Love Horoscope for Leo the Lion – The King of Love


A Leo love horoscope is a great way to understand the Leo in love. This sign is known for it’s flamboyance, its need to be the center of attention, and its desperation for compliments and accolades. It may leave others wondering if there is any room left for a partner in the self-centered world of the Leo. But Leos make excellent partners, in no small part because they love to shower their lovers with everything they can get their hands on. If you partner with a Leo you’ll have to expect expensive gifts and dinners, a Leo won’t settle for second best for someone they care about. They are one of the most loving, generous and passionate of the zodiac signs. A Leo love horoscope will have to focus on the way they love the stages of courtship and will be sure to fill their relationships with excitement and pleasurable activities and gifts.

The Important Parts of a Leo Love Horoscope Reading

It is crucial to focus on understanding Leo the Lion. To be successful in a relationship with a Leo you will need to compliment them often, but be prepared, they like to shower their loved ones with compliments as well. They love to show off their possessions, including their loved ones, and will proudly display you in all the finery they can afford to buy. You will need to be both an object of admiration as well as someone that can admire your Leo. Remember, if they don’t feel appreciated and they aren’t given the attention they need they can quickly fall into depression. The key to a relationship with a Leo is letting them have the center stage and accepting that they will reciprocate with adoration.

A Leo love horoscope should focus on ways to attract a Leo. The best way to accomplish this is to sincerely and honestly flatter them, show a smile, laugh a lot, and flirt a little. They need to feel like they are the center of attention and if you can make them feel this way you’ll go a long way to ensuring they are enraptured by you. Leo women, once they feel their feelings are reciprocated, will blossom in love while Leo men will become virtual slaves to someone they love. It’s important to take care of their pride, and remember that for a Leo a fight is nothing to hold a grudge over. They may get upset, but they’ll be over it almost immediately and more than ready to make up.

What Leo is Most Compatible With…

Leo’s love horoscope compatibility shows that they are most compatible with Aries, Libra, Gemini and Sagittarius. They are a fire sign and work best with other air and fire signs. They are least compatible with Taurus and Scorpio as these two signs struggle with the flamboyant nature of the Leo. Remember, however, that just because two signs may have trouble working together it doesn’t mean that those two signs cannot work together. If you are open and honest in communication with one another two signs can get along wonderfully.

Great: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Favorable: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Challenging: NONE!


Aries & Leo

ELEMENT:  Both are Fire, The heat is on!
QUALITY:  Aries is Cardinal, Leo is Fixed, Two styles of leading
POLARITY:  Both are Yang, Aggressively driven
ASPECTS: Trine, Add mystery for harmony

Overall: This is a double fire combination so they are never short of fire or passion. Cardinal Fire Aries and Fixed Fire Leo will have a dynamic connection with a lot of action and movement. If they clash, its a clash of egos but they are in it for the long haul. Both generally admire each other and can carry deep and abiding respect for each other. The fire will truly light each other up where ever they go, as long as the fires are continually stoked. This relationship is full of fiery star powered, attention seeking signs. It can be difficult if you are competing for the same role. There will never be a dull moment. You both understand each other’s need for praise and recognition.

Positive: They will not be short on passion or energy. This is an exciting combination. The fixed Leo loves lasting relationships. They fall in love with an object of their fixation easily and its pretty tough to get their eyes off of the one. Aries will appreciate this focus. Aries may not like Leo’s flirtiness or need for attention but will see all of it is superficial. If Leo declares their love they will not change their mind. Aries loves Leo’s loyalty and highly respects how they command strong friendships. There will be an occasional clash of egos. They need to be flexible to keep the fires burning. The makeup sex will be outstanding. Roll-out the red carpet for this star powered couple! The celebrity quality of this relationship is electrifying. Both are self-centered and bossy at times, but keep up with each other’s tireless energy. They crave public attention and praise. As long as they are not competing for the same role, this is a warm and energizing match.

Challenges: Double fire is good, very good. But, at the same time, the bad will be explosive. Fights are as grand as the makeup sex. Which can mean that it will be questionable if they survive. The volatile fights can cause a lot of damaged egos. There is a potential for the pair if they put aside their grandiose sense of selves. All fire energy means that they are on the move quite a bit. Leo may find Aries is too quick for them. Leo has to hold off on resentment to keep Aries. Aries must shine the light on Leo as often as possible to show respect. Issues can flare up when kids come into the picture. Eternally youthful Leo gets down in the sandbox to play, forgetting that Aries needs to be babied too. Aries’ brash style can offend soft hearted Leo. Aries will have to quell their inner taskmaster to stay in Leo’s VIP circle. You will enjoy bossing each other around and your advice is straight from the heart. You can grow stronger, richer, faster, and motivated as a result.

