus needs and wants much earlier than some of the other partners might be.

Challenges: An Air and Earth combination is a difficult one as Airy Gemini is always moving. Taurus is grounded in Earth and a little slower than Gemini in life. Gemini could feel slowed by Taurus and Taurus will want to know why Gemini always needs to be up and about. Gemini is a mutable sign and has wandering eyes, with a flirty nature. This will not go over will with jealous and stubborn Taurus. Gemini needs to curb this enthusiasm just a bit. Gemini needs to be honest with Taurus and be very clear on their intentions if you want to avoid the wrath of Bull. Taurus loves genuine people, which is a trait Gemini needs to work on . Honesty, even if not the best news, will win over Taurus.

Make it Work: To be successful at the long term both have to work on it. Taurus needs to pull back on their stubborn side and let Gemini win once in a while. Taurus also needs to give Gemini the freedom to be who they want and pull back jealousy. Taurus will not want to be out having fun every night but needs to accept Gemini does and needs the freedom to do so. Gemini needs to realize that if Taurus seems obsessive and jealous its a great sign that they are crazy about them, often for life. Gemini must show their real self to Taurus so this love match can grow together and stand test of time.


Overall: This is a match many dream of so both these parties will enjoy and cherish it. This is Fixed Earth Taurus loving the Cardinal Water Cancer. They are very compatible. Earth needs water to feel nurtured and grounded, water feeds off the ability to sustain earths needs. This match is very very good for each other, as well as the karmic and soul mate connection. Both in the pair will mutually understand and grow with each other, so long as they focus on the shared outcome.

Positive: They want the same things, so when they come together, its remarkable. They are committed to a happy home life. Cancer is a domestic center, Taurus makes it beautiful 7 ways to Sunday. Solid home and family, beautiful things all around, and work ethic to make it a happen are all shared traits. There is almost nothing but shared love. Their feminine energies mean a deep emotional bond that will sustain and nurture for a long time. Cancer likes how open and real and grounded Taurus is and learns to open up more in turn. Taurus is quite attracted to how Cancer puts everyone but themselves first and prefers quiet nights.

Challenges: This is a loving and beautiful relationship but not without words of caution. Being ruled by the moon makes Cancer moody and Taurus could tire of it. This could lead to Cancer taking too much too personal. This is another matter Taurus will tire of quickly. As a Cardinal sign, Cancer must be the boss or the pincers will come out, but that will not always bode well for bull Taurus. Taurus doesn’t need to be the boss at all, but doesn’t appreciate being wrong all the time.

Make it Work: They will experience a few wrinkles along the way. Watery Cancer will always wind up nurturing earthy Taurus. Both of these feminine energies simply need to give and take a little and always rely on strong emotional bonds that connect them cosmically. Cancer can’t take Taurus so personally. Taurus needs to pay more attention to Cancer. Cancer must ease off ordering Taurus around. This results in having a strong, secure, and happy home life. This is a match made in heaven.


Overall: This is a fun match because they both love the attention the other provides. Leo is ruled by the sun and thus needs a lot of spotlight, usually in form of flattery. Taurus likes flattery but in sexy presents, sensual gifts, and pretty things. Leo’s are very generous, so they have no problem with this. There are two sets of needs to balance, but they will do so well with lot of sparks.

Positive: Taurus is ruled by Venus, so they want expensive and luxurious things. Leo is ruled by the sun and loves it, with creative flair. Both love sensual intimacy . Leo’s generosity is almost impossible to match in zodiac. Naturally Taurus loves it. Their energies compliment each other well. They radiate with the warmth of the Sun, groundedness of the Earth, sparks of fire, and the sexy love of Venus.

Challenges: There is no meter that can give a perfect and clean report. Each sign has a shadow side, knowing how they compliment each other in love compatibility will make a difference towards success in love. With Leo, the constant need for flattery could take over the relationship. If its fixed, a battle of wills that will happen. Fixed shadow, means jealous, obsessive, and possessive. Both have these qualities in abundance. This could create a paranoid and insecure relationship. They will have to work through these issues.

