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  1. Hi sir,i need your help to change my name…my name is charles alozie mesaraonye and my birthdate is 14/9/ many people call me by my first name’Charles’ & some go by ‘Prince charles’ and am thinking of
    using a nick name as Rickie…i have delays… i just need ur professional advice on how to change this my name for financial solution,marital solution and better luck in life…Thanks in advance!

  2. Name: gopal suryawanshi
    DOB: 11/01/1078
    Place: pune
    Time: 6.30am
    Pl suggest the remedy for my name.I have two name options which is best for me? OR suggest the best one. I am still struggling for job and money also as I am mechanical engineer.
    1) Goparl Suuryawanshi
    2) Goprl Suryawanshi.

  3. Hello Sir,

    My DOB is 30-06-1987, 3:50AM
    My Husband DOB is 25-08-1984,
    Marriage date is- 14-Dec-2015

    Can you tell me when I will conceive?
    We are trying for 2 years and we don’t have any issues in terms of medical.

    • Jupiter the karka for children and also the ruler of your birth number is in Libra. This is the sign of efforts and results. You should try during this period this period and very likely you will see favourable results. Doing the remedies of Jupiter are strongly recommended.

      1. Recite Mantra “Om Brim Brihaspate Namaha” 108 times daily

      2. Put Kesar tilak every Thursdays


  4. Hi, I am a girl who born on 8th September 1987 and married to a person born on 30th June 1988. Our marriage date was 17th Nov 2016. It is love and arranged marriage. But my husband is addicted to drinking, and he came from reputed family, but he behaves as a road side guy, who drinks and fells where he likes. If he drinks formally at home, I can accept. But, he drinks and fells in a bar or on a road. Every time he breaks my trust. I neither forgot him nor live with him. Is there any solution to it for me to lead a secure and Happy life. Apart from this I don’t have any problem. But this is a major problem, where I developed suicidal tendencies. Please help me.

    • Sad what you are facing. Excessive drinking is a behaviour problem, and it is better to take him to a rehabilitation centre. If he is in a habit of drinking, that needs to change with help of exercises and deaddiction techniques.


  5. Is there an Indian system of numerology, and if so, then where to study it? (I am looking for Swar Siddhant but have not been able to find a copy.)

  6. Dear Sir,

    I am trying to set up business nothing seems going forward, couldn’t get financial support. Almost every task is difficult to complete. I’m not settled in life many hurdles on the way, I can solve others problems but I can’t my own. So please I request you to check my name and guide me to have the best possible name and sir name numbers. Thanks
    DOB 16-07-1976 time 1.20 Am. Surendra Pawar.
    Business name I’m trying to set up is Sevensea solutions pvt ltd.


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