Black Magic is defined as the use of magic or supernatural powers for evil and selfish reasons. While it is not always the case that black magic is used for malevolence or wickedness, it is generally understood that the use and practice of black magic is selfish. Spells that are black in nature are used for the betterment of the self, for the self to attain something or change something, and not for the betterment of the world around them or for others. And while not black magic does not require one to be a satanist, the two certainly go hand in hand as Anton LaVey said, “Satanism is not a white light religion; it is a religion of the flesh, the mundane, the carnal…” and such selfishness is certainly the foundation of black magic. It is also important to note when discussing black magic that Voodoo is not inherently black magic. Voodoo comes from it’s own culture and has a rich, deep history all its own. While many of the practices used in voodoo such as hexes and curses may seem similar, there are deep differences.

Types of Black Magic

Black MagicThere are four general types of black magic spells: true name, immortality, necromancy, and curses or hexes. True name spells are based on knowledge of the full, true name of the person the witch wishes to affect and can be used to control another person. Immortality spells use the life force of others to unnaturally extend the life of oneself. Necromancy spells are used to raise the dead, or may involve the use of someone who has passed in order to perform a spell. Curses and hexes are used to send harmful, negative energy towards another with the intention of causing harm. Those who practice white or light magic caution against the use of black magic citing the law of three which states that any energy sent out into the universe will return to the sender three-fold.

When is it used?

Black magic is most often used in the modern world to either cause something positive to happen to the user, or to cause something negative to happen to a person or group of people that the user doesn’t like. While many of the neo-pagan religions tend to espouse the idea that magic is entirely energy based, those who use black magic tend to believe that there are spirits and rely on these spirits to enhance the energy directed towards the object of the spell. All the religions of the world speak of evil spirits and it is these spirits who take joy in seeing others harmed that make sure the spell is successful. Black magic spells can be used to destroy other people, making them deathly ill or ruining their careers or finances. In many cases, the person being attacked by the spell don’t even realize why their life has taken such a sudden and negative downward turn and therefore don’t know how to protect themselves.

Black Magic Spells

While there are many different ways to cast a black magic spell, it is most common to trick the victim of the spell into ingesting something that has been bound with the spell, however someone determined can use pieces of your clothing, jewelry or even just a picture! Being careful of who you talk to, work with and spend time around can help to limit exposure to the sorts of people who would want to cause you harm and spending your time sending positive energy out into the world will also increase the positivity in your life making it harder for those who would like to harm you to be successful.