Starseeds: Star, Indigo, Rainbow and Crystal Children


Crystal children are the newest wave of people sent to help us move into a new age of enlightenment. They will reshape the world, help us build new moral structures and change the way we view success. But how can you know if your child is a crystal child? They have been appearing sporadically since the eighties, but we have seen a marked increase in their numbers since the turn of the century.

Crystal Children Characteristics

There are some definite traits of crystal children that parents should be aware of so that they take care to nurture their abilities. The most important of which is that crystal children often seem to develop slower and many are autistic. Parents should keep from panicking, allow them to develop at their own pace rather than trying to force them to play “catch up”. It’s important to remember that understanding in the early years helps children be more open to their natural psychic abilities and this is especially important for crystal children. It is ideal to view these delays and diagnoses not as failures or something to be discouraged by, but as a blessing as part of our universal lifestyle.

Developmental Delays and Disorders

There are some definite sign of crystal children beyond slow development and autism diagnoses. Understanding these signs will help you identify them better in your own life.

  1. Many crystal children have large, clear eyes that seem to look right through you.
  2. They are beings of pure love and are immediately likable.
  3. They are deeply affectionate and will often engage in physical touches. They love animals and having an animal for these kids is a very good idea as it gives them someone that they can frequently reach out and touch.
  4. Their development is delayed, and they often don’t start talking till much later. This is okay, however, as they are highly psychic and have no need to develop these skills till they are older.
  5. Many are extremely gifted with music and singing. In general they are just very artistic and creative, and will see the world through rose-colored glasses, encouraging others through their artistry to be more compassionate and understanding.
  6. Have many of the common traits of autistic children such as high sensitivity to both emotion from others and the environment around them. Additionally they frequently have allergies and food intolerance.
  7. Because of their high sensitivity many crystal children are vegetarians from a young age because they so easily pick up on the pain of others and do not want to contribute to suffering of any kind. Parents will want to adjust their diet accordingly rather than adding to their stress by forcing them to eat meat.
  8. Especially during younger years they may have trouble distinguishing between their feelings and the feelings of others because they are so empathetic and they will need help and understanding from adults to work through all the emotions they are feeling.
  9. As the name would suggest, these children are drawn to all things from the earth, especially crystals. And because of their natural connection to the earth they are able to draw the healing from the crystals very effectively.
  10. They are old souls in young bodies and can easily become frustrated with their limitations. Helping them become well-adjusted is important.


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