Queen of Cups


The Queen of Cups sits on her throne at the edge of the sea, gazing out in introspection. In her hands she holds a cup of gold, with handles shaped like angels. Her throne is covered in images of the sea: nymphs, fish and shells symbolizing the unconscious mind. The water of the calm sea and the stillness of the blue sky represent her emotion, her spirit and her perception. Though she is surrounded by these things, her feet rest dry on pebbles at the shore because she is not overwhelmed by them. The cup she holds is closed, representing the thoughts and feelings that come from her subconscious mind and deep within her soul.

Queen of Cups


Upright, the Queen of Cups is compassionate and caring. She has emotional stability and is intuitive because she is in touch with the flow of the universe. The Queen of Cups is a healer and has many admirers because she is always willing to listen and help. When you see this card in a reading she is often there to symbolize you – but be careful, like the Queen you must keep your feet firmly on the shore. Be sure to establish your boundaries and keep them; don’t be swept away by the needy and the clingy or you can be too easily drained. Remember to let your intuition guide you and not to allow others to guilt you into giving them more than you know they need.

In your career drawing the Queen of Cups is a reminder to find a career that is emotionally fulfilling, not just financially secure. You need a job that fills the needs of your soul more than your soul needs a fancy car or house.


Reversed, the Queen of Cups meaning is one of unfulfillment. You may be feeling out of sync with your inner self, restricted and forced to hide how you really feel about things and she is a warning that if you do not find a way to be true to your emotional self and let off some of that pressure, that bottling up your emotions the way you are will be very damaging in the near future.

When the Queen of Cups is dealt reversed in a love or relationship reading it could mean a number of things. You may be acting too clingy and dependent, stifling your loved ones with your needs and neglecting theirs. Or you could be putting more effort into a relationship than your partner is and it may be time to re-evaluate the relationship. This balance must be corrected for your relationship to be healthy and so you can both stop feeling as though you’re walking on eggshells trying not to set the other off and spark and argument.

At work, you may find that emotional issues are disrupting the workflow and leaving you feeling drained. However it’s also possible that this emotional drainage is coming from not making sure your own needs are being met; a problem that the Queen of Cups often comes across with her desire to help others at her own expense.


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