Aries and Gemini


A Great Match – Aries and Gemini

Aries and Gemini can be a truly positive match as long as they are aware of and careful to deal with Aries desire to control and Gemini’s naturally flirtatious nature. Lack of trust will always be the biggest problem in this relationship and both parties will need to be able to work through this or they may end up disconnected with Aries wandering away from Gemini and Gemini too distracted by other things to really care. In general, however, this match will settle into a warm and affectionate relationship, one that is sure to carry them both in a long, loving and never boring relationship.

When it comes to conversation this pair is a match made in heaven. Gemini loves good conversation and Aries is always having adventures. Gemini can help teach Aries the art of communication while an Aries can give Gemini lots of topics on which to have conversations. Gemini will have to be wary not to allow their love of conversation to go too far and to give in to the desire to have vapid and useless conversations simply because they love to hear the sound of their own voice. This can quickly irritate an Aries and lead to conflicts!

Aries and Gemini in the Bedroom

In the bedroom this couple will be dynamic, perhaps a little too much so. Gemini’s are highly creative and some of their ideas can land the couple in trouble. It will take a little convincing to get Aries to play along, but once they let go of their worries, they can enjoy some of Gemini’s ideas very much and find a way to fight their identity into Gemini’s bedroom games without too much trouble. Remember, these two signs are air and fire, they will only stimulate and encourage one another to new heights, someone has to be the one that reminds them that the sky is not always the limit or they may get into trouble.

Both Aries and Gemini have a lot of energy and this assists them both in achieving goals and desires. The key to making this relationship work is for Gemini not to make Aries feel foolish for the way they jump into a situation with both feet and get their hands dirty. Gemini will want to know why Aries does things the way they do and it is all too easy for the wrong message to come across to Aries while Gemini engages in their natural line of questioning. Aries individuals will need to remember that Gemini loves to know, intellectual stimulation is their guiding light. They don’t ask ‘why’ to make an Aries feel bad but so they can understand what motivates an Aries to do things they way they do and why they make for a good match.


Aries and Gemini are, overall, a winning combination. As a fire sign and air sign, they feed one another. Aries loves new adventures and Gemini is happy to go along as long as they don’t feel forced. They also aren’t likely to compete with one another as Gemini loves to be in the background while Aries loves to take center stage.


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