Spirituality is defined as being more concerned with the spirit or soul than with the physical or material. If Karma is the system encouraging us to focus inwardly, then spirituality is the journey that we go on to learn how to focus more on the whole and less on the body. It is the journey to find fulfillment of the soul, not just more things that we cannot take with us when this life is over. It is more than religion. It is more than creeds. It is the journey of the soul in whatever form you choose to pursue.

Embracing The Universe Through Heightened Spirituality

Spirituality includes a sense of being connected to something bigger than ourselves and often includes a series of interconnected questions such as: What is the meaning of life? Why is there suffering in the world and why do I suffer? What is my connection to the world? Am I a good person and how can I be a good person? These questions are the start of the journey of spirituality and the core of the journey. Finding these answers will happen on an individual basis as no one can walk your path for you, though you can certainly take advantage of the spiritual guides placed in your life. While there are any number of paths you can take, in a general sense there are five types of paths that you can walk in your spiritual journey with the teachings of Astrology at your side.

The Paths to Finding Your Spiritual Self

The first path is the path of knowledge. When you walk this path on your journey of spirituality you are searching for knowledge, wisdom and insight through study and contemplation. You find your soul liberated by being able to see who you really are and understand reality as it is.

The second path is the path of devotion and often involves prayer, chanting, ritual and a teacher and student relationship. You achieve liberation in this path by surrendering your ego to the higher power(s).

Third is the path of meditation which involves meditation, breath work and asceticism. You achieve liberation through stillness and absorption which will burn through the impurities in your heart, mind and soul.

The path of service is fourth and involves community services, ethics and prayer. You burn away your impurities through actions of active selflessness, giving into the Karmic idea that intention matters more than the action itself.

Lastly is the path of energy and involves meditation asceticism and ritual. It is a combination of a few paths and you achieve liberation with sublimation and purification of the body and psyche.

Exploring The Spirit

In order to walk these paths you must be prepared to practice exploration, understanding and absorption and show these through external actions. All of this is a part of your spirituality or spiritual journey. Many chose to follow a path of spirituality for many different reasons. Some begin their journey because they have an urge to serve others, others because they feel there are great mysteries in the universe and they want to understand them. Others seek enlightenment though transcendence while many others just want personal growth, answers, or plain old happiness.