Make it Work: They have to get past their egos to be a passionate and energetic match. Then they can stand the test of time. Leo will love Aries driving them to go forth and take risks and chances. Aries will love Leo’s fixed nature and ability to follow through. Both need to learn from each other and allow for flexibility instead of ego to drive partnership. If they do, they will find mutual respect and admiration, as well as unconditional love.

Leo & Taurus

ELEMENT:  Taurus is Earth, Leo is Fire, Steady Earth to build a Fire
QUALITY:  Both Fixed, Stubborn guardians
POLARITY:  Taurus is Yin, Leo is Yang, Strengths equal complement
ASPECTS:  Square, Push-pull dynamic

Overall: This is a fun match because they both love the attention the other provides. Leo is ruled by the sun and thus needs a lot of spotlight, usually in form of flattery. Taurus likes flattery but in sexy presents, sensual gifts, and pretty things. Leo’s are very generous, so they have no problem with this. There are two sets of needs to balance, but they will do so well with lots of sparks. They are sensual and luxurious. As pleasure seeking signs, they love the finer things in life, which can lead to over indulgence. Taurus and Leo relationships have head turner status since both know how to work a room together.

Positive: Taurus is ruled by Venus, so they want expensive and luxurious things. Leo is ruled by the sun and loves it, with creative flair. Both love sensual intimacy. Leo’s generosity is almost impossible to match in the zodiac. Naturally Taurus loves it. Their energies compliment each other well. They radiate with the warmth of the Sun, groundedness of the Earth, sparks of fire, and the sexy love of Venus. Luxury loving Leo and sensual Taurus know how to enjoy the good life together. They have a larger than life presence that commands attention. Heads will turn when they step into the room and you’ll both play this up to the hilt. Family is the air you both breathe and you are capable of creating a lively home together.  Leo nurtures children’s creativity while Taurus lays down structure, plans, and rules. Leo tends to be a bigger earner, but should hand those paychecks over to Taurus who is the better budgeter of two.

Challenges: There is no meter that can give a perfect and clean report. Each sign has a shadow side, knowing how they compliment each other in love compatibility will make a difference towards success in love. With Leo, the constant need for flattery could take over the relationship. The Fixed shadow side means a battle of wills. Fixed shadow means jealous, obsessive, and possessive. Both have these qualities in abundance. This could create a paranoid and insecure relationship. They will have to work through these issues. This is an expensive combination and this challenging match could cost you both a pretty penny. Strong willed, you’ll find each other to be a sexy thrill. When the Leo ego meets Taurus’ stubborn streak, the battles can be epic. You will both need to learn to say ‘uncle’ or sparks could burn down the proverbial house. There is never a dull moment between you two, which tends to work better for adrenaline junkie Leo than chilled out Taurus.

Make it Work: Though these Fixed signs will have bumps, they will not waiver from each other. Even at the most furious moments, after the cooling off time that Leo requires, their eyes remain fixed on each other. This is why this match can have jealousy problems, neither can bear the other to leave. This is the same quality that, as fierce as it is, will make fights but also sparks of passion. The makeup sex is out of this world, and they will not want to let the other go anytime soon. If Leo needs to unruffle Taurus feathers, they just need to give them pretty gifts.

Leo & Gemini

ELEMENT:  Gemini is Air, Leo is Fire, Air feeds the Fire that heats it
QUALITY: Gemini is Mutable, Leo is Fixed, Compromise to find sync
POLARITY:  Both are Yang, Aggressively driven
ASPECTS: Sextile, Best of friends

Overall: There will be sparks because of wind and fire. Mutable Air Gemini and Fixed Fire Leo combined make for an exciting and passionate pairing. There will be a lot of play, high energy, and high spirits. Gemini wants new and fun, as does Leo. Leo produces drama and creativity that Gemini will enjoy. Leo will love how Gemini keeps them on their toes. Fire and Air means heat, which means passion. This is a dramatic and playful relationship. These two theatrical signs love adventure and have a wide array of interests which leads to overly packed schedules. This relationship is full of hopes and dreams, because you both understand each other’s outsized ambition.

