Knight of Swords


The Knight of Swords shows a young man dressed in full armor, riding his bright white horse into battle. The whiteness of his horse displays the purity and energy of the Knight. Behind him is a stormy sky and trees tossed by fierce winds – these represent the consequences of his actions and energy. The harness of the bridle is decorated with birds and butterflies, his cape as well has these same birds. The Knight of Swords is powerful and has the ability to manifest our desires, but must be cautious or he will bring consequences that he did not anticipate. He is a reminder that you must balance your ability to realize and manifest with compassion and a sense of responsibility.

Knight of Swords

The Knight embodies your ambition, strength and determination you possess and you neither see nor care about the challenges between you and your goal. However, without considering these challenges you can find yourself in uncharted and dangerous territory.

Because he is so focused on his own desires, the Knight of Swords struggles in relationships and romance. Partnerships are often boring as he needs a lot of intellectual stimulation. In your relationships it is a warning that either you or your partner is struggling to becoming emotionally intimate and connected with another person. If you are not in a relationship, then he is a sign you need to pick up your courage and act decisively – make a commitment and stick to it.

You are focused on your ambitions and desires and there is nothing you cannot do to get what you want. The Knight of Swords tarot card meaning is expressing that you excel at your job, there is nothing that scares you, and though others may be intimidated by it you are not bothered by their feelings. Use this energy and drive to get what you want, a promotion or a project, big energy brings big attention, and you can drive things forward to success. This is also the time to set a big financial goal because you have the energy and drive right now to see it through and get it done.

Knight of Swords Reversed Meanings

Reversed, the Knight of Swords tarot card meaning is one of great energy turned to the negative – it is lacking direction and making them rash and aggressive. In this state they are disorganized, they are unprepared, and they have a long way to go before they will be able to achieve their goals.

In love a reversed Knight of Swords is a big flashing warning sign that someone can be mean, aggressive, controlling and even abusive. They lack sympathy and understanding and will force others to go along with their will even if it hurts them. In fact, they seem to seek out arguments and fights just so they can hurt others. Take this cards’ warnings to heart and make sure you leave any dangerous relationship.

In your career you must be careful that you are not harming others in your ruthless climb to the top. Try to listen to others – a reversed Knight of Swords says that you are not listening and instead demanding that others do as you say with no regard for their thoughts or opinions.


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