Two Knocks Meaning


It’s late at night. You hear someone give two or three sharp raps on your door, but when you get up to check there’s no one there. Unexplained knocks are a common phenomenon in the paranormal world. They have been seen and heard, and are believed to be caused by almost every phenomenon out there. From the spirits of your passed loved ones to a poltergeist to demons and even the Bell Witch, hearing the sound of one or two short knocks on the door meaning bad luck and death is a fairly common experience.

Two Knocks Meaning

More common than two knocks having a spiritual meaning is three knocks. One of the most common uses of three knocks is in the ‘knock on wood’ superstition. Why do we knock on wood, like a door, when we announce good news? Originating in Germany, the idea was that announcing good fortune tempted fate to come and take such good fortune away to punish you for bragging. Forest spirits and other mystical creatures over-hearing your story could also decide to play with your life so you knocked on wood. The knocks acknowledged and thanked fate for bestowing such fortunes on you, while the second knock kept evil and mischievous spirits from being able to hear your news and interfering with it.

The other highly common way that people hear knocks on the door for no apparent reason is because someone close to them has either passed away or will pass away. Normally three knocks are heard and these three knocks either signify that someone you know has passed away and you will hear about it soon, or that within the next three days, the next three weeks or the next three months. Three knocks, in fact, are so common they are known as the three knocks of death. But what if you hear two knocks meaning bad luck and death? If hearing three knocks means someone will die three day, weeks or months from the first time you hear them, does hearing two knocks mean two days or weeks or months?

Because no one is entirely sure what causes the knocks; whether it’s good spirits or bad, whether they mean to bring peace or cause heartache, we can’t really be entirely sure what it is two knocks means. Perhaps one way to differentiate between the knocks of a kind, benevolent spirit and those of one meaning to cause harm and havoc is to think about the knocks. Is it a few calm, quiet knocks heard in the still moments of your evening? Or many knocks that wake you and keep you from being able to sleep during the night? In many cases where malevolent spirits are involved the knocking is often an ‘introduction’ to the trouble they are able to cause you. Perhaps they need attention to manifest further and so knocking on your doors and walls at all hours so that you cannot rest helps them gain a better foothold on this realm. Maybe the calm, steady knocks are simply a way for our loved ones, passed on, to communicate with us and let us know they are there by our sides.


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