Classic Star Wars Numerology Character Analysis


Ever wondered about the classic Star Wars Numerology?  Well, look no further!

Star Wars Numerology: Heroes

Luke Skywalker
Numerology Number: 3
Positives: Youthful, Dynamic, Inspiring
Negatives: Extravagant, Impatient, Prone to Superficiality
Luke Skywalker is a definite three. Three’s can be best described as gifted teens under the guidance of their parents and Luke definitely fits the bill. In fact, it isn’t until he is forced to act under his own volition, after the death of his aunt and uncle and after the death of Obi-wan, that he truly begins to grow and blossom. People are drawn to the three, despite their tendency to be a bit narcissistic and unwilling to mature and take responsibility. A fully realized three, much like Luke, has grown up, realized that it needs discipline to survive.

Han Solo
Numerology Number: 3
Positives: Talented, Dynamic, Jovial
Negatives: Prone to Complaining, Vain, Hypocritical
Much like Luke, no one can argue that Han Solo is anything but a consummate three. He’s brash, excitable, talented and very young. People like him and are drawn to him despite his tendency to procrastinate and be unwilling to take responsibility (like when he ran off after receiving his reward for rescuing Leia). Thankfully he is in the process of maturing and does his best to use his charm, wit and humor in the defense of the Rebel Alliance.

Princess Leia Organa
Numerology Number: 2
Positives: Diplomatic, Studious, and Intuitive
Negatives: Careless, Oversensitive, and Spoiled
Like father like daughter, Leia is very much the child of her real father, Anakin Skywalker who became Darth Vader. She is driven by an absolute belief in what is right and what is wrong, but is better able, thanks to her adopted parents, to be diplomatic in helping people come to an agreement across sides. Because of her innate Force abilities she is terribly intuitive, but as you see frequently in her interactions with Han Solo, she tends to be a bit oversensitive and spoiled.

Lando Calrissian
Numerology Number: 7
Positives: Intelligent, Focused, Refined
Negatives: Cowardly, Back-stabbers
Seven’s are just lucky, and Lando Calrissian was more than just a man who happened to make it big out there on Cloud City. He used hard work, his natural charms, and some definite intelligence to take something that was failing and turn it into some that became great. The only problem with seven’s is they don’t tend to like conflict. They’ll run and hide from it and Lando was no different. When faced with the interference of the Empire he was quick to betray Han to them, surrendering his friend to be tortured.

Numerology Number: 4
Positives: Strong, Stable, Reliable
Negatives: Boring
Chewie is far more the positives of the four than the negatives. Like any four he is a good friend, reliable and stable. He’s always there at Han’s side, not just because of the life-debt but also because he cares deeply for his long time friend and wants to see him survive.

Obi-Wan Kenobi
Numerology Number: 3
Positives: Optimistic, Inspiring, Dynamic
Negatives: Hypocritical, Superficial, Intolerant
It’s hard to imagine the old man Ben Kenobi as a three. After all, age has tempered him. The things he has seen have changed him, but deep down you can still see that youthful three. From his impulsive decision to face Darth Vader one on one, to the passionate way that he argues with Yoda for Luke’s chance to become the last of the Jedi, that three and the powerful need to express himself, his ideas and his visions is clearly seen.

Numerology Number: 9
Positives: Compassionate, Self-sufficient, Self-sacrificing
Negatives: Egocentric, Sentimental, Discontent
Yoda is a nine and these are people who want to change the world for the better! They are always striving to help people realize their best self and Yoda was no different. However, old age and poor politics found him alone on Dagobah and during that time he seemed to fall into the negatives of the nine, reminiscing about the good old days, becoming stubborn and set in his ways and being unwilling to change and adapt when Luke finally arrived to be trained.

Star Wars Numerology:  Villians

Darth Vader
Numerology Number: 2
Positives: Tactful, Loving, and Intuitive
Negatives: Spoiled, Careless and Oversensitive
Anakin Skywalker, the boy that became Darth Vader, started out his career as a Jedi wanting nothing more than to rid the galaxy of injustice and death. But his negatives, as a three, far outweighed the positives. Obi-wan and Yoda warned him frequently about his spoiled, selfish behavior, his recklessness and carelessness in thinking that the rules never applied to him. Sadly, he responded with over sensitivity, making him unwilling to learn and grow as a three must do. Thus we ended up with Darth Vader, a man who in the end was only redeemed through his love and affection for the son that risked his life to save him.

Emperor Palpatine
Numerology Number: 4
Positives: Precise, Methodical, Pragmatic
Negatives: Lack of Empathy, Vulgar, Jealous
The Emperor takes the good of the four and twists it into something decidedly evil. He turns the precision and reliability of the four into a determined and evil person intent on taking over the galaxy and he sure is hard-working and methodical about it, like any four would be. It just goes to show you that just because someone has the potential to change the world for the better, it doesn’t mean they won’t use their gifts to do something very, very wicked.


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