Past Life Regression


Past life regression is a form of hypnosis that is done to help you reach back and connect with the people you were in a past life. There are a lot of reasons why someone might pursue a past life regression, but a session like this isn’t best for everyone at any point in there lives. You will want to be sure that you are seeking to learn about who you were for the right reasons. Plus, hypnosis should only be done by someone with training as the power of suggestion when applied directly to the subconscious through tools like hypnosis can affect your memory and actually plant ideas and thoughts in your mind that never happened. While it’s not possible to control someone’s mind through hypnosis like you see in the movies, the power of suggestion becomes much stronger when hypnosis is used and can trick your brain into remembering things that never happened.

Past Life Regression

The History of Past Life Regression

The idea of past life regression has been around since the 2nd century BC where it was discussed by Hindu scholars as a part of their understanding of karma and reincarnation. While most people today may consider a past life regression to be a form of divination more than a form of religion, it is very useful in both. This is certainly understandable as a reputable psychic will tell you that your ability to reach a past life entirely depends on the readiness of your soul. You can’t force a past life regression, you have to be ready to reach back and achieve a greater understanding of yourself. Past life regressions will bring up both positive and negative things that have happened to your immortal soul and if you are not ready to relive and remember them then you won’t be able to access them. Your heart must be in a place where you can take that information and process it, then grow and learn from it. Past life regression can explain phobia’s, relationship problems, fears and will be able to help you untangle the mystery of who you are, but you must be in a place where you can act on that information and begin to use it to heal yourself.

Regression Isn’t a Reading

A past life regression isn’t a psychic reading, though they are often done by psychics and mediums who can help guide you more easily through the spiritual realms. While a psychic reading focuses on the now and the future, helping you to understand what is to come and what to look out for, a past life regression helps you to look back at the past. A past life regression specialist will help to guide your thoughts as you search through who you once were in another life and make connections to who you are in this life. This information, together with a psychic reading at a later time, will help you better understand the challenges you may face in your life and help you develop tools and strategies for facing them and coming out ahead.


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