Cancer and Aquarius


An Unlikely Zodiac Match – Cancer and Aquarius

Cancer and Aquarius is a pairing that will require a lot of work on the part of both people. Cancer tends to be very sensitive while Aquarius is far more intellectual leading to Cancer feeling neglected both emotionally and romantically. Aquarius will have to make a conscious effort to respond in emotional and romantic ways for Cancer. Additionally, Cancer tends to want security in their relationships. Aquarius, conversely, needs freedom and this can leave Cancer feeling insecure. However, don’t discount this relationship! With a little bit of work, it can definitely work and this couple can become a power couple that changes the world around them.

Both Cancer and Aquarius should start their relationship on the common ground of being very caring. Both share an intense compassion for those around you, and this is very likely what will bring them together in the first place. They must find a way to use this to build a stable relationship cornerstone, however, which can be a challenge since Aquarius likes to turn their compassion outward to the world, while Cancer brings their compassion home to family and loved ones. Thankfully, neither will expect a selfish amount of attention from one another because they will constantly be giving to those around them.

Yin and Yang

Aquarius is an air sign and craves independence while Cancer is a water sign and needs stability. Finding a way to manage this difference without Aquarius feeling stifled by Cancer’s possessiveness is critical in making this relationship work. Cancer also tends to be set in their ways, while Aquarius loves to try new things. A good example of this is parenting where Cancer will want to stick to what they believe are tried and true methods of parenting while Aquarius will want to try new methods of parenting that may not be as established as those Cancer believes will work. Finding a common ground, compromising on issues like these and coming to an agreement is important in this relationship. Once this is accomplished the needs of both people can be met since Cancer will still be feeding their need to make a happy home, while Aquarius is giving into their desire to try new things as can be explained in more depth here.

Determination for Success

Thankfully, both signs have a high level of determination and that is the key to making this relationship work. As long as Cancer is open and communicates their needs with Aquarius, and Aquarius uses their determination to meet those needs this match can succeed. Likewise, Cancer will need to relax their possessiveness and allow Aquarius the freedom to move. Though this is an unlikely match, it is certainly not an impossible one, as long as both Cancer and Aquarius remember that they love each other and work on their communication and meeting one anothers needs. Keeping their shared sense of purpose is the key to making this relationship work. Cancer must let Aquarius express their desire to help the world at large, and give in to their need to make home and safe and comfortable place. Aquarius needs to remember that Cancer is a homebody and won’t feel comfortable out and about in the world saving humanity.


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