Positive: Gemini has a quick witted intellect, which, when combined with the dominate and brave lion means very high energy. Gemini loves Leo’s fixed, rooted nature but as always, they look for new. Leo will like how Gemini likes to think and be a chatty cathy. There will always be something to talk about. Leo won’t want to wonder about anything which is not a problem with Gemini who can talk right away. Gemini wants to be up and about as much as possible and will love Leo not having a problem with last minute adventures. They are passionate and chatty. Heat will keep them happy. This relationship will be an endless playdate. Life is a costume party for you two theatrical signs. You share the same grand plan, favorite locations for settling down, and similar taste in friends. You easily flow from playmates to soulmates without forsaking an ounce of fun. Kids only fuel the adventure for you, since your eternally youthful signs will experience a second childhood through the eyes of your offspring. If you don’t procreate, you’ll need a creative project to keep fires burning. Start a band or a business with sparkle and glamour. At last, you have found a person who dreams as big as you do and shares super sized appetite for life.

Challenges: There will be lots of heated debates in this relationship. Leo could be bruised by them. However, they are overall very compatible so long as they are careful with wit and tempers. Gemini won’t tolerate the stubborn nature the Fixed sign Leo embodies. Leo won’t budge so flexible Gemini has to. This could get old, which will cause Gemini’s quick biting comments to make the Lion angry. Gemini is a hopeless multitasker while Leo has been plotting an empire since grade school. Try to get a nap in here and there, or you will exhaust yourselves with all go/go energy. In this coupling, its easy to get scattered among too many different projects and interests. When will you have time for each other?  Packed schedules could start to feel like ships passing in the night. Arguments could drag on for hours since neither of you back down when proving a point.

Make it Work: There will be a lot of energy and excitement. They both need constant stimulation, which they can each give. To make it work for the long term, they have to make concessions with and for each other. Gemini will have to curb their enthusiastic banter, though Leo likes it sometimes. Criticism cuts two ways still, and both will have to work on it. If they can accomplish this, sparks will fly for decades.


Overall:  This match has heat and passion. It is a very compatible match. The Cardinal Water sign Cancer is deep, while Leo brings the fixed Fire sign energy. Both want the same things in love and they offer it to each other freely and openly. Cancer and Leo also appreciate tender love and dedication that doesn’t waiver. They share common needs in love. Both are fiercely loyal so rarely, if ever, are there commitment issues in play. There may be wrinkles because of heated tempers, so both need to be careful. If they are, then their love will last many lifetimes.

Positive: One thing that both Leo and Cancer want in love is a long, happy life together. So they will go into this relationship bringing shared common goals. Both want and crave security and a deep connection. They are both able to offer this to each other in their own unique ways. Leo will be the one to inject passion, creativity, and energy into the union. Cancer will be the one that starts the long and emotional conversations. There is nothing but love between these two. Cancer is loyal to the end and appreciates that quality in Leo. Leo loves the home life Cancer can provide. They also appreciate Cancer’s sense of intuition and instinct. Leo is ruled by the Sun and Cancer by the Moon, which means highly compatible love match with many children and shared years to come.

Challenges: The Cardinal Water sign of Cancer pairing with the fixed Fire of Leo could pose some challenges. Leo is opinionated and biting. Cancer is super sensitive, which won’t go over very well with Leo. Leo will not always understand Cancer’s hyper sensitive nature and may not have the patience for it. One thing Leo doesn’t like is an emotional manipulator, which is something Cancer will have to work on. While they are fiercely loyal, that means they are also fiercely stubborn. Tempers can and will fly if they aren’t careful.

Make it Work: The Cardinal Water with the Fixed Fire means lot of love and intuition flowing between the two. Cancer and Leo can focus on intuition, and pay attention to what the other is saying in critical times. If they do this, they will be a long lasting match. Both need security to last and both are committed to practicing. Cancer needs to flatter Leo and make them feel like the hero they are daily. Leo will also need to smooth away any hurt feelings on occasion from sensitive Cancer. This is a match born from the stars that will stand the test of time.


Overall: This is a very high compatible match. Its Fixed fire, which is very passionate with so many sparks flying that it garners attention. This is a match where partners are unable to keep their hands off of each other. With a sun rule they have a glowing aura when they are out in the world. They are inspired, passionate, and romantic. This is a steamy and creative romance.

