If the relationship between numbers one and two is that of a father and mother, then the number three in Numerology must be their talented child. Three’s are much like gifted teenagers still under the protective covering of their parents. They tend to be a little spoiled, a little scattered, and always in need of a little bit of guidance to help them make good decisions. But when it comes to their creativity? There is no number like a three. They have a powerful, driving need to express feelings, ideas and visions with an extroverted personality. Their social skills are excellent and they will often pursue careers in the verbal arts where their charm, wit and sense of humor help them along their path.

Numerological Charisma In Number Three Born

Number 3 in Numerology Their charisma makes many people simply fall in love with three’s and they’re often willing to forgive the lack of focus, tendency to procrastinate, and unwillingness to take responsibility that many three’s exhibit. In order for a three to be well balanced, and less prone to giving up when things get tough, they must learn discipline. Some may be placed in that sort of environment young, but those who don’t will need to focus on being disciplined so they can accomplish their goals. Threes are often ‘lucky’ finding themselves in just the right place at the right time and this can make discipline hard for them to achieve since this is connected to their natural sense of rhythm and is why harder times can be so trying for them. A period of difficulty feels out of step with a three’s natural dance.

Most born under Number Three in Numerology have a problem making lasting relationships. They are surrounded by so many people that getting beyond the surface is rather frightening to them and they will flee when a relationship starts to feel too intimate. This will inevitably be followed up by unreasonable jealousy when they person that they have turned away from moves on to someone else more stable because deep down the three has a severe sense of insecurity, knowing that they have rarely if ever connected on a deep level with the world around them. This will drive them into cycle of self-pity that can be hard to watch, but is often necessary for the three to grow. This self-pity often pushes them into looking deeper at the world and their place in it. Though it’s rare, a transformed three that has faced itself is a truly beautiful things to behold and can be a great asset to the other numbers as found on this page: Astronlogia.com/numerology/numerology-numbers/

Are Number Threes Fickle In A Numerological Sense?

Untransformed, a number three in Numerology is often happy, but this happiness is brought on by the latest fleeting or materialistic things like a sunny day, a new relationship or a fancy new car. Higher happiness cannot be achieved until the three is transformed and able to see beyond the surface to find their happiness in others. It is the biggest challenge of the three to realize that materialistic and fleeting things are not what truly bring us happiness, but connecting with those around us is what helps us feel whole and truly happy.