Make it Work: Though these fixed signs will have bumps, they will not waiver from each other. Even at the most furious moments, after the cooling off time that Leo requires, their eyes remain fixed on each other. This is why this match can have jealousy problems, neither can bear the other to leave. This is the same quality that as fierce as it is will make fights but also sparks of passion. The makeup sex is out of this world, and they will not want to let the other go anytime soon. If Leo needs to unruffle Taurus feathers, they just need to give them pretty gifts.


Overall: This pairing is not given enough credit. A lot of people think that two Earth won’t work and be dull but actually they are stronger than they look. This is a very practical, no question successful pair. Their work ethic cannot be matched. They will be successful financially and if both committed to making it work, they will do anything to make sure it will happen. Once Taurus gets their sights on Virgo, they can start ring shopping. Virgo loves the sensual, sexy, hardworking Taurus.

Positive: This is a fixed Earth and a mutable Earth. There is a lot of groundedness, real talk, and practical energy. Both are hard workers and committed to financial success and savings. They are a financially successful couple. Virgo is the most practical of the two. Taurus is the sensual, beauty driven sign. The polar energies will play off each other beautifully. They will have a strong moral compass that doesn’t feed bs. Taurus loves this because they struggle to find someone who can be real with them. Virgo has no tolerance for fakes. They love that they have the same quality as Taurus. Virgo is Mercury ruled, so that will deepen communication and allow for long term commitment. Virgo is flexible enough to meet Taurus’ rigid standards in process.

Challenges: They will experience hiccups when certain qualities surface. Virgo is always changing per environment. Taurus is fixed so they get jealous and possessive. Virgo has the gift of gab and is a little overly critical. Taurus is sensitive and the bull will come out if Virgo pushes. If Virgo flexes but Taurus won’t, then there will be conflict of epic proportions.

Make it Work: The best part is the mutual commitment and work ethic. Both want the same goals and at the end of the day, will do almost anything to accomplish. Both like to be financially secure so their common efforts can smooth over bumps. Taurus must adapt to flexible Virgo and budge more. Virgo must be less critical. They have a shared interest for quiet nights in and planning sexy nights to make up will really help.


Overall: This pairing registers very well on the love compatibility meter. Both are ruled by Venus love, which means this will be a harmonious loving match. They will have a strong flow of feminine sensuality, love, and karma. They will feel like soul mates. This is a connection of two halves making one whole. They will be slow to start and may seem to not share much in common. Over time this relationship will grow into something beautiful and one that can last a lifetime. If they can understand each other and grow together, they will make it last.

Positive: Both are ruled by Venus, so this pair is full of sensuality and beauty. Both love partners as well and neither are likely to stray from the other. They have a strong love of creative things, beautiful things, and even arts. This will connect them throughout. They share enjoyment of fine dining and theater. They have mutual creative interests. Taurus is very charmed by Libra’s elegance and class. Libra loves the luxury that Taurus brings. This match bodes well financially as both are committed to practical success. Taurus likes the balance that Libra brings, as it helps Taurus not be so fixed. if they can overcome shadow side, then they will be balanced and harmonious.

Challenges: The shadow sides are what will get them if they call it quits.To preserve their love, Libra must learn and understand Taurus. But Libra will also tire of the fixed and stubborn Taurus. Taurus may find Libra’s critical side a bit much. Taurus focuses on sensual groundedness and Libra seeks connection at the intellectual level. This will cause them to butt heads unless they work together to resolve differences. Taurus is insecure to Libra’s beauty. Libra does not like Taurus jealousy and obsessiveness.

Make it Work: If they can understand the qualities that exist in the other, they can have beautiful things. Taurus must give Libra freedom without questioning everything they are doing. Libra will need to reserve a night or two for Taurus. Libra needs to pull back on the criticism.  Libra will also need to realize that coming back from  Taurus temper is a victory only a few know. The sensual side of both is the easy way to smooth over everything and get back in there. A pretty present or luxurious pampering helps one or both of them.


