Electrokinesis – The Ability to Manipulate Electricity


Electrokinesis is a psychokinetic skill in which you use your mind to manipulate the energies and energy currents around you in order to charge up the atoms around you and create electricity. When you develop the skill you should be able to both manipulate electricity as well as absorb it! There are three types of electrokinesis: electromanipulation, photokinesis, and technokinesis. Electromanipulation is the controlling of electrical impulses in organic beings. Photokinesis affects the electromagnetic spectrum and allows the user to create images and even lasers with their own will. Technokinesis is the ability to control how energy moves through technology like computers.

Developing your Electronic Ability

While it seems very far-fetched and hard to believe, it is possible to use and develop skills in electrokinesis. If you’ve ever noticed that lights seem to flicker when you feel intense emotions or that electronics such as computers move slower or more erratically when you’re around, you may have a natural predisposition for electrokinesis that will make developing your skills even easier.

The best and most important step to developing any psychokinetic skill is to bring your mind and body into a place of peacefulness and meditation. Only when your mind is calm, clear and at peace can you connect to the parts of the world that are outside our vision. Achieving the best quality peace of mind is most often through meditation. Once you have achieved peace, begin listening to the sounds of electricity. Memorize the sounds and then close your eyes and begin to visualize the natural movement of electricity as it passes in and out and around your body. Work on trying to hear the sounds of the electricity as it moves. Then, once you are able to do this with ease, work on trying to feel the currents of electricity around you. It may take weeks to actually achieve this step depending on how often you practice, how long you practice and your natural affinity for electrokinesis. Be patient. Eventually you will be able to see, hear and feel the currents of electricity occurring naturally in the world around you.

Practicing Electrokinesis

Once you are comfortable and consistently able to feel, hear and see the electricity in and around you, begin working on directing the energy towards your fingers. For a while when you practice this you may want to try it with your eyes closed, visualizing the amount of electricity building up in your fingers before opening your eyes and attempting to guide it away from your body. It is important to that you have spent time in your meditation and visualization working to see, hear and feel the electricity around you for this very reason. You cannot expect to affect the energy outside your body if you haven’t established a connection to it. Once you have mastered building energy in your fingers, you can work on creating a ball of electricity. You do this by rubbing your hands together to create some fast moving energy and then cup your hands on either side of this energy and work on growing it larger and larger as you shape it like a ball. Once you have a ball of energy in your hands, work on adding some electricity to it!


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