King of the Beasts, the Mighty Leo the Lion


Sign: Leo the Lion
Dates: July 23rd through August 22nd
Planet: The Sun
Element: Fire
Life Pursuit: Leo’s seek to lead the way and be a star while they’re at it!

Leo the Lion
Leo the Lion

Leo Personality:

Just as the sun is the center of our galaxy, and fire dazzles everyone, so Leo seeks to be the center of their universe and to dazzle everyone they come across. Don’t view this as selfishness, however; everything a Leo done they believe with all their heart is done for love. They are ruled by their hearts and give them freely. They are charismatic, positive-thinking, stylish and have a great sense of humor. Many people see them as sunny and happy, much like the sun that rules them.

Leos work hard to earn and maintain their place at the center of the limelight. These are the trendsetters, the leaders, the ones who go out and help others achieve great things off the sweat of their own brow. They are idealistic, yet honest and direct, often working long and hard to make sure that they achieve their goals… but they achieve these goals on their own as much as they can. If there is a great failing to the Lion, it is their pride and they often allow that pride to get very much in the way of accomplishing things.

There is a bright mind always at work here, and a dedication to justice and rightness that will send a Leo off on a crusade for others as easily as if the injustice had been dealt to them instead. They love getting to know people and learning about them; they want to know why you believe what you believe. They are inspiring; get a Leo on your side and they will fight for your cause and persuade others to join them. They do everything with passion that remains undimmed and one should be aware of the personality traits of all 12 of the Zodiac signs when dealing with a Leo (you can read about the other signs on this page).


The saying, “flattery will get you anywhere” was meant for Leos. They love praise but take criticism very poorly. Partners should also be wary of their image-oriented tendencies. A Leo only wants the best associated with themselves and they can often get carried away, giving up something that may be good for them for something that looks better. Additionally, remember that they do love the spotlight and it’s hard for them to let it go. This means that those who deal with them one on one need to be sure to praise, not criticize, them. It’s hard to give up the adoring audience of many for the audience of one, but if that one never seems to think the Leo is amazing it can completely demoralize. And for all their bravado, they are very easily wounded.

Signs that work best with Leo the Lion are those that can accept not being in the limelight and those that can soothe their ruffled manes if their feelings are hurt. Understanding the complexities of Leo’s ego is crucial in understanding the personality and making a relationship with a Leo work. They will more than meet your expectations if you give them the confidence they need to go out and be who they are meant to be.


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