Overall: In this relationship, both will enjoy the match immensely and intensely. There is little middle ground; it will either be amazing or anything but. This is because they are polar opposites with an abundance of love compatibility. They both want the same things and feel intensely. That is what works for and against them. There is a cosmic connection underneath this match. They keep attuned to each other over time. The strengths, when committed, balance the weaknesses. Overtime, they can strengthen even them.

Positive: Taurus is Venus, which is love. Scorpio is Mars and Pluto, which is passion and power. This will be a stunning and sexy combination of two sensual zodiac signs. The intimacy between these lovers will be off the charts. Both are fixed, so there is an intense loyalty. They both need honesty so they are also very real. They will nurture and compliment each other. Their strong emotional and cosmic connection can smooth wrinkles out.

Challenges: Both are fixed, so their strong shadow sides have the potential to get ugly quick. They are the most emotionally intense pairing. Scorpio is already an emotional water sign, but when things are rough, emotions run even higher. When problems occur Taurus’ horns and Scorpio’s stingers clash. The wounds that result could take years to heal both. The tidal waves of emotions are possible and likely. Taurus could be moved by Scorpio’s dramatics and mysterious side. Scorpio is jealous of Taurus’ beauty and will have to rein it in.

Make it Work: The best part about a Taurus and Scorpio love match is the cosmic connection and high rating on love compatibility meter. This match is destined to do well even with problems. They need to work on their strengths and pullback on the weaknesses. Taurus has to deal with Scorpio drama and secrets, as well as accept it without taking it personal. Scorpio must tone down the accusations and have faith in the Taurus love. When Taurus can reassure and Scorpio gets it, joy and sparks are stuff legends are made of.


Overall: These opposites attract but they don’t really have anything in common. That doesn’t mean they won’t work, because both are passionate and sensual. This will create sparks with each other from the get go. Though a lot of differences, this is what will make it work. Both will love what they learn about each other, and will be stronger as a couple over the years.

Positive: Their differences will result in a lot of sparks. Taurus is Venus or love and Sagittarius is Jupiter or luck. This match will be loving and beautiful. With the sensual Taurus and the fiery sexuality of Sagittarius, they will not be able to keep their hands off each other. With Jupiter’s help, this couple will have lucky streaks and breaks coming their way. This will only bode well for them.

Challenges: The shadow side of these signs can be really intense. Taurus has eyes only for one person. Sagittarius is mutable, and they are always looking for new or different, which Taurus doesn’t always like. Taurus is slow and steady, but Sagittarius certainly isn’t. Sagittarius is upset by the “delays” that Taurus is causing. Taurus will become annoyed with the way Sagittarius rushes into everything. Taurus can be obsessed, which Sagittarius will not like. Taurus won’t understand why Sagittarius is so upset. When this goes sour, the fire and bull will go head to head.

Make it Work: To get this relationship to take off, each must acknowledge the weaknesses and make a concerted effort to overcome for the other. Taurus must keep jealousy at bay, especially if gives Sagittarius some freedom here and there. If a Sagittarius is kept on a leash, they will start running. However, Sagittarius must rein in their flirting and be loyal as Taurus will not let go twice. If both can give room to grow, then there will be exciting roads ahead.


Overall: This is a great match because they have a lot in common. They want the same thing and it is at the top of their list. Their strong work ethic and real nature is difficult to find. They are a double earth sign, which means this love match is a practical and responsible relationship. The qualities of the relationships are strengths of signs, which means this pairing may seem a little dull. Their commitments are greater than the boring aspect. They have a strong, grounded foundation to stand the test of the time.

Positive: They have a lot in common, that is the greatest strength to the relationship. They understand each other well. They are dedicated, strong, and loyal. Taurus is a hard worker and loves pretty things. Capricorn admires and works just as hard if not harder to give pretty things to Taurus. There will not be any wild parties, they enjoy quiet nights in. Capricorn will appreciate the warm and loving energy of Taurus. Taurus will adore someone so real that they can always count on them. It is not exciting but it is fulfilling. They can count on each other.

