Out of Body Experience


If you have an out of body experience it can be life changing. There are some ways to have an out of body experience that are unintentional and some that are intentional. While it may seem strange to want to have an out of body experience, the idea of astral projection or lucid dreaming is based entirely on the idea that you can separate the spirit from the physical body and many people work on achieving astral projection on a daily basis. The main types of unintentional out of body experiences happen while you are sleeping or soon after waking from sleep or falling asleep, near death experiences, and those from extreme physical efforts. Though there have been a number of studies performed on different areas of the out of body experience, no one study has managed to fully explain the phenomenon.

What is an Out of Body Experience?

Understanding why someone may want to cause an out of body experience to occur requires trying it out for yourself. Many paranormal enthusiasts feel that it helps to heighten their openness to other worlds and entities, many who meditate will tell you that it helps to enhance their relaxation, and these reasons have given astral projection, a form of out of body experience, a lot of attention.

Forcing an OBE

You can force an out of body experience easily through the use of a deprivation tank, or through sensory overload though that is not recommended because it is so traumatic for the brain. If you want to learn how to have an out of body experience with ease so that your mind and body get a chance to heal, you want to explore astral projection. Any form or out of body experience that you try to achieve for yourself requires some basic steps. First you want to be sure that your mind and body are in sync with one another. You’ll want to be able to meditate to settle your mind, so experience with meditation beforehand is always a good idea. The next important thing is making sure that you choose a location for your out of body experience that is safe for your body! Since your spirit will be leaving your physical shell, you want to make sure that it has something to return to. Make sure that the location you choose is as safe as possible. Lock your doors, close your blinds. As appealing as it may be, avoid public places like parks where other people could cause problems for you. If you think you will be able to achieve an out of body experience better in the outdoors, use your backyard or some other private property that you have gained permission to be on.

It’s good to know when the best times are for your body to achieve an out of body experience. For most people, the twilight hours are the best times, particularly between four and six in the morning. However, if you’re tired or you are trying to achieve an OBE before bed, you may find you simply fall asleep.


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