Visible Neptune from Earth – The Hours of Enlightenment


Neptune Opposition Sun on 17th/18th August 2009

After a week holy trip i am resume my blogging habit today. Today is a very special day in our life, the reason behind it you will know in the following paragraphs.  Today is august 17th, well that’s not special, the special thing is planet Neptune will be visible today from the time sunset on august 17th to sun rise on august 18th – the Hours of Enlightenment

Neptune is 180 degree opposite to sun, hence during the sun set on august 17th Neptune rises above sun and on sun rise its vice-versa. During the whole 12 hours, Neptune is in opposition to sun hence it travels closer to earths orbit. Which means we people are at celestial treat for visually seeing Neptune from the time the sun sets. Neptune will be brighter in the horizon and can be seen from earth. The exact opposition occurs at 00:50 am GMT +5:30.

Neptune is farthest planet in our solar system, and has great significance. Visualizing Neptune is not only a celestial treat for the eyes but also a spiritual celebration for a person. Planets such as Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are of paramount importance to once spiritual growth and final emancipation. That’s why these three planets are farther to Sun and also most complex to understand.

Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all these three planets have their rings, Saturn’s rings are predominant while that of Uranus and Neptune are faint ones. These three planets constitute higher realms of human beings.

These three planets denotes three phases where soul’s identity can be realized and results in final enlightenment. A person has to successfully pass the rings to Saturn to achieve the higher realms of soul or consciousness which is denoted by father ones such as Uranus and Neptune.

The rings of Saturn denotes the test of character, ones karmic debt,ones results of  previous karma. When a person successfully passes the Saturn’s ring, he cleanses his past karma’s and his free of any karmic debt. Then arises the situation where he can enter the Uranian and Neptunian spheres.

A Person’s astrological chart where Saturn is exalted denotes that the person has passed the ring of Saturn, and he is in the process of final emancipation.

A weak Saturn in ones chart denotes that the person is desirous and will take some more years to repay the karmic debt to achieve enlightenment. Thus Saturn plays a prominent role in ones life by acting as a decision maker whether to promote one into quest of enlightenment or not.

Most astrological texts have failed to give the importance of these last three planets, they have been greatly ignored or wantedly hidden from humans. Astrological texts gives only a gimpse of Neptunian and Uranian nature like rebellious Uranus and dreamy/illusionary Neptune. But the meaning of rebel and illusion are greatly misinterpreted by scholars. They took it for literary meaning, but their meanings are very esoteric.

Rebel denotes a rebellious soul, which does not confine to any tradition or school of thought, which is independent and separate from other entities, only a rebellious soul can be pure and reach the higher self. And illusion or dream is the word described for Neptune, Illusion or Maya is the veiling of true self or the cosmic spirit called Brahman. One who unveils the Maya attains the knowledge of universe and becomes cosmic consciousness.

This Maya or illusion (Spiritual Illusion) is signified by Neptune, one who rings Neptune alone can unveil the Maya of our true self.

After reading about the significance of Neptune, you must have guessed the core matter of this post. The visual presence of Neptune from earth is a rare occurrence where our minds can experience great transformation and even enlightenment. In this span of twelve hours is the best time to meditate. The mind can easily travel into deeper realms of our self and can give the glimpse of Brahman or even the enlightenment itself.

Utilize this time completely for meditation, In normal times it can take decades for you to achieve the state through meditation,now its possible to reach the state of cosmic unity in hours or minutes.

For people who don’t have any clue about meditation, I’ll give you a simple technique.

Close your eyes, Sit in a position where your spine is erect, and watch your breathe closely, dont control your breathe but just watch it how it inhales and exhales into your abdomen.

This is a powerful technique. Make use of this great time!



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