The Unique and Mysterious Zodiac, Aquarius the Water Bearer


Sign: Aquarius the Water Bearer
Dates: January 20th through February 18th
Ruling Planet: Uranus
Element: Air
Life Goal: The goal of an Aquarius is to understand all the mysteries life has to offer.

Aquarius the Water Bearer
Aquarius the Water Carrier

Aquarius the Water Bearer Personality

Aquarius the Water Bearer is a trend-setter. An Aquarius will not just dance to their own beat, they’ll also make their own music. They are innovative and experimental and many intellectuals, inventors and eccentrics may be born under this sign. This can be both a blessing and a curse, however, and while there are more Aquarius found in the places of honor across the world, there are also more of them found in hospitals suffering from mental distress. Bearer’s of this sign should be aware that these extreme’s can and most likely will affect them.

Highly humanitarian and focused on others, this is a sign that gathers friends like bees to honey. Those that they call friends will have their unwavering loyalty and objectivity. Those who are Aquaria will never let their emotions get in the way of making a logical judgement both with people and with situations; this comes from their desire to keep an open mind, something you cannot do with emotions clouding your ability to think.

Because this is a sign that loves to march to its own drumbeat, these people will stay away from others have that big ego’s or over-bearing personalities. They want to be individuals and non-conformists, trying to force them into a box or a particular behavior will just make them lose their self-control and either explode angrily or simply leave a situation entirely. Those who fall under this sign may be viewed as eccentrics who like to do things the hard way, but they are simply people who like to do things their own way without relying on others and others’ expectations of how things should be done. While this may be a great positive, they also struggle to ask for help when they need it most. Thankfully, if they make a mistake, they often learn from it and are unlikely to make that same mistake a second time.

On the negative side, these traits tend to make them difficult and contrary as well as unpredictable. Additionally, many people may see Aquarius the Water Bearer as unemotional and detached people because of their ability to separate their emotions from a situation and make a logical judgement. This often leads to them being alone and can make it difficult for them to find a partner and friends, though their ability to be loyal and willingness to give second chances helps to balance the loneliness they may feel. You may learn the traits of the other twelve Zodiac signs here:


Aquarius is generally believed to be most compatible with Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius and they should avoid relationships with Taurus and Scorpio. Either of the four compatible signs will provide no shortage of chemistry and fun though there may be obstacles to overcome regardless of how well you get along. For example, while Aquarius tends to shun the rules and make their own socially acceptable behaviors, Libra likes to be accepted and wants others to like them. This can cause friction as Libra tries to fit in to the social norm while Aquarius is dancing outside it, with no intention of following arbitrary social rules.

All four signs provide Aquarius with intellectual stimulation and conversation. They all enjoy nature, the world, and socializing. Don’t expect any pairing to be perfect, and remember that soulmates can happen with any two signs even if they are unlikely so don’t rule out a Taurus or Scorpio just because of their sign. If you feel a pull to be with someone go for it, just be sure you are aware of the pitfalls you may run across.

Remember that the needs of the different signs are also different with each gender. In general, be prepared for long conversations and have your ability to play devil’s advocate honed so that you can keep them going longer. This is a sign that can be frustrating and confusing when a relationship first begins, but keep at it and you’ll be rewarded in the end.


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