Mapping The Constellations with Astrocartography


Astrocartography is a method of locational Astrology. It seeks to determine life conditions based on the location where you were born, where you are now and even where you’re going. It also has the name astrogeography for this same reason.

Astrocartography was developed by astrology Jim Lewis in 1978 and is the process by which a persons natal chart potential can be improved, or hurt, by ones location. He believed that in order for certain parts or experiences of someone’s life to happen, they needed to be in a certain place for the planet related to that experience to be ‘activated’. Being on or around on of the four angles of the planet needed would activate the experiences. The science of astrocartography uses these angles to shift the natal charts bearings based on a location to see how it will affect each person and what experiences they can expect to have unlocked when they get there.

Many people use astrogeography to plan vacations, help decide where to move for a job, or where to look for work, and where to raise their families! While it certainly can’t pinpoint a precise problem, looking at the potentials can highlight positive influences in love or health, and it can point out potential problem places where these things might run into difficulties.

Four Angles of Astrocartography

The four angles discussed in astrogeography are the Ascendant (ASC), Descendant (DSC), Immune Coeli (IC) and Medi Coeli (MC). In order to perform an accurate astrocartograph you need a map of at least the hemisphere you are working in with the lines of latitude and longitude printed on them. You will also need the planetary lines which show each planets ASC, DSC, IC, and MC positions. You can also find maps with transit lines that will show what is happening in the sky at a given moment so that you can be prepared for changes in your everyday life as well!

This system of astrology can also be used to check on what to expect for a child based on where and when they were born since it uses the natal chart as it’s basis and the geographical location to determine at what angle their ruling planet sits. If you suffer from chronic illness, an astrocartograph may be able to help you locate a location in which your symptoms can be alleviated. Think of the old prescription to head to the sea shore in the summer, but in a more advanced way. Now an astrocartographer can help you pick almost exactly the right location based on your natal chart to help you unlock a new, and potentially better life for yourself.

Astrogeography Isn’t The Ultimate Answer

Remember, however, that even astrocartography doesn’t provide perfect answers for all issues, it simply provides a way for us to find greater harmony in life and a chance to take on new challenges and grow from them as they are provided. Astrocartography can help you find the right place to grow and strengthen yourself by combining your natal chart information with up to date explanation of how the shifting and alignment of the planets will affect your day to day.


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