Numerology Number 55


The next number we are going to discuss in the family of 1 is number 55,  In my last post, we discussed about number 28. As i have already discussed about number 37 in Chaldean numerology, i am going to give out the characteristics of another interesting number 55. You might be thinking why i missed out number 46, Number 46 is a class number and it needs a grand reception to our blog. I shall provide that in the next post.

Numerology Number 55

Number 55 in Chaldean Numerology is the combination of two energies namely origin  and annihilation. The two 5’s in 55 makes it a number feared by the enemies. Person with a name as 55 in Chaldean Numerology will defeat any sort of enemies he faces. There is a great significance of number 55 in Greek mythology. The Spartans used to sculpt the number 55 in a Tantric metal board before they go to a war. Which signifies victory in war and death for enemies. This is one of the reason why the greek soldiers were undefeated in most of the wars in history of the world.

Apart from victory over enemies, number 55 also signifies strong will powers and intuitive mind. Person with name as number 55 possess great intellect and will be widely regarded as a scholar and a genius. They possess a great aura of brilliance and scientific knowledge. They can be even termed as scientists from the knowledge we gained from this article:

But people with this number must be cautious and should not use their innate skills in wrong direction as it will ruin them, the chances of getting egoistical is also possible if one doesn’t follow humility. This number 55 in numerology can cure most genetic diseases.


  1. plz post your research on 46 no.plz dont miss it i need to know it. i am following your posts regularly .

  2. Please post your research on number 100. My full name adds up to 100 according to chaldean numerology. Thank you so much

  3. Hi my dob is 26-06-1984, meaning my fate number is 8 and destiny number is 9. As far as my name is concerned, rohit=19 and the entire name =55, I just wanted to know that is astrology, sun and saturn are considered as enemies, what about numerology, is 1 lucky for 8’s or not,

  4. Hi actually I am also an astro-numerologist, many times it is so that a person is born on the 1st of some month but if you see their chart the sun is not benificial, so while telling lucky and unlucky numbers I tell them common numbers which are fine both astrologically and numerologically. Because I have observed that all numbers at some point of time have been lucky or unlucky, for eg: the number 9, they say that 8 and 9 do not get along well, but many of my very good friends along wid whom I share a good rapport are 9’s, later on I checked their sun sign and moon sign and they were compatible wid mine, so i feel astrology and numerology are connected and hence we must have a look at both before suggesting things. Have you also learnt astrology?

  5. Why is it a person born with numbers 1 day number and life number 3. The number 46 as the name number. Is not giving good results.

    Please comments

  6. Sara,
    Why do not you write about the number 64?
    What is your level in the face of numbers 46 and 55?
    We ask out loud! Please!

  7. One more suggestions Pls, V. G. AVISHEK ,DOB 8/9/1984, time 1.25pm, Chennai. as per numerology 8and 3 Combination, which name no is most lucky for me. Name no 14,23,32,50,55,19,
    Pls give me suggestions, I have problems like court case and unwanted enemy’s problem.

    • For Court case you should read the Baglamukhi Mantra and for defeating your enemies, you should read Hanuman Chalisa daily. You should also visit Hanuman Temple every Tuesday.


  8. hi sir,

    my name is NAOMI BAPTIST NORONHA. DOB : 3-6-1981, TIME : 8.18, POB : KARWAR (KARNATAKA).
    Sun planet is weak and it is in 6th house. To increase the strength of my sun, what should i do – change name or other remedies? Please can i keep my total name number 72 as 9 number works well with 3&1.

    Please reply.


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