Archangel Ariel


The Archangel Ariel is the archangel of nature. You may find this archangels’ name spelled Ari’el, Arael, or Ariael and the meaning of the name Ariel is ‘Lion of God’. While the archangels are genderless, they are most commonly depicted in male form; however, Ariel is most commonly depicted as a female. Male depictions of Ariel are much less common. Regardless of what gender is used, you’ll most often see images of Ariel with a globe or elements of nature around her, dressed in light pink or soft rainbow colors. As the archangel charged with overseeing nature, she provides protection for the earth and all those who live on it including plants and animals, and cares for the elements. If you cause harm to the earth then it is Ariel that delivers punishment. Many believe it is also this archangel that helps us communicate with the mystical world and even manifest magic.

Archangel Ariel

So how does the Archangel Ariel help us if she is focused on protecting nature? When we choose to help heal the earth she is there to make our efforts more successful. Ariel works closely together with the Archangel Raphael and together they bring healing to people. In fact, it is Ariel’s influence that helps us feel whole and connected to when we step outside. If you want the simplest healing to be a balm to your soul go outside on a sunny day, slip off your shoes and let your feet linger in the grass. Let the sun’s rays gently warm your skin. Or head out in a rain shower and take a moment to dance in the rain and let the joy bring a smile to your face. In nature Ariel’s inspiration, healing and rejuvenating powers flow effortlessly.

The Archangel Ariel is ready and willing to help but as with any of the archangels you must request her help. To ask Ariel for help head out into nature and find a place where you can feel at peace; many people have the most success near water such as a creek, lake or river. Here in this place where you can feel connected to the natural world and at peace you can issue a small prayer asking Ariel to help you connect to her healing power, to help you take steps that benefit the world around you, and to help you heal and share Divine love. Ariel is one of the archangels known as a virtue. These angels take time to help people on earth create and discover – many might call the Virtues muses because it is their influence that helps make great works of art or fantastic scientific discoveries.

Whether you’re asking for help to heal yourself, asking for healing for a pet, or pulling together a group of others to heal the earth and asking for help making your efforts a success, Ariel is there to help you be successful beyond your wildest dreams. She can help you create a stronger connection to the natural world and even create new beginnings.


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