White Witch


Magic used for witchcraft tends to be elemental magic. It comes from the earth and is inherently neutral, ready to be used for whatever purpose the universe has in store for it. Likewise, witchcraft at its core, is neutral. The magic is there to be used, how you chose to manipulate it is entirely up to you. Many witches prefer to engage in lighter ‘white’ magic, while some may turn their attention towards darker magic or sorcery. Being a witch is more complicated than waking up one morning as a fantasy film villain – like most things in life, how you choose to work with your magic can depend on everything from your mood to the needs of those around you. If you are a white witch, you have made the choice to focus your magic entirely on what is good, bringing happiness, joy and positivity into the world.

What is a White Witch?

Some people have a natural inclination towards being a white witch. People with psychic abilities tend to have a propensity for it as their natural ability to be more in tune with the world around them makes it both easier for them to feel and use magic, as well as give them a desire to heal all the pain and hurt they can feel. If you tend to have prophetic dreams, find yourself able to pick up the general feeling in a room when you walk in, tend to be more sensitive than everyone around you, prefer to be outdoors, find yourself frequently in the company of animals in general and one type of animal in particular, find that children love to spend time around you, enjoy making and giving out home remedies such as soup, are happiest doing arts and crafts, love to recycle and believe in the greater good, then you are probably a natural white witch and should explore what it means to begin a life of witchcraft for the benefit of others around you.

Practicing Light Magic

If you are interested in turning to white witchcraft, there are a few habits that a white witch should be sure to start for themselves. The first is a respect for nature. Work on creating daily habits, such as recycling, that help to restore the balance to nature. After all, nature is where all magic comes from. Next, understand that being a white witch means following the Wiccan Rede and taking the care to ensure that no spell you cast will cheat, harm or manipulate someone. All spells cast by a white witch should be selfless. Take the time to engage in self-care practices so that you can recharge your energy. Constantly sending your energy out into the universe for the sake of others is wonderful, but you have to rebuild that energy somehow. Spend time centering and healing each day for at least ten minutes, and learn how to say no to social engagements when you feel too drained. Likewise, make sure that you are cleansing yourself and your space so that the energy you are taking in is fresh and healthy.


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