Dark Zodiac Signs


Everyone has a dark side. We try to hide it. We try to keep others from being exposed to it, but we know its there and so does everyone else. Our zodiac signs are no different. The dark side of the zodiac signs is the negative qualities of each side; the parts of our personalities that make us difficult to deal with. Each sign has them.

Dark Zodiac Signs

Secrets of the Dark Zodiac Signs

Sun Side: Aries
Dark Side: Tyrant
Birth Dates: March 21st through April 19th
Worst Trait: Anger
It’s not just the need to be the best at everything; when you lose you can be the worst kind of loser, a sore loser. A little competition is good but you have to resist the urge to let it go too far.

Sun Side: Taurus
Dark Side: Demon
Birth Dates: April 20th through May 20th
Worst Trait: Controlling
Your determination can be turned to evil and if you feel thwarted you can use that same determination to completely derail a project simply because you want to be in control. Resist your fear of failure and let others take the lead.

Sun Side: Gemini
Dark Side: Basilisk
Birth Dates: May 21st through June 20th
Worst Trait: Instability
When people get on your bad side you are positively venomous and avoiding your bad side can be very difficult with your ever changing personality. You can bring everyone around you down with exhaustion just trying to keep up with you, but you can destroy others when you hit them with the poison of being down yourself.

Sun Side: Cancer
Dark Side: Serpent
Birth Dates: June 21st through July 22nd
Worst Trait: Cowardice
People trust you and that makes your sneaky tendency to run away at the first sign of trouble a real stab in the back. Worse, from safety you watch others suffer and feel a type of happiness at their misery.

Sun Side: Leo
Dark Side: Feral
Birth Dates: July 23rd through August 22nd
Worst Trait: Narcissism
There is no worse person on the earth than the narcissist; that person who will destroy others, play games with their minds and ruin lives in order to feel better about themselves. Your vanity, your need to be the center of attention must be controlled.

Sun Side: Virgo
Dark Side: Judge and Jury
Birth Dates: August 23rd through September 22nd
Worst Trait: Obsessive Perfectionism
There’s nothing wrong with wanting things to be done well, but when perfectionism goes wrong with a Virgo it can be a sick, twisted thing. Obsessive need to achieve a perception of perfection can take over and they won’t just focus it on themselves, they can take others down with them.

Sun Side: Libra
Dark Side: Executioner
Birth Dates: September 23rd through October 22nd
Worst Trait: Vengeance
Passion for justice is the key trait of Libra but when they feel that justice hasn’t been done that need to see justice can twist and pervert creating a revenge filled monster that can be seen any aspect of their life. They may attack friends, lovers or coworkers seeking their view of justice for wrong doing.

Sun Side: Scorpio
Dark Side: The Trap
Birth Dates: October 23rd through November 21st
Worst Trait: Manipulation
You sucker them in with your charm, get them to trust you and then when they least expect it, when you feel overwhelmed by too much emotion, you strike. Worst of all, you know how to be patient and you know how to hurt them the most.

Sun Side: Sagittarius
Dark Side: Tempest
Birth Dates: November 22nd through December 21st
Worst Trait: Lack of Boundaries
Like a violent storm you can sweep through and destroy everything in your path; even yourself. If you don’t establish boundaries you can get yourself into truly deadly situations and you may take others with you.

Sun Side: Capricorn
Dark Side: A Crypt
Birth Dates: December 22nd through January 19th
Worst Trait: Insecurity
Others might not understand why, but when the dark side of your zodiac is at the head they know there is something sinister about you. Your ability to keep your composure, to hide your feelings is also what allows you to hide your mistakes and put up an impenetrable facade that no one can break through.

Sun Side: Aquarius
Dark Side: Devourer
Birth Dates: January 20th through February 18th
Worst Trait: Eccentricity
When you’re healthy the Aquarius’ ability to be dependable is great, but when it’s turned towards the dark side and you mix that with the natural eccentricity of the sign you can suddenly become an unstable outcast that others are simply afraid to be around.

Sun Side: Pisces
Dark Side: Siren
Birth Dates: February 19th through March 21st
Worst Trait: Lack of Responsibility
You’ve lured everyone into the idea that you’re the ideal homemaker but now you’ve backed off, you’ve left people hanging and even though they’re waiting for you to follow through you’re simply telling them to ‘go with the flow’ and get it done on their own.

What do you think? Are these dark zodiac sign traits accurate? Do you know someone who exhibits these less favorable tendencies, or do you yourself maybe show these once in a while?


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