Strong and Independent Gemini Women


Gemini women are looking for a partner that can handle all sorts of personal adventure! These ladies are very intelligent, but can be unpredictable and have highly versatile personalities. A Gemini woman will more often than not show her emotions in her eyes making Gemini women very easy to read. They seldom exist in emotional grey areas, however, and this can make them something of an emotional roller-coaster of a partner. That said, they are often quick to find a solution to a bad situation and often will laugh over it. It’s important to remember that a Gemini partner is never at rest even when they appear calm and quiet. Their brains are always working on the next idea.

Gemini: Strong and Independent Women

Gemini are often viewed as flighty because of their need for constant excitement and stimulation. This isn’t true, they just don’t like to be held down. They will leave a relationship that feels too cumbersome and heavy because, as an air sign, they need to be able to spread their wings and fly. If you want to stay with your Gemini you’ll need to be able to fly with them without trying to bring them back down to Earth.

While some may say the way to the heart is through the stomach, for Gemini women the way to the heart is through the mind. They love good conversation, excellent night life, and real atmosphere whether it be a party scene or a black-tie gala. The more variety you can provide your Gemini women, the better the likelihood that they’ll be with you for the long haul. This includes behaviors in the bedroom. Be willing to explore things you might not have considered before and don’t be afraid to follow the suggestions a Gemini woman will make in bed. They are willing to try most anything once, ask and you may very well receive! This is also why we recommend learning about the personality traits of each of the twelve signs as you never know what experiences there are waiting for you; all you have to do is read about them.

Gemini women will speak their mind

Sensitive signs should beware. Like most of the Air and Fire signs, these women a tendency to speak without thinking. Their intelligence makes them a bit stunted in the emotional sensitivity area and they will fire off a comment without thinking about how it will make their partner feel. Remember that it isn’t personal, they’re not being harsh just because it’s you, in fact chances are they don’t even know they’re being harsh about things.

It’s easy to feel side-lined by a Gemini and occasionally hard to tell if they still care about you when something new comes into their life. Being partnered with a Gemini woman takes patience and longevity; because they are always interested in the new and exciting, just hang on until they’re back to you. They will always come back with a new and excited wonder about you and your life!

Gemini women often decide that the one for them is someone who has been with them for the long haul. They often settle down with long-time friends and so being a friend of a Gemini should be the first goal of any potential partner. If you think life is a wonderful journey and you want to explore every twist and turn it has to offer then Gemini women are right for you!


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