In numerology the number one in Numerology is the first number and holds a special place because of this. It is a spiritual force, the number of creation and the number from which all other numbers come. It is known as the primal force in numerology and lives up to its name. It produces results and doesn’t allow things to limit its potential. One has an aggressive energy that is necessary for creating and producing. People who are ones are leaders, spearheading, directing and leading others on their journey’s. Just as the number one in Numerology stands up straight and tall, so do those whose Life Path number one is to stand strong and determined, with their goals firmly in mind, pushing to make their dreams a reality. Nothing will stop them, obstacles will either be pushed aside or gone right through.

Forces Of The Numerological Number One

Number 1 in NumerologyOnes tend to be a true force of nature, sometimes cruel, but always giving. They have their own internal sense of balance and forcing a change in them will always come with its own balance later on. They have a simple and straightforward view of live and trust in their own internal moral compass to determine what is right and wrong. They are not dreamers, but pragmatists, independent and individualistic almost to a fault. They may even attempt to force their values on others, but will rarely accept or listen to others’. They find their happiness and satisfaction in their work more than any other source in their life.

People who have one as their Life Path number will not hesitate to confront you if they feel they need to. They are jealous, stubborn, and courageous, always willing to try new things even if they are dangerous as long as they see a useful purpose behind it. It is the most masculine of the numbers and these people have a sense of honor and responsibility that demands respect from those around them. They cannot see injustice without leaping in to try and set things straight. Because of this they will see right through hypocrisy and often will call a person on their hypocrisies when they see them ending up in arguments with other personality types as explained on this page.

Friendship With A Number One

If you have a friend who is a one then you have a true, solid friend who will be with you forever. They have a thick skin, so you can tease them and not worry about hurting their feelings, in fact they have a great sense of humor, even self-deprecating humor because they are so self-assured they don’t worry about losing their sense of self. However, you can quickly lose their respect if you spend time trying to cater to their wants and needs instead of standing up for your beliefs. They would rather you stood up to them and lost, than simply didn’t try to stand up to them at all.

Ones can be the most difficult lovers to deal with. They are demanding, jealous and confrontational, however they will also push you to always be the best you can be and they will balance their expectations with affection. Just as with all others, learning about Number One in Numerology will keep you aware of what will be advantageous to your personal life path.