The Unique and Mysterious Zodiac, Aquarius the Water Bearer


Sign: Aquarius the Water Bearer
Dates: January 20th through February 18th


  • Ruling Planet: Uranus
  • Quality: Fixed
  • Element: Air
  • Root Power: Stability and consistency
  • Positive Traits: Intelligent, concise, imaginative, friendly, honest, loyal, original
  • Negative Traits: Unpredictable, unemotional, detached, temperamental, opinionated
  • Likes: Fighting for a cause, having fun, variety, being surrounded by good companions, dreaming, planning for future, teaching, team sports
  • Dislikes: Excessive loneliness, the ordinary, empty promises, imitations, rejection, injustice, drama queens, owing favors
  • Good Day: Communicative, original, open minded, fair, logical, inviting
  • Bad Day: Feel inferior, guarded, detached, self destructive, out of touch, irrational, desperate
  • Turn offs: Pushy, endlessly needy or overbearing people
  • Lucky Color: Silver
  • Lucky Number: 4, 7, 11, 22, 29
  • Lucky Day: Sunday and Saturday
  • Flower: Orchids
  • Basic Trait: “I know”
  • Quirk: What isn’t weird about this sign…
  • Advice: Learn to separate your brilliant ideas from the insane ones
  • Life Pursuit: To understand life’s mysteries
  • Secret Wish: To experience total freedom
  • Known For: Being wise beyond years and having a keen mind



Aquarius wants to make the world a better place. The figure associated with Aquarius, the Water Bearer, symbolizes one of the most important jobs in the ancient world. Without the water bearer, none of the cities could have been built. They thrive on making a better future for all and are generally ahead of their time. This can sometimes be seen as rebellious, but it is always meant as the next great idea.

Day to Day

An Aquarius is innovative, experimental, and a creative thinker. They promote high ideals and are always a hard worker. They are well read, often modern in their thinking, and have unique ways of expressing themselves. This can all be both a blessing and a curse. There are more Aquarius found in the places of honor across the world, there are also more of them found in hospitals suffering from mental distress. This sign wants acceptance and strives to be a problem solver. Bearer’s of this sign should be aware that these extreme’s can and most likely will affect them.

This sign can seem rather aloof to others. An Aquarius will never let their emotions get in the way of making a logical judgement both with people and with situations. This comes from their desire to keep an open mind, something you cannot do with emotions clouding your ability to think. An Aquarius has an unwavering loyalty to the truth; they do not value popularity. They think in basic principles; what is fair, what serves the common good, and what improves quality of life.

Aquarius want to be individuals and non-conformists. Those who fall under this sign may be viewed as eccentrics. They are people who like to do things their own way without relying on others and others’ expectations of how things should be done. They want to achieve the deepest level of understanding. While this can be a great positive, they also struggle to ask for help when they need it most. Thankfully, if they make a mistake, they often learn from it and are unlikely to make that same mistake a second time.

They are always curious, but also a realist. They are an independent person who prefers having the freedom to explore and invent. They usually have an investigative, scientific mind. Just as they want others to be receptive to their ideas, they are always tolerant of other points of view. For this reason, an Aquarius is impatient and temperamental with naysayers. Overall, they are a positive personality.

Impact of Element, Quality, and Planet

As a sign associated with the Air Element, Aquarius’ are definitely social butterflies. They can easily chat with anyone and excel at learning something new. The Air influence also causes an Aquarius to have a short attention span and the ability to change their mind easily. They are typically visionaries and trail blazers. The Air Element also exacerbates Aquarius’ unpredictability.

As a fixed sign, an Aquarius is definitely stubborn. They value responsibility and take everything seriously. While they enjoy travel and adventure, they are not risk takers. They thrive on setting a foundation and building on it. They are sometimes lonely and disconnected, but always focused on the group.

With a ruling planet of Uranus, Aquarius’ unpredictable energy continues to grow. Uranus only heightens this sign’s emotional detachment and rebellious nature.


Highly humanitarian and focused on others, this is a sign that gathers friends like bees to honey. Those that they call friends will have their unwavering loyalty and objectivity. Generally speaking, an Aquarius considers everyone their friend until they prove otherwise. They willingly provide kindness and love among all their friends equally.They will have a lot of friends, but will not be deeply connected to many. For an Aquarius, it is more about quantity than it is quality. They do not actually give themselves up easily or deeply. Aquarius the Water Bearer

They prefer to observe more than they talk. To an Aquarius, emotions are not important. They are often viewed as eccentric and can be seen as impersonal and cold. Truthfully, this sign is happy to give when it is on their own terms and within their comfort zone. They are an altruistic and compassionate sign, they just do not always appear that way. They live to support those that are struggling. An Aquarius is the pillar of communities and friendships. This sign always ensures first class treatment for their friends. It is their romantic relationships that need the help.

On the negative side, these traits tend to make them difficult and contrary. Additionally, many people may see Aquarius the Water Bearer as unemotional and detached because of their ability to separate their emotions from a situation and make a logical judgement. This often leads to them being alone and can make it difficult for them to find a partner. An Aquarius really needs to be aware of how others can perceive them (arrogant and aloof), in order to develop deeper personal relationships. You may learn the traits of the other twelve Zodiac signs here:


Remember that the needs of the different signs are also different with each gender. In general, be prepared for long conversations and have your ability to play devil’s advocate honed so that you can keep them going longer. This is a sign that can be frustrating and confusing when a relationship first begins, but keep at it and you’ll be rewarded in the end.

Aquarius men are prone to mischief and deep thoughts. They can be exciting, fun, and have a certain sexiness to them. They are usually popular and gregarious. This is definitely a man that cannot be fenced in and is not worried about anyone’s approval. A relationship with an Aquarius man will start slow and detached, but given time, can be something great.

Aquarius women, like the men, enjoy some mischief. They cannot be pinned down, so do not try. The women of this sign are self confident, do not need approval, and therefore do not like gossip. They value communication and prefer to develop a friendship before heading into a romantic relationship.


The most important thing to an Aquarius is intellectual stimulation. They, along with their partner, need to be open and imaginative. If they are provided these key things in a relationship, they will be loyal and committed. Communication will be vital for this sign. Their partner also needs to understand that an Aquarius will not be lovey dovey or exhibit a lot of public displays of affection. They need someone who makes them feel important and always has something new to offer. They can nurture a progressive and dynamic lifestyle.

Aquarius is generally believed to be most compatible with Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius. Either of the four compatible signs will provide no shortage of chemistry and fun. All four signs provide Aquarius with intellectual stimulation and conversation. They all enjoy nature, the world, and socializing. Do not expect any pairing to be perfect, and remember that soulmates can happen with any two signs even if they are unlikely.



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