Archer TV Show Astrology Chart


Archer is a popular TV show with a wide cast of very dysfunctional characters. Check out the analysis below to see where on the astrological chart each of the characters falls!

Archer Character Astrology Chart

Name: Sterling Archer
Personality Traits: Lacks empathy, naturally talented, attentive to detail yet forgetful, can be very caring but struggles to connect with others on a personal level
Most Similar Sign: Libra
Reasons: Libra is known as a sign that is charming, yet sensitive and artistic. Anyone who has watched the show knows that though Archer struggles to connect with others this can very easily be traced to his mother’s heavy-handed approach to discipline on the rare occasions when she was home – such as the situation where she had his bicycle stolen when he was a little boy and then not only spanked him for it but didn’t ever make sure he got it back. This created problems with trust, an important piece of any lasting relationship. Additionally, Libra’s are known for being very intelligent and while Archer may seem to do things off the cuff, he constantly shows an innate ability to do his job and a natural genius for spy work.

Name: Malory Archer
Personality Traits: Narcissistic, controlling and emotionally distant but also very competent when there is no fear of personal humiliation
Most Similar Sign: Leo
Reasons: A Leo who is fully realized is an amazing person; they can not only light up and command a room but they can change the very world. A Leo that has been darkened, however, is a terrifying thing because they use all their powers for evil rather than good. This is a sign that needs to be the center of attention and Malory’s narcissistic nature is a testament to this. She not only needs to have absolute control over everything that goes on with her son, but also her employees who, through her machinations, she has managed to make almost completely subservient to herself.

Name: Lana Kane
Personality Traits: Competent leader, poor sense of humor, hides emotions, does what has to be done to achieve her goals
Most Similar Sign: Aquarius
Reasons: Aquarius is the rebel, determined to live by their own rules and Lana is no different. She got roped in with Malory because she was protesting for animal rights. She hides her current career from her parents because she believes that to keep peace sometimes there must be war. Lana is always thinking ahead, always planning for the future and figuring out where she stands on every issue she may come across.

Name: Cyril Figgis
Personality Traits: Very competent and yet plagued by insecurities, this makes it hard for him to handle rejection
Most Similar Sign: Cancer
Reasons: Cancer is the heart and soul of the zodiac. These homebodies want nothing more than to provide a secure environment for those they care about. When this is taken or kept from them they become bitter and cynical, their insecurities making them quite difficult to deal with. All of this sums Cyril up very nicely. This is the man who, when Lana was dating him after Archer, went out of his way to make sure she felt safe and secure, even going so far as to cook meals at home for her. But when things stopped going this way he lost the fight against his insecurities and become bitter and vengeful.

Name: Pamela Poovey
Personality Traits: Reliable, competent and yet often overlooked, she is the strong and steady person that everyone counts on to be there when things go wrong
Most Similar Sign: Capricorn
Reasons: Wise and honorable are maybe words a bit strange to describe Pam, but when all is said and done this powerhouse of a woman is very much summed up by them. She can be a little larger than life, and her hand to hand combat abilities are nothing short of intimidating, but ultimately everyone knows that when things go wrong it will be Pam there to help them. Even Archer has found a solid friend in her.

Name: Cheryl Tunt
Personality Traits: A bit unstable, tends to engage in any risky behavior, its difficult to get to know her
Most Similar Sign: Sagittarius
Reasons: Money doesn’t solve problems and Cheryl-Carol-Cherlenne is a perfect example of this. Sagittarii love to be living a life of adventure, they want everything to be big and exciting, death-defying and thrilling. Cheryl shows this perfectly with her wild abandon and desire to get involved in everything she possibly can – the more dangerous the moment, the happier she is.

Name: Algernop Krieger
Personality Traits: Needs social interaction and yet tends to scare others away with his intensity.
Most Similar Sign: Virgo
Reasons: Virgo are known for their perfectionism, their drive to achieve virtual godhood by way of their ability to create. Kreiger is more than just a possible Hitler clone; he’s a mad genius, working hard behind the scenes to perfect his army of robot cyborgs. He wants very badly to be included in the group with everyone else, but inevitably manages to weird them out and be abandoned to his own devices sooner rather than later.


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