Name Number 31 in Numerology


In today’s post we are going to see about the meaning of numerology number 31 when used as name, and not as birth date. I was in a real dilemma on which number to explain in my post, and usually i pick the numbers which are to be avoided than numbers which are to be embraced. In this way, you folks can stay alert and also stay away from these forbidden numbers.

Name Number 31 in Numerology

Now, if anybody asks me to describe about this number in one word, then it is “Hippie”. Yes, for people who wants to know the meaning of word Hippie, they should check here.

Person who have name number as 31 does not care about pursuit of material possessions or gains, monetary losses or gains are not there in their minds, its the freedom of speech, freedom of action, freedom to do things at will is their main quest as many 4 born do which we explain on this article.

They are the people who act according to their heart,  they will not get into any sort of thing against their mental happiness even if the thing is a lucrative offer. They enjoy deep research and studies of human psychology, Astrology, religious scriptures and occult sciences.

Their whole life will be of a goalless wanderlust, a vagabond who does not care about any pursuits, and lives his life as it comes. In this way, they are the real rebels in the society who defy the traditions and social practices. Even if success comes on their way, they don’t cherish it or embrace it with passion but to the contrary, they will non attached and uninterested.

Most of the time, they may renounce their worldly life at the age of 31 and start leading a ascetic or hippie sort of life, only if the date of birth is 1,10,19 or 28 there will be some attachment to worldly life and they will enjoy some fruits in their monetary aspect of life.

Overall, this number should be avoided in name.


    • A good name means not only success in career, but success in ones life. To reach the higher realms of life. To live in bliss. There are names in numerology which can make a pauper to become millionaire, extreme fame, but that does not guarantee a peaceful life. As a numerologist, i weigh importance for a blissful life for a person more than fame. At the end of the day, its upto the person to decide who he wants to be.

    • 87 is a some what a mysterious number in numerology, though it brings fortunate and material happiness, it is bound to drag that person in certain illegal activities, people of this number possess some mystic energy who can hypnotize others

  1. Hi Sir,

    Could you tell me about my cousin sister .
    Her name is LOGESWARY, D.O.B is 20-05-1973 she is kind lady but currently after her marriage with her husband KALIDASAN birth num is 3 life path is 7 they having enormous financial problem. Could you help on name suggestions for both of them, thank you very much sir.

  2. Hi Sir, missed on these couples new born baby, his name is GOKULESH birth num is 7 life path is 2.Advice on the best number suits for him.
    Thank you very much Sir

  3. my first name sums up to first and last name are the same for not even old enough to change my surname,im still a student under my parents.wat do u advise i do.

  4. my first name total is 14, middlename sums up to 32 and last name total is 41
    full name total is 87. could you please tell me do i need to change my name or not .my dob 19/06/2008. everyone is calling his middlename that is 32

  5. Hi,
    I would really appreciate if you suggested me something. My name is Mohit Mehta, born on 07/14/1972. Since I got married, I have not been able to make any money, or even have a consistent job.

  6. Is your full name Aravindhan alone? then what does anbalagan mean. Name number 31 means, the full name, not your first name alone. If you sign as A Aravindhan it comes 32, assuming you use A for anbalagan. So your name number is not 31.

  7. hi saravana, loved your number 31 description. I was born october 31th 1988 (3+1+1+1+9+8+8= 31). I know your post is about a name 31 but i’m identified with that cause i have any problems with my professional life, i feel always super simple and don’t have popular ambitions like everbody. In my pithagoric numerology, i have another number 4. In chaldean numerology i never foud my real number, cause have found many boards variabble with the value of the letters.
    I wish to discover my chaldean number name to study a best way to connect me  to the material world, cause i’m always melancholy with the external pression, of family members including.
    My name is Marcos Paulo Cardoso Abreu, i’m from Brazil.

    Thanks and congratulations!


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