Capricorn Tarot Horoscope


There might not be a Capricorn tarot card, but a good number of astrologers also use tarot when developing horoscopes for people. Tarot adds a little extra information and combining the two gives a fuller picture for the horoscope. Looking at the major arcana and the minor arcana helps to give more guidance during the year and especially during the decans of the sign.

Capricorn Tarot Horoscope

Capricorns are Earth signs. These people are so much like the earth – stable and solid. They are stubborn and resist the winds of change, often sticking doggedly to their own opinions and beliefs no matter what those around them try to convince them to believe. You can depend on the Earth signs, and Capricorn is no different. In fact it’s often a challenge for Capricorn to be assertive in making their own needs known. Instead they more often find themselves suffocating under a pile of needs and wants others expect them to meet.

The Major Arcana associated with Capricorn is the Devil, a sign of feeling trapped and empty. This is no surprise to those who know a Capricorn. They are often so buried under the weight of other peoples’ wants and needs that they feel as though they have no control over their life. The Devil as the major arcana of the sign is a call to Capricorns to be a little selfish and take control of their life.

The minor arcana that work with Cancer Tarot are:

King of Swords – Often seen as the Capricorn in a relationship, the King of Swords is cool and controlled, restraining their emotions to prevent vulnerability. They will rely on logic and intellect instead of romance. You are looking for a partner that pushes you to be your best.

Queen of Pentacles – The Queen represents a hardworking and warm person in your life, able to give comfort and luxury which are things the Capricorn craves. They are looking for a partner and relationship that offers them dedication and stability and in exchange will give a level of decadence and affection that Capricorn craves.

1st Decan: 2 of Pentacles – In the first decan, the two of pentacles should be looked to for guidance. It speaks of balance in all areas of the life and warns that any imbalance could throw everything into chaos. It’s a sign that a pair of challenges in your life are bothering you and you need to step back and focus on them until you can re-balance them and get them back under control.

2nd Decan: 3 of Pentacles – During this second decan you’re likely going to end up tackling a project with a group of other people. Even though group projects can be a challenge, this card expresses that things should go very well. All of the skills needed to complete the project are present and everyone is committed to its success. In fact, you and your team are committed to seeing this project through together and seeing it successful.

3rd Decan: 4 of Pentacles – Another card of balance, there is both good and bad in this decan. You will have achieved a goal and be enjoying the fruits of your labor; however, this runs the risk of you forgetting everything but the wealth you’ve achieved. You must resist the hedonism of the Devil and avoid becoming a greedy scrooge.


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