Special Numbers – Number 22 in Numerology


Number 22 is another special number in numerology. It’s called a “master number” by Pythagoras. But number 22 is auspicious for non living entities like business or creative phenomenon or a name of a fiction novel. For persons, it tends to be unstable and chaotic.

Why is the special number 22 not considered lucky as a name number?

In 22, there is a presence of higher moon energy number 20, and it’s lower form of number 2. It’s a very powerful number due to strong lunar waves, but most human being of this age have no greater magnetic field around them (aura) to utilize this powerful energy into constructive actions. A high planetary energy when not sustained by human aura can cause disruptions in brain waves affecting the peace and happiness factor.

Such energies can cause mental worries, illness and loss of confidence which results in failures. That’s why number 22 was deemed as inappropriate for name number use, whereas many businesses have flourished using this name number. This isn’t necessarily the case for all people, but people with the birth number 7 tend to taste success with 22 as business name. As with everything Numerology related, each number has a specific benefit to different people and number 22 may not be the best for your business whereas it may for your friend or neighbor. You must learn all of the different special and lucky numbers in Numerology and adapt them to work with your life goal.


  1. Name number 100, is the highest compound number in 1 series, but its same as number 1. the irony is, even though 100 looks large and powerful, it is number 10 which is the most powerful number in 1 series in numerology.


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