Positive: There is a lot of energy in a dual fire sign love match. The two signs are ruled by the Sun. All are glowing and glorious in the world almost all the time. You can’t get two more optimistic and happy people together in love. They admire the same traits in each other. They don’t think twice about doling out attention and flattery to their mates. This leads to a mutually satisfying match with a lot of sexual and intuitive chemistry that has the potential to last for some time.

Challenges: Egos are going to take front and center. Most of the time passion will feed each other in all areas, but egos could clash. When they fight, there is only one winner. They must be very careful how they approach conflict. Leo is a flirt because they love attention, but that can result in a ruffled mane. They are exciting but that can swing like a pendulum. Bad times feel like worst times, but they have to focus on the positive to keep flowing.

Make it Work: To work, they both need to embrace the good and let go of the bad. They need to keep the tempers at bay, making sure that the day to day living will need to not be taken so seriously. If they share the brave, loyal, and inspired feelings it will lead to a passionate connection. There is no shortage of sexual chemistry. Their fixed nature makes them loyal and committed to each other. They will need to reinforce these qualities and partner’s egos regularly.


Overall: This pairing does well considering how different fixed Fire Leo and Mutable Earth Virgo are. Though it is slow to start, once it gets rolling they will have a lot to offer that will make them compatible. It percolates slowly, but will become deeper and have a lasting connection over time.

Positive: There are many differences that may seem insurmountable. The beautiful thing about this pairing is that both Leo and Virgo are able to find ways to overcome these problems. Leo is ruled by the Sun and loves things front and center in love. Virgo will talk anything into a happy resolution. Tempers could fly but individually and together they are good at working things out. Virgo is very flexible at adapting to situations that come their way. This is appreciated by Leo. Virgo enjoys Leo’s energy, work ethic, and commitment to loyal partnership. Leo’s sun brings radiant warmth and optimistic spirit, which Virgo admires. Virgo is an organized hard worker which is very sexy to Leo as well.

Challenges: They bring a lot of differences to the table. Leo is a great flirt and loves attention in any form, even when in a committed relationship. Virgo will have a problem with that if Leo doesn’t keep at bay. Virgo on the one hand isn’t going to go out and be center of attention and likes quiet nights in. Leo may have problem with it, tempers will erupt because their approach is different. Leo is heated and fiery. Virgo is meticulous and critical and this could mean hurt feelings that are bound to result.

Make it Work: Differences are bound to happen but what works is that Leo is loyal to the end and Virgo forgives and forgets. Heated conversations won’t result in a call to end it as long as they both work on it. They will need unrelenting commitment to embrace differences and positive traits that brought together.


Overall: Wind and fire combining means we get a passionate and exciting connection. There is a lot of love compatibility in this union and both parties will find a lot of commonalities with each other and a lot of things they agree on. There is a deep loyalty in this connection as both want long term love. Libra wants a partnership and harmony. Leo hates drama and power struggles. Add the wind to fueling the fire and it is a passionate connection with a lot of chemistry that fuels romance for as long as desired.

Positive: This is the Fixed Fire sign of Leo combining with the Cardinal Air Sign of Libra. There is a lot of dominant energy, but never any kind that will overtake the other. The differences between this pair are what will keep them going. Libra is ruled by Venus and thus loves beauty, luxury, and harmony. Leo loves excitement and adventure, and they are loyal to core. Libra is very attracted to these traits. Leo is ruled by the Sun and needs to be center of attention a lot of the time. Libra doesn’t have a problem giving credit where it is due and is happy to wave their wand of Venus love over Leo. They are fair and balanced when approaching love so they appreciate the common ground they share. There is no shortage of sparks or sexual chemistry.

Challenges: Cardinal Air Libra and Fixed Fire Leo have very different approaches to life and this could cause some wrinkles. Leo is adventurous and loves to use their energy. Libra is more passive and prefers slow and methodical approach. Leo is going to want to be up and about almost every night, Libra doesn’t. Libra has a tough time coming to concrete decisions and Leo will be impatient with that. Leo likes to flirt, Libra doesn’t like that at all. Tempers will fly when the wind stokes that fire and if it isn’t handled well Leo will wind up with a bruised ego which is the worst thing for a fixed fire sign.

Make it Work: To make it, both have to pull back on their dominant side. They don’t have to be wishy washy but they need to learn to give and take in love. Libra has to get out of the house once in a while and explore the adventurous world that Leo has in store. A few quiet nights in could be very passionate and exciting for Leo if they give Libra the chance to show it. Neither likes drama and going back to their roots of passion, energy, and harmony will be the key to ensuring success for compatible couple.


