Pushya – The Divine Constellation


Pushya – The Divine Constellation

Out of all constellations in our ecliptic belt, the constellation pushya (cancri) is the most revered and auspicious of all. This is the constellation which has been praised and hailed by sages of time immemorial. A person born on this constellation is nothing short of a saint, theirs is the persona of divinity in humanity.

Pushya – The Divine Constellation

The Pushya constellation is so auspicious that any event (except marriage) or a good deed can be done on day having pushya constellation. If one wants to do certain thing but finding hard to fix an auspicious date, then he can just choose pushya constellation and do it right away, no other considerations are required. Anything done on this constellation will prosper and become successful.

Marriage alone should not be done on this constellation, the reason being Pushya is a constellation of divine origin, but marriage is an event that signifies accumulation of worldly karma, in theory marriage might be a blissful event but in cosmic law it is a responsibility or impression that has to be transformed in this life. Hence, marriage should not be done on this constellation.

Pushya is ruled by saturn but its governing deity is Jupiter or guru. Now, one can ask how Pushya is the most divine and auspicious of all constellation when its ruled by Saturn? The answer is a secret not known by many, a secret of Astrology itself.

It is not the lord or deity which makes the constellation as nakshatra of divine incarnation, but its ruling element which reveals its greatness. In astrology, all zodiac signs and constellations are divided only into four elements or tattwas i.e. earth, fire, water and air. But the fifth element sky or Akash is not mentioned anywhere in astrology. It is because pushya constellation is the fifth element – the Akasha.

It is Akash Tattwa that denotes the supreme being like thumb in our finger which denotes Akash element a.k.a The God. Akash or Heavens is the fifth element and Pushya is the fifth element which is revered by gods.

Do you know Jesus Christ was born in Pushya Constellation?


  1. Hi Sarvana,

    Great article. Thanks ! I am born on a Pushya myself, and I have a lot of influence of 8 and Saturn in general on me. How do I know if my life has a specific meaning ? and how do I know if I am on the correct path ?


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