Challenges: They differ in qualities. The fixed Taurus will want all of Capricorn’s attention. Cardinal Earth Capricorn is a boss that works late nights that Taurus won’t like. Taurus finds Capricorn too conservative and rigid. Capricorn doesn’t like drama so they don’t like how Taurus won’t let things go. There is not a lot of sexual chemistry, but with their strong foundation of love and dedication they will surpass any areas of weakened chemistry.

Make it Work: Both share the traits of commitment and loyalty, so this relationship will not be hard to make it work. They love to enjoy material success and have common ground. Taurus will need to enjoy Capricorn ethic and their desire to provide. If Taurus finds Capricorn too conservative or stubborn, Taurus needs to take the lead on bringing the fun into the union. This can be done by planning sexy nights. At the end of the day, communicating with each other like real friends will be a strength that will result in a relationship for decades.


Overall: This relationship can last as long as they want since they are both fixed and committed to one person. Air and Earth can move mountains. Air Aquarius is unconventional enough that Taurus is curious. Aquarius appreciates how real down to earth Taurus has promise. At first glance, they have multiple differences which leads many to say it is problematic. But as two fixed signs, if they want to build it, love will come.

Positive: Taurus is ruled by Venus, who is the Goddess of love and feminine energy. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, which is masculine. This is a great combination for both because differences will complement each other. Taurus loves how Aquarius thinks outside the box and loves how honest they are. Aquarius appreciates practical Taurus and their work ethic that keeps them successful. Taurus will find themselves learning and growing under Aquarius wing. Aquarius can get head out of clouds under Taurus love and care. When differences arise it could be a conflict that is difficult to get away from.

Challenges: These two are stubborn in relationships. There will be heated, opinionated, and long arguments. It will be difficult for both to see the other side. Taurus does not react quietly to anger so fights will be loud. Additionally, both are innately jealous. Aquarius is unconventional and that is not taken lightly by Taurus. Aquarius will not like the pressure Taurus puts on the relationship. Taurus does not like that Aquarius needs to one up them intellectually.

Make it Work: As jealous and possessive as these two are, they are just as loyal. Taurus needs to extend their realm of comfort to the great intellectual and unconventional world Aquarius offers at least once in a while. Neither adapts to change well. If both recognize and work on it then it can be excellent. Both need resiliency and flexibility with disagreements because both will want to be right. Compromise will mean growth.


Overall: This pairing registers very high on the love compatibility scale. This is because it is an Earth and Water combination that feeds into each other naturally. The Fixed Earth Taurus and Mutable Pisces complement and balance each other wonderfully. Since Pisces is Mutable, it can take the shape of whatever experience they are in. Taurus gives a grounded nature to Pisces, which allows for both karmic and cosmic connection. They have a deep empathy for each other and do not want to lose. This is the foundation that will get them through.

Positive: Earthbound Taurus and Watery Pisces have an abundance of Love. They are so different but so similar. They offer what others want. They are rich with emotional foundation and connection because of their shared feminine energy. Taurus loves the dreamy and fantasy side of Pisces. Pisces feeds Taurus sensuality. Pisces likes down to earth, real, loyal Taurus. Taurus’ jealousy feeds Pisces ego; Pisces is flattered by Taurus possessive nature.

Challenges: Fixed Earth and Mutable Water give this pair a great start. Pisces will move and shake many areas at once and may not want to settle as much as Taurus. Pisces also prefers big dreamy parties. Taurus wants to stay in  their armor. This will cause many fights with Pisces because they will find Taurus to be very stubborn. Taurus’ jealousy could eventually cause Pisces to cut and run. They must realize the weaknesses in themselves and each other in order to last a lifetime.

Make it Work: It may sound like this pairing has their work cut out for them, but that’s not the case. Pisces should use their mutable abilities to be flexible for Taurus. Taurus needs to learn some flexibility. They need to give Pisces as much room as possible. Taurus must keep their jealousy at bay. Taurus is known for their temper, while Pisces is known for their hurt feelings. If Taurus and Pisces can check themselves then this has the opportunity to last a long time.



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