What Is a Psychic Empath?


A psychic empath also just known as an empath is a person with a rare psychic connection that causes them to feel the emotions of everyone around them as though the emotions they feel from others are their own. It is different than the normal empathy that people feel for one another or in large groups. A psychic empath’s ability to pick up emotions from others is intense and makes it nearly impossible to tell if the feelings are their own or those of someone else. Pyschic empaths are quickly and easily overwhelmed by these extra feelings and must work on first learning how to identify when they are picking up someone else’s emotions, but then also how to separate themselves from others’ emotions and how to tell when they need time alone to re-balance themselves emotionally.

Psychic Empath Signs

There are seven major signs that you may be an empath and it is important to look through them so you can make changes in your life in order to handle your psychic empath abilities and make sure you are healthy and emotionally cared for.  If you think you could be a psychic, read up on our guides here:  https://astronlogia.com/psychics/

Overwhelming Emotions

Firstly, those who are psychic empaths constantly feel overwhelmed with inexplicable emotions when in public and worse, they don’t know why they feel all these emotions. Secondly, an empath is able to experience physical symptoms from those they are around, especially those with whom they have an emotional connection. When someone close to them gets sick, inevitably an empath will also get sick with similar symptoms. Thirdly, while everyone around you seems to be totally unaffected by the latest horror film, you feel completely overwhelmed emotionally – even a television commercial can get you started crying. Fourth, empaths always know what someone really means when they say something. You can tell when someone is lying, and chances are you even know why they did it. It’s not just a hunch, and it’s not telepathy, but you know it all the same. Fifth, an empath will always care for someone in pain, it doesn’t matter who they are or what they’ve done, the empath cannot help but take care of them. Six, empaths are constantly being bombarded by people who need to tell their life story to the empath. Random strangers will suddenly come up to you and pour out their life story and you may find yourself the constant dumping ground for the problems of everyone around you. Lastly, empaths have the ability to heal both physically and emotionally, drawing out the pain or illness from the person they are interacting with and pulling it into themselves.

Taking Care of Yourself

These signs of being a psychic empath clearly display why it is so important that empaths learn how to care for themselves. One of the best ways to help handle the influx of external emotion is to isolate yourself. Though you don’t want to become housebound and afraid to leave your home, moving out of a major city and into a more rural area is certainly a good way to help control the influx of external emotions. Consider counseling as well; there are now even therapists and social workers that offer office visits via the internet! What a great way to talk through your feelings, and all the feelings you’re picking up, without having to expose yourself to more stress! Meditation is another great way of helping to shed yourself of excess emotion. Meditation helps to bring the mind and body into a calm, relaxed state and helps you to release the extra emotion you’ve picked up from others. You can also try visualization as you meditate – a particularly helpful method is to picture two levers, one labeled me and one labeled everyone else. Picture yourself pushing the everyone else lever all the way down, and pulling the me lever all the way up. This will help your brain and body work on resetting its focus from the others in the world to you.


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