Overall: On paper, it will appear as though they don’t agree on anything. They can be highly compatible because they have common ground if they are willing to take time to explore. Both are fixed so they are loyal and committed. They are intense in their own ways which creates an intense sexual chemistry that bodes well for union. Scorpio needs to pull back on their outside flirting. This will accomplish a new exciting and dynamic union.

Positive: Fixed Fire Leo with Fixed Water Scorpio means two fixed energies in play, so they are both creative and intuitive. There are two areas of common ground that they can and should take advantage of when it comes to romance. Leo is ruled by the Sun, so they love to glow with energy and optimism no matter where they go. Scorpio is attracted to that. Leo needs constant flattery and is not afraid to give it, which Scorpio is very very attracted to.  Leo finds Scorpio sexy in their mysterious side, Leo wants to figure out Scorpio secrets. Scorpio knows this, so they play Leo a little. In this way, however, there is some exciting sexual chemistry. They are both uniquely intuitive. The deeper intuition works well because they will understand what the other needs and meet quickly when arise.

Challenges: The two fixed pairing results in two very stubborn people. In many ways, this is what will keep them together. This is also what will create some rifts. Leo likes to flirt and it is mostly harmless. Scorpio has a very big problem with that. Scorpio has a tendency to be jealous and obsessive. They walk away from anything that doesn’t provide unabiding loyalty. Leo also needs a constant flattery and much as this can work in love, Scorpio will tire of it if not getting fair share. Leo will need to learn and accept that with Scorpio it is all or nothing.

Make it Work: These are two fixed sign energies, both need to learn how to give and take in this relationship. It is impossible to erase the  stubborn side off of either one of these signs, so both need to compromise. Scorpio sees budging as a sign of weakness but would rather budge than lose the one they love. If Leo can gently show this to Scorpio they may realize they are on the same side. Underneath the power struggles is an intense sexual chemistry founded in deep intuition and loyalty. If both Leo and Scorpio remember this and embrace those traits, this is a love match that will be an  envy of all in the crowd.


Overall: This is very exciting combination. The fixed fire Leo matched with mutable fire energy of Sagittarius is electric. They seem to know exactly what the other party needs and they are happy to provide it. Creativity, inspiration, passion and fireworks means love. It is lot of fun, a lot of movement, and excitement. They do need to overcome their differences and embrace commonalities to go the long haul.

Positive: Warmth, charm, and charisma are alive with this partnership because both are Fire. Leo is ruled by the Sun, so they are optimistic, energetic, and creative. Sagittarius is mutable, so they go with anything Leo likes. There will be lots of spontaneous road trips and travel plans with this pair, both will love it. Leo needs flattery and Sagittarius is a huge flirt, so they can enjoy some fun banter. Both love and need to be social, so they don’t usually argue about going out. Their passion is their key trait, which leads to sexual chemistry at root. There is a deep respect and exciting passion for these too, with a lot of common ground that both fire signs enjoy together.

Challenges: Both Sagittarius and Leo are flirty. Leo won’t like it though if Sagittarius flirts with someone else. The high energy needs to be maintained to feel fulfilled which can be exhausting. Leo is fixed on one person or thing at a time. Sagittarius is more wishy washy. Leo has to give something Sagittarius can hang onto if they want it to last.

Make it Work: They are destined to do well if they remember how to meet needs. This won’t be hard because their needs are the same. Leo’s pride can get in the way if Sagittarius isn’t patient. They have to have willingness to make last. Passion is easily ignited whether two days in or two decades. Remembering the exciting sexual chemistry is important and fun way to keep connection alive.


Overall: This will look like a case of opposites attracting. However, they do have some common interests and goals. The fixed fire Leo with the Cardinal Earth Capricorn can be a successful match. That is if they can embrace their differences and use it to lift up the relationship over the long term. Underneath all the differences is a deep devotion to the relationship that both Leo and Capricorn are only too happy to cherish for years to come.

Positive: This is a case where opposites can work in their favor. They want the same thing so will give the same. Leo wants to be fixed on their partner for life and Capricorn wants someone that is down to earth and committed. Both love financial success and both will do the work to get it.

Challenges: There are some fundamental differences in play. Leo is a quick thinker and mover, while Capricorn is not. Things won’t take off quickly enough for Leo. Capricorn wants to take their time in getting to know Leo before its serious. Leo may not like that because they love flirting, sex, and passion. Capricorn is not short of passion but goes about it different. Both want to the be the boss. If either try to squash the other, heads will butt and could lead to explosive tempers.

