Moon Sign Compatibility


Moon signs are different than sun signs because the moon transitions through the signs of the zodiac much more quickly than the sun does. Plus the effect of the moon on the earth means that your connection to the four elements is much more important in pulling together your personality profile. Most people will have a totally different moon sign than their sun sign; and those rare people that have both the same will find that the moon amplifies the signatures traits of their sun sign. This leads to things like a double Leo. Sun and moon sign compatibility is probably more important than what your romantic compatibility is. If you have a double sign, a sign where your moon and sun sign are the same, then understanding this and that it is a part of why your personality is so intense is important. To find your moon sign you’ll need to have a full natal astrological chart created for you. Then you can use this to figure out things like your moon sign compatibility in romantic relationships.

Moon Sign Compatibility

When you’re looking for everything you need to know about moon sign compatibility the most important part is how your moon sign will work with the different sun signs. Sun and moon sign compatibility when it comes to romance provides more insight into what relationships work and why. If you know what signs your sun sign is best with, and know which signs your moon sign is best with you can find the common sign between them and work towards the best possibility of happiness and relationship success.

Moon Sign Compatibility Breakdown

Moon Sign of Aries
Best Match: Aries
Other Matches: Leo
Worst Match: Cancer/ Scorpio
You want a partner that sees what you want, wants the same thing, and just goes for it. You don’t want to waste time on boring conversations and discussions; it’s all action for you.

Moon Sign of Taurus
Best Match: Taurus
Other Matches: Virgo/Capricorn
Worst Match: Libra
You love luxury, comfort and all the finest life can give you. You need a partner that enjoys these things too and can appreciate the indulgences rather than push back against them.

Moon Sign of Gemini
Best Match: Libra
Other Matches: Pisces
Worst Match: Capricorn/ Scorpio
You’re looking for fun, looking for flirty and maybe even looking for a fling. Avoid the more serious signs and instead look to the signs that like to go with the moment.

Moon Sign of Cancer
Best Match: Cancer
Other Matches: Pisces/ Scorpio
Worst Match: Leo
Your tendency to be very emotional can make relationships hard. You need steady, calm and nurturing partners. Avoid those that are desperate for the spot light.

Moon Sign of Leo
Best Match: Aries
Other Matches: Sagittarius
Worst Match: Taurus/ Scorpio
Always the leader, always out in front, a Moon sign of Leo should be looking for people that can keep up and stay away from those who will want you to stay home and out of sight.

Moon Sign of Virgo
Best Match: Capricorn
Other Matches: Virgo
Worst Match: Aquarius/ Sagittarius
You need a partner that understands how you struggle to stop over-analyzing and critiquing life. Look for other signs that appreciate clear and concise communication and stay away from those that approach life more fluidly.

Moon Sign of Libra
Best Match: Aquarius
Other Matches: Gemini
Worst Match: Aries
Look for people who will develop a fair and balanced relationship with you. You want people that give you a sense of harmony.

Moon Sign of Scorpio
Best Match: Taurus
Other Matches: Virgo
Worst Match: Aquarius
Look for partners that can appreciate your ability to dive below the surface and find out anything. Avoid partners that struggle with secrets and suspicions; you need someone who understands that you need certainty before you can open up fully.

Moon Sign of Sagittarius
Best Match: Gemini
Other Matches: Aquarius
Worst Match: Cancer/ Taurus
Look for partners that help you keep your optimism high and avoid the overly sensitive and stubborn signs as they can pull you down into a depression.

Moon Sign of Capricorn
Best Match: Taurus/ Virgo
Other Matches: Cancer
Worst Match: Libra
A disciplined nurturer is the best partner for you. Avoid partners that are constantly pulling you away from achieving your dreams.

Moon Sign of Aquarius
Best Match: Leo
Other Matches:
Worst Match: Taurus/ Aries
You need to look for partners that encourage your strengths and support your unique spirit. Avoid the more stubborn signs like Taurus or the competitive and impatient ones like Aries. You need time and encouragement to find yourself.

Moon Sign of Pisces
Best Match: Scorpio
Other Matches: Virgo
Worst Match: Sagittarius/ Libra
You’re looking for people that can help pull you out of dreamland without shattering your spirit. Avoid other docile moon signs and instead go for someone that will keep you on schedule.


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