Spiritual Awareness


Spiritual awareness is summed up by one question, “What is the meaning of life?” When you come to a place where you start to ask this question it means you are becoming spiritually aware. Spiritual awareness is the awakening of the soul; it happens when a person becomes less concerned with themselves and more concerned with the things around them and what part they play in the grand scheme of life. The first signs that you are becoming spiritually aware are to ask these sorts of questions. If you find yourself asking ‘meaning of life’ questions such as, ‘Who am I?’, ‘Is this all there is?’ and ‘What is the meaning of it all?’, you are experiencing a spiritual awakening and gaining spiritual awareness.

Spiritual Awareness

Journey to Spiritual Awareness

No matter if you are just starting out on your journey to spiritual awareness, or if you’ve been working on it for a long time, there are some things you can do to help improve your connection to the universe and your cosmic purpose.

Steps to Awakening

The first step is to learn how to or improve your communication with your soul. First this requires believing that you have a soul, that there is more to who you are than the shell of your physical body. Spend time in meditation listening for that small voice inside of yourself and strengthen your ability to hear it by listening to it and talking with it. Your soul is the deepest expression of yourself. It is your true voice.

Make sure that you are taking care of your body. Your body is a temple for your soul, a sacred building housing that most sacred part of yourself. You wouldn’t let your body live in a run-down house full of sickness, why would you do the same to your soul? Make sure you are eating well, exercising regularly, and getting lots of restful sleep. Create a regular schedule that ensures you get however many hours of restful sleep every night that you need to feel rested. This helps your body recover from fatigue and your mind recover from the stresses of the day.

Fuel your soul

Feed your soul! Spiritual awareness makes you more aware of the needs of your soul and two things your soul needs to be healthy are connections to the bigger world and positivity. Both of these things are easy to come by and free to purchase! Go out and take a walk, and spend some time laughing! Get out in nature and connect with the greater world! Find your favorite place to walk, outside of cities and pollution, where you can feel the breeze, listen to the birds and dip your toes in a stream, river, lake or the ocean. Figure out where your favorite place to be is and feed your soul by visiting regularly. Make connections on the personal level with people who help you laugh! Laughter truly is good for the soul. It fills our brains with positive, healthy chemicals, lightens our hearts and helps to connect us with others that nourish our souls.


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