Make it Work: Both of these two will need constant reminding of their shared vision and goals. Both are goal oriented and committed to success. They have a shared vision for the long term. Leo will have to curb back on their flirting with all they cross paths with. Capricorn will have to pickup the pace to entertain the Leo drive and ego. Both are born leaders and strong personalities in unique ways. If they embrace these traits and flatter them when able, then they can continue their journey of deep appreciation for a long life together.


Overall: Many exciting things are happening in love when Leo and Aquarius join. This is two fixed signs with a lot of common ground. There is also the added compatibility of Fire and Air combining. They share a lot of common areas of interest with a lot of sexual chemistry. This is a relationship where they have a lot of energy and a lot of action.

Positive: These two share many areas of common interests. Leo and Aquarius both are big thinkers. There is no shortage of admiration for the other. Leo loves the quirky adventurist in Aquarius. Aquarius loves the creative passion that Leo exudes. These zodiac signs are visionaries and they think big about all they do. Leo has a certain charm and elegance that Aquarius is extremely attracted to. Aquarius likes how flexible and non-judgemental Leo can be about the world at large. Aquarius is an out of the box type and willing to try anything. This is a great turn on for Leo, who is always looking for the next adventure. The fixed signs in this union mean that the relationship is marked by common traits of loyalty and commitment. Likely, this pairing will end in a marriage that will last decades to come.

Challenges: This is two Fixed signs at play, so they have a lot of stubborn moments. Both signs are committed to their goals and opinions, and will not always share the same ones. This is going to spark some tempers and fires, their heads will butt in heated and stubborn ways. This could cause some problems because once one has decided its over, there is no turning back. They have to be very careful. Leo can be a flirt, and Aquarius will be confused by who is the dedicated partner. Leo has an ego. Aquarius on the other hand is one that rarely uses emotion and can seem almost aloof. This could ruffle Leo’s feathers a bit and both will need to be sensitive.

Make it Work: They are overall an exciting and highly compatible partnership. They have more common ground than differences. Problems don’t arise often. When they do, they need to remember the details in the big picture. Their stubborn wills won’t work when challenges arise. Leo and Aquarius will need to work on holding these at bay. Remember the shared vision. At the same time, plenty of sparks will fly. If they are in a pickle, then they come back to passion and romance. This will be all they need to make things right.


Overall: The love match between Leo and Pisces is very fun. They have many common areas where there are opportunities for exciting love compatibility. This is a fixed fire of Leo with a Mutable Water Pisces. This match is dedicated to the long term and infused with creativity, passion, fantasy, and excitement. This high energy match is always doing and trying something different. Their areas of differences could cause wrinkles. They just need to remember their shared goals in order for the match to be an exciting one for some time.

Positive: They have two very different personalities that are more than happy to please each other to no end. The fixed fire sign Leo is inspired, creative, passionate, and always on the go. Pisces is Mutable Water so they are always overflowing with emotion and able to meet Leo’s energy on every level in love. Leo loves a good audience as well, as they have a great need for attention and flattery. Pisces finds this all very appealing and they are happy to give Leo all the attention they need. They will be very passionate and sexual in romance. Leo intrigued by fantasy world Pisces enjoys. Pisces will adore how Leo flirts with them. Pisces will be very grateful for how excited Leo is to turn Pisces fantasies into realities.

Challenges: Leo and Pisces have two very different styles but share common goals. Their differences will result in the wrinkles. Leo is energetic and fast moving, always on the go. Pisces is known for retreating to the cave. Leo is fixed, so they are stubborn. Pisces doesn’t tolerate strong willed if they don’t have enough room to breathe. Pisces is mutable, so they have a wandering eye, especially if Leo isn’t giving enough or the right attention. Leo doesn’t like Pisces using their emotions to manipulate. Also, Water Pisces can put the fire in Leo out.

Make it Work: There are a lot of opportunities to work because water and fire is steamy. They won’t ever complain about the sexual chemistry and that’s what they should focus on when the tough times hit. The flirting with others should be kept at bay by both if they want to stay in a committed relationship with each other. Pisces need to keep their emotional manipulation at bay as well if they want to keep Leo. Leo has to not be so critical over Pisces. Overall, this will be an exciting and steamy connection with potential to go the long haul if they put in the work to embrace both differences and common goals.


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