Astrology Symbols


Astrology symbols are used in astrological charts and many are similar to the symbols used in astronomy because of the historical overlap in both subjects; after all, both are related to the heavens! Their roots are in Byzantine astronomy but many of the current symbols were developed out of the Renaissance. There are five ‘classes’ of symbols in astrology: the astrological planets, the signs of the zodiac, the aspects, the lunar phases, and miscellaneous symbols.

Astrology Symbols

The planets have the most ‘uniformity’ and are made up, in most cases, of four common elements: a circle, a crescent, a cross or an arrow. The circle represents spirit, the crescent the mind, the cross represents the physical, and the arrow shows action or direction.

List of Astrology Symbols

Symbol Name: Sun
Description: A circle with a dot in the center
Meaning/ Definition: The individual

Symbol Name: Moon
Description: A crescent
Meaning/ Definition: The emotional or instinctive

Symbol Name: Mercury
Description: A circle with a cross beneath it and horns on top
Meaning/ Definition: Represents the winged helmet of Mercury and caduceus; thoughts, communication, learning

Symbol Name: Venus
Description: The female symbol; a circle with a cross beneath
Meaning/ Definition: love, harmony, sensuality

Symbol Name: Mars
Description: The male symbol; a circle with an off-center arrow above pointing to the north-east representing the shield and spear of Mars
Meaning/ Definition: energy, assertiveness, courage

Symbol Name: Jupiter
Description: Appears like a two whose tail crosses a vertical line; represents the thunderbolt of Jupiter
Meaning/ Definition: optimism and happiness

Symbol Name: Saturn
Description: Similar to an ‘h’ with a cross at the top of the stem and a curly foot; represents Saturn’s sickle
Meaning/ Definition: maturity, time, order

Symbol Name: Uranus
Description: A circle with a dot in the center and an arrow on top pointing north; a combination of the mars and sun symbols
Meaning/ Definition: freedom, change, originality,

Symbol Name: Neptune
Description: A trident with three arrows pointing north on top of a cross; represents Neptune’s trident
Meaning/ Definition: fantasy, imagination, our spirituality

Symbol Name: Pluto
Description: A circle sitting in the curve of an arc with a cross beneath; represents Pluto’s cap of invisibility and his bident.
Meaning/ Definition: transformation and regeneration

The astrology symbols that represent the signs of the zodiac are equally important and interesting. Learning which sign is which helps to quickly analyze a chart.

Symbol Name: Aries
Description: Two curved horns
Meaning/ Definition: Courageous and Decisive
Ruler: Mars

Symbol Name: Taurus
Description: Circle with horns
Meaning/ Definition: Calm, patient, and with an appreciation for the finer things in life
Ruler: Venus

Symbol Name: Gemini
Description: Looks like the roman numeral for two, II
Meaning/ Definition: Intelligent and quick-witted
Ruler: Mercury

Symbol Name: Cancer
Description: Looks like a horizontal six and nine over and opposite one another
Meaning/ Definition: Emotionally sensitive
Ruler: Moon

Symbol Name: Leo
Description: A circle with a long tail that arches back, then down, then curls up
Meaning/ Definition: Generous and friendly
Ruler: Sun

Symbol Name: Virgo
Description: An uppercase M with a fish on the end
Meaning/ Definition: Practical and known for order
Ruler: Mercury

Symbol Name: Libra
Description: Two horizontal lines running parallel to one another; the top line has a bubble in it
Meaning/ Definition: Prudent, balanced and harmonious
Ruler: Venus

Symbol Name: Scorpio
Description: An uppercase M with an arrow on the end
Meaning/ Definition: Good judgment, excellent memory, creative mind
Ruler: Pluto

Symbol Name: Sagittarius
Description: An arrow pointing north-east with a cross on the bottom
Meaning/ Definition: Justice and happiness
Ruler: Jupiter

Symbol Name: Capricorn
Description: Looks like a squiggly lowercase N with a zero on the bottom
Meaning/ Definition: Patience, perseverance, ambition
Ruler: Saturn

Symbol Name: Aquarius
Description: Two horizontal lines, parallel to one another, that are wiggly
Meaning/ Definition: Concentration and persistence
Ruler: Uranus

Symbol Name: Pisces
Description: Two curved vertical lines and a horizontal line intersecting them
Meaning/ Definition: Justice, social consciousness and a desire to help others
Ruler: Neptune


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