Archangel Gabriel


St. Gabriel the Archangel is perhaps the best known angel; he is the messenger of God, sent to tell Mary that she would give birth to Jesus and then appeared to Joseph to reassure him that it was still right and proper to marry Mary despite her sudden pregnancy. It is his most important duty to give direct messages from the Creator to His creation. Often depicted in religious art with a spear in his right hand and a mirror in the left, his name means ‘Man of God’. Unsurprisingly with his history as a messenger, Gabriel the Archangel is the patron saint of all types of messengers, including postal workers. He is one of only three angels mentioned by name in the Bible: the other two are the Archangel Michael and the fallen angel Lucifer.

Archangel Gabriel

How the Archangel Gabriel Helps You

The Messenger, St. Gabriel the Archangel is able to help you improve your communication with others; especially those you are close to such as friends, family and children. His help is especially important when you are dealing with very emotional and highly charged situations where clear communication is important. In addition, since Gabriel is an archangel he is also able to give us strength, he is able to help protect us, he supports us in our careers, and encourages us to follow our dreams. God has given him a special heart for children, especially those that are sensitive and struggle in the world.

Gabriel still acts as the messenger of God even in our modern age. When you receive a sudden insight into a situation, or have a sudden sense of clarity these are messages from the archangel. You may see a white or copper light in your dreams; this can be a sign of his presence. He may even provide you with glimpses of the future or visions to help you break free of a difficult situation or get out of an emotional rut.

Reaching Out to Gabriel

When you need to reach out to Gabriel for help the most simple way is to give a quick prayer. Angels are always on hand to help us but may not help us until we ask for their assistance. You can breathe out a quick prayer; remember to be polite in your petition, asking for assistance. The Archangel Gabriel can even help if you have a problem that’s on a tight timeline – just be sure you mention it in your prayer. Let the angels know your limitations and the ways you are struggling and need help. The mostly likely signs that your request has been seen and help is being provided is hearing or seeing Gabriel’s name in different places, you may see the Archangel Gabriel symbol of a trumpet or bugle, you may have a sudden flash of creativity or clarity, or you may see the white or copper of his aura. You may even feel his comforting presence at your side.

When your time of trial is through be sure to express your thanks to the Archangel Gabriel for assisting you.


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