Gemini Tarot Horoscope


While you’re not going to open a tarot card deck and find a Gemini tarot card, using tarot cards as a way to get a deeper understanding of the astrological zodiac signs is actually a very common practice. It may seem strange, but both the Major and minor arcana have cards that help give a broader and deeper understanding of the zodiac signs which, in turn, helps to develop their horoscope. A tarot horoscope is a great tool.

Gemini Tarot Horoscope

Gemini are air signs. They have great communication skills and are known for being very charming – except when they aren’t. Gemini tend to be more logical than emotional but are also known for being fickle, many people consider them bi-polar or like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Mental clarity helps them keep this duality in check.

The Major Arcana associated with Gemini is the Lovers, a card that suits the duality of the zodiac sign as it is, itself a card of duality, balance, and partnerships. This card calls the Gemini to find a union between their two-halves and to recognize that allowing separation between their two sides is a choice. They can bring themselves into harmony and will have a greater sense of self if they do. Both sides, when brought together, give confidence and strength and empower the Gemini to evolve into a higher self.

The minor arcana that work with Gemini Tarot are:

Queen of Cups – Ruler of the emotional and not the logical, the Queen of Cups encourages the Gemini to connect with people emotionally and to accept help from others even if it means being vulnerable. You have a powerful intuition and should share it with others. Balance your compassion with a little bit of selfishness so you don’t get burned out.

Knight of Swords – The Knight is an encouragement to charge forward towards your goals. You are determined to succeed but be careful not to miss the pitfalls and warnings of the consequences of your actions and how they impact others. It’s good to charge forward but you have to be prepared or you will find yourself in danger.

1st Decan: Eight of Swords – In the first decan the eight of swords is expressing a feeling of being trapped and powerless. You may feel as though all agency and control have been taken away from you despite the likelihood that you put yourself in this situation. It warns you to avoid making any big decisions because your judgment is very clouded right now. Wait until you’ve focused and regained your personal power once again.

2nd Decan: Nine of Swords – You’ve freed yourself from the frustrations of the first decan and stepped into the nightmare realm of the second. This card, the nine of swords, is about the darkness of the mind and the trouble it can bring you. You may be working through a trauma or some other situation that is coming back to haunt you. On the plus side, this is the time to confront and release that pain so that you can finally begin to heal.

3rd Decan: Ten of Swords – The last warning and the last decan, the ten of swords speaks of a major disaster because you have given up and taken the pity path. You’ve forgotten that endings always mean new beginnings and need to remember to let the past stay in the past. A brighter future is waiting ahead.


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