King of Wands


The King of Wands is unlike the King of Swords; he is a leader, a visionary; logic does not reign supreme with him. Upright he is honorable and good, leading others into new territory with new ideas to explore. But when the King of Wands is reversed he is impulsive and hasty with ruthlessly high expectations of himself and those around him. The King of Wands tarot card shows the king on his throne with a blossoming wand in his hand. His throne and cape are both decorated with lions and salamanders; the salamanders are biting their own tails representing infinity. The blossoming wand signifies life and creativity. His robe is a bright color, often orange, representing flame while his crown usually resembles a tongue of fire.

King of Wands

Most often a fire sign when the king of wands represents a person, the king is friendly and out-going; fearless, charming and energetic. He is an independent spirit that needs freedom and is easily suffocated by those who are needy. Though supportive, he can be self-centered and controlling but at his best he is a proud, passionate, loyal and protective person. The King of Wands in love indicates your partner is someone that personifies these personality traits of the King of Wands and if you struggle with clinginess it’s a warning to back off. However be wary – King of Wands love readings don’t always show this card as one of romantic entanglement, it can instead be a platonic, warm love that leaves the king protective of you.

When you’re looking at a tarot reading for your career and the King of Wands appears it is a sign that things are going well for you and that you have the experience, confidence and skills you need to go forward in your career rather than holding back. You may even be ready to start your own business or begin mentoring others. This card is a sign that you are ready for business success.


Reversed, the King of Wands is a bully at best and an abusive tyrant at worst. He can be bitter, aggressive, unreliable, and weak. When you see this card reversed in a relationship reading it can be a sign that you may be in a bad relationship or with a partner that simply isn’t ready for commitment and may flake out on you when you need them most. Again, at its best this is a card that shows someone that may be afraid of commitment because of previous bad experiences but at its worst it is a warning that someone you are in a relationship with is a bully and abuser and it is encouraging you to escape.

When the King of Wands shows up reversed in a career reading things are not going your way. It’s a sign that you’re probably being too passive or that you’re charging through without thinking. Both paths will bring you nothing but disappointment. Passively waiting for things to change is not how change happens – take charge! But be wary of turning into a bully! You should lead, not force, others to succeed with you